‘Ard Boyz re-cap

Grrr - 'ard BoyzGreetings all, Amberclad here.

It’s been a while since my last article, I have been slaving away (pun intended) with my dark eldar for the last three months. But I’ll talk about them another time. Today I want to talk about ‘Ard Boyz and my experience this past weekend.

I won’t lie, I wasn’t even sure I was going to play this year. I was on the fence all the way up till game day. Since last year’s ‘ard boyz, my values in 40k have changed quite a bit. I’m not nearly as competitive as I used to be; instead I now put more stock into good games regardless of the outcomes whereas I used to just want to win all the time. So naturally you can see how ‘ard boyz would give me pause to want to play. You usually have to massacre in all your games, people are bringing the most stupid competitive lists they can think of, and because there is no sportsmanship score, people can be real dicks. Ultimately I chose to go (duh) because 1. I had the day off from work, 2. I figured it would be a good day to hang out with my friends. So without further adieu, I’ll post my list then get in to my re-cap.

Amberclad’s Wolf-lars!
Rune priest w/ living lightning, murderous hurricane. Wolf talisman, chooser of slain
Rune priest w/ living lightning, storm caller. Wolf talisman, chooser of slain

Grey hunters x9. melta, power weapon, MOW, wolf banner + Rhino
Grey hunters x9. melta, power weapon, MOW, wolf banner + Rhino
Grey hunters x10. flamer, melta, power weapon, MOW, wolf banner
Grey hunters x5. melta, power weapon, MOW, wolf banner + las-back
Grey hunters x5. flamer, power weapon, MOW, wolf banner + las-back
Grey hunters x5. flamer, power weapon, MOW, wolf banner + las-back

Wolf scouts x10. 2 power weapons, MOW, melta, melta bombs

Land Raider crusader. Multi-melta
Long Fangs x6. 5 missile launchers
Long Fangs x6. 5 missile launchers

Game 1. I played against Eric Kartman. I think his first name is Eric, and yes, he really goes by Kartman. He played Tyranids that had something like a hive tyrant 2 tervigons, 2 15 man squads of termagaunts, 2, 20 man squads of hormagaunts. 20 or so out flanking gene stealers, 2 outflanking zoanthropes, Trygon, mawloc. 20 gargoyles. We roll off and I get choice so I go first and pick the side with the best hill for my long fangs. Terrain was pretty bad, almost no LOS blocking terrain so my long fangs could see pretty much everywhere. I won’t go into a turn by turn, but the punch line is, I pretty much tabled him. Highlights were me outflanking my wolf scouts behind a unit of termagaunts that was hiding the traitor and killing it all. Easiest 6 kill points I ever earned. Plus my rune priest perils-ing himself to death. Kartman was a pretty good sport, but wanted to quit the tournament cause there was no way he could win now and he was a little de-moralized after the thrashing. I advised him not to, seeing as it would screw everything up and the only way you become a better player is to get beat once in a while.

Game 2. I played against Todd the goalie. This was certainly the highlight of my day. He played his “bikes and bombs” list that he has outlined on his blog over at Bolter and Chainsword. This was a great game and Todd was a great opponent. *Spoiler alert* he beat me, with a minor victory. Highlights of this game were when Logan and his squad of grey hunters came out of their land raider to wreck his unit of terminators in the center and failing there difficult terrain test with double ones!!! All I needed was a 2 and they would have been in!! This was a game changer. Had I gotten that charge off, I would most likely have taken the terminators off and been sitting in the middle with that objective having Logan and grey hunters saying come get it. But that didn’t happen, and next turn he focused fire with his whole army on that unit and killed them all except for Logan who he finished off in close combat with his biker command squad. The rest of the game was a nail biter and last turn he turbo boosted on to my objectives to contest them and won the game. Things I learned: I won the role for first turn and should have deferred it to Todd. With all his speed and it being an objective mission, I basically handed him an advantage. There was also a better quadrant I should have deployed in. One of my long fang squads didn’t have very good LOS throughout the game.

Game 3. I played Ricky and his space wolves. His list was a hodge-podge of land raiders, wolf guard, long fangs, a dreadnought, and razor backs. This was easily my worst game of the day and one of the worst games I’ve ever played. !! Warning, rant in progress !! So first off, my game against Todd went until time ran out and I was literally rushed off my previous table and on to a new one. I didn’t even have time to pack up my stuff. I hate it when this happens so I was already not in a good mood. Secondly, my opponent was the guy who showed up, didn’t have his army made, didn’t even have his models close to WYSIWYG, didn’t have his codex, (he was lucky enough to borrow the stores copy), didn’t even have all his models so was asking to borrow crap, and had never played space wolves before!!! OMFG, if my hair was long enough I would have pulled it out this game. Here’s a bit of advice (and it’s really good, I promise) If you haven’t played an army before, don’t decide to “try it out” at ‘ard boyz, one of the most competitive events of the year, then get pissed when you get thrashed!!! The punch line of this game is I won, but I didn’t just win, he conceded on turn 7! Not a good game at all. The only highlight was when it ended because now I didn’t have to talk to this DB any more. The kicker to this game is because he conceded; I got full points which screwed a friend of mine (Amish Dave) out of second place so we tied for it. Had we kept playing I would not have gotten a bonus point and instead would have taken 3rd, which would have been fine by me, I still would have gotten the box of hellions I was after. So not only did I get pissed off in this game but I also managed to piss off a friend of mine. Here’s another bit of advice, (and it’s really good, I promise), don’t effing concede on turn 7!!!! Ok, I’m done with this rant, sorry guys….

Overall, not a bad day, but I’ve had better. I tied for second so I can go to the second round (haven’t decided if I will yet) I was surprised at how not competitive it was this year. A lot of the lists were questionable for an ‘ard boyz tournament. I saw a lot of necron players, demon players, and ork player that had grotsnik and upgraded everything that he could. I think I saw everything that you would think is not competitive. I’m excited to get back to my dark eldar, if I had enough points I would have been playing them instead so I had to switch back to marines. Really I’m just glad it’s over and am looking forward to getting back to painting and the norm.

  • I tend to agree with you about ‘Arb Boyz.  I too find myself less interested in being super competitive as opposed to running awesome looking models/units.  I especially hate large games (I sit in the 1500-1750 range), 2500 allows for too much abuse (I played a SW player with 28 missiles and 30 combi-plasmas :S) as well as games that just drag out. 

    The only reason I really played ‘Ard Boyz is I knew I could place and win me some free swag.  Infact, the only reason I’m considering semi-finals is for a crack at a 2500 point army…

  • Anonymous

    I prefer to play competitively but this year there weren’t many optimized lists at my ardboiz. Funny thing is I got third and chose hellions too!

  • Heh, I constantly find myself annoyed with the whole ‘Ard Boyz format.  I’m a competitive player by nature, but for some reason ‘Ard Boyz annoys me.  In any case, I play every year, since the prize for winning the Semis is just too good to pass up.  Even turning it into cash is a pretty big deal for a poor college student like me :)

    • This was my first year attending and thankfully it was really low-key; same shop Amber plays at (dude posting this article). We only had 16 show up and honestly most of them were not serious competitive players, not that I am either, though I enjoy competing.

      Anyway, I just found the missions annoying where 2 of the 3 of them lacked common mission rules. Pulling out common mission rules just really lop-sides the missions in favor of certain builds. Like last year, when I didn’t go, they had that modified KP mission. That’s a reason I didn’t bother because all I could have brought were my Speed Freek Orks who under that mission gave up 35 KPs. It just seems GW takes it upon themselves to try and punish certain army builds in ‘ard Boyz.

  • ming from b&c

    Actually it was a weird year for Ard Boyz.  They changed the dates.  They changed them to the day with all sorts of weird karma – the 13th…which for these weird karma reasons alot of other US events were also planned – like weddings, air shows, etc.  It took a bunch of us out of the picture.  Glad you did well.  Enjoy the ride, and make sure you go to the next round!

  • Anonymous

    You should go to the next round. You are a great player and you have some impressive looking Wolf Templars :P Just keep your head about you and have fun with it. Maybe you will get 2500 points worth of Dark Eldar in the end!

    • Agreed. You qualified, it’s close, you could win an army, why not? So you may have to put up with a few dicks during the day. What’s that compared to walking away with a 2,500 army?

      • Amberclad87

        Last years semi’s was probably the worst time I’ve ever had playing 40k. I don’t realy care about the prizes enough to have to deal with a bunch of assholes all day. As far as the big prize goes, I don’t have an army that can compete at the top tables like amish dave or ripped dragon has. I’m confidant in my abilities, especially if I trained like crazy for a month. No 2500 point army is worth me having to bear a miserable time in a game that I love to play.

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