Army List: Fate’s Angels at 2,000

Army List - ShrikeYesterday was supposed to be the 4th week in our campaign at the LGS but we were snowed out. So, next week we’ll pick up where we left off and that’s a 2,000pt game. Since the prior week was 1,850 I decided to build off that army list with some tweaks. Like the last one, this is a bit of an experiment. The experimental aspect is the Ironclad on foot. In the past I’ve generally run two of these both in Pods along with an empty Pod to get both Ironclads down on turn #1. I’ve had mixed success with this and so I’m always trying something different. Here’s the list:

* Shrike

* Assault Terminators x 10 w/thunder hammers and storm shields
* Dreadnought w/extra armor, multi-melta, DCCW + heavy flamer
– Drop Pod
* Ironclad Dreadnought w/hunter killer missiles x 2, seismic hammer w/meltagun, hurricane bolter

* Tacts x 10 w/flamer, lascannon
– Sarge w/combi-melta
– Rhino w/hunter killer missile, storm bolter

* Tacts x 10 w/meltagun, multi-melta
– Sarge w/combi-flamer
– Rhino w/hunter killer missile, storm bolter

Fast Attack
* Assault Squad x 10 w/flamer x 2
– Sarge w/storm shield, power fist

Heavy Support
* Predator w/extra armor, lascannon sponsons, autocannon
* Devastators x 5 w/missiles x 3, plasma cannon x 1
– Razorback w/lascannon, twin-linked plasma gun

As with my last list I’m aiming to get in some fire support. I’d put a 4th missile in with the Devs except I don’t have one, so I opted for a plasma cannon. I’m shifting more and more away from something that’s pure alpha-strike and into something a bit more hybrid so I have some adaptability.

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