April Tournament Woes – Or Why I Learned to Stop Worrying and Get a New Army.

TournamentSo the monthly tournament rolled around at our humble FLGS, and I decided to make the requisite monthly pilgrimage. I actually live 2 1/2 hours away so I usually only get down there on for the tournament.

To make matters worse, I was battling a cold. So suitably dosed up with DayQuil and Tylenol, I brought out my 142nd Sac’ean Urban Assault Cadre one last time before they go on the shelf for my upcoming marines. My list is more of a fun experiment than eye-bleedingly effective as I had grown tired of taking my usual tau “mono-build”

Shas’el – AFP, plasma, multi
3×3 Crisis Suits – plasma/missile/multi
2×6 Firewarriors
1 Devilfish – flechettes, disruption pod
10 Kroot – 6 hounds
10 Kroot – 7 hounds
6 Pathfinders
Devilfish – disruption pod, flechettes
2 Piranhas – target arrays, fusion blasters, flechettes
1 Piranha – target array, fusion blaster, flechette
3 Hammerheads – burst, railgun, dispod, multi (one had SMS)

First game was up against my old opponent Brian Butler. I don’t think we’ve ever managed more than a minor win against each other in several games. The mission was a central objective with table quarters as well. Deployment was spearhead. I stuck him with the quarter with as little cover as possible and took first turn. He was fielding a Kantor list with 2 Rhino Tac Squads, 2 Razorback Sternguard Squads, 1 Land Raider with TH/SS terminators and a librarian, 2 MM/HF speeder (in reserve) and a las/plas predator.

I had a tough time knocking out all his vehicles (although I did end up killing all but the predator). He played conservatively – mostly castling up around the objective. I mostly stayed at the 18-24″ range and just pounded away with missile pods/railgun/plasma. My piranhas just turbo boosted into the center and messed up his mobility. They also took a crap load of shooting to take down. They did manage to stun the land raider for a turn and actually took out quite a few marines when they all inevitably exploded or got assaulted (I love flechettes).

His most telling mistake was sending his terminators after my kroot so they wouldn’t capture one table quarter therefore giving me the space I needed to fly both my d-fishes and run my other kroot squad in to the big mass of wrecks and squads in the center. I also managed to use my commander’s pinning AFP to good effect by pinning units in place twice during the game to keep them from getting to the objective. I would light them up with markerlights, kill one, and then force him to take a pinning test at -5/-6 LD.

At the end of the day, I managed to capture one neutral quarter with a kroot squad while I contested the other quarters and the central objective. He ended up getting a lot of the bonus points for having all his troops alive and having no units in his deployment zone. Minor win (again) 13-9 for me.

I had lost one hammerhead, had another one with no railgun, all my piranhas, a kroot squad, and a crisis squad. He had lost both rhinos, both razorbacks, 1 sternguard squad, his land raider, and both his land speeders. His tac sqauds were pretty beat up, as was his sternguard squad.

Game Two was against a Horde Orks. Great. I hate Horde Orks. I don’t know his list, but it went something like

Ghazkull Thraka
KFF Big Mek with Burna
8 Burnas
8 Diversified Nobs in a Trukk (Ghazkull goes here)
30 Slugga Boyz – PK Nob
30 Slugga Boyz – PK Nob
30 Shoota Boyz – PK Nob
30 Gretchin – Runtherds
8 Flash Gitz with Badrukk

He may have had more stuff, but I’m not sure. The game was modified kill points (great) with extra points for HQs, The most expensive unit, and anything not a troop. His list comes out to 19 KPs, all of which are fairly hard to get. Mine tops out at 30 KPs, most of which are farily easy to get. Spearhead deployment again.

This game was about dice. I could would drop three pie plates in his horde of boys, hitting about 20-30 orks, and he would remove 3 models. His KFF dice were hot. The key point of the game came in turn 2. I made a tactical error. He had turbo boosted his trukk full of Ghaz and Nobs out in front of his horde. I surrounded it with an empty D-fish, my 3 piranhas, and one of my kroot squads. I wrecked the trukk but it got the KABOOM result and they were able to deploy in the crater. I think it’s stupid that Nobs get 25mm bases. Anyway, the next turn he multi-charged and took a commanding lead.

I’m not going to lay it all on that though, I should have focused my fire better and taken fewer risks. However, I did charge his boyz squad with a full squad of kroot and only killed 4 orks before he swung back and wiped out the squad. I should have at least killed ten. He called the WAAGH on turn 3 and about 100 Orks crashed into my lines. Game over. He was a good guy, but I feel that he played a little slowly. It wasn’t malicious, but if you play hordes I believe you should be adept at moving models quickly.

So, effectively out of the competition, I ended up playing a new GK player. He was playing a Draigowing force that had 2 squads of 5 paladins, draigo, storm raven, psyrifle dread, interceptor squad, and not much else. Pitched battle deployment and first turn for me meant that his storm raven and dread did nothing for the game. The rest of the game was a shoot out between Paladins in cover and my entire army. He made alot of saves, and it took longer than expected, but I managed to massacre him. There isn’t much to say about this battle as about turn 2 I started coaching him and it turned more into a teaching experience than a game.

At the end of the day, I went 2-1, and finished 5th or 6th. It was a lot of fun using a mechanized Tau list, but it just isn’t as competitive as the hybrid “mono-build.” I’m looking forward to switching it up as soon as possible for something a little more… power armored.


  • Ah yes, Brian and the defensive castle from hell :P I always have close games with him too, neither one of us taking a strong victory over the other. As I said on his blog, his list just lends itself to draws.

    Jeremy doesn’t typically play horde so he’s not as good at fast movement as someone who does. It was more of a “fuck it” list for him since his luck with Tau lately has been horrible.

    Still, 2-1 isn’t bad and your standing respectable also…great standing if considering you used Tau :)

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