August Tournament at Crossroad Games

The LGS is having an anniversary event this month and as such the usual tournament routine is axed. Instead, we’ll be doing a two day event. Here’s the info as posted on the Crossroad Games site:

This 2 day tournament EXTRAVAGANZA will be fought August 25th and Wednesday September 1st to find out who reigns SUPREMO in the 40K UNIVERSE! (well at crossroads any way)

Restrictions: 1000 points 1 HQ, 1 Troop, up to 1 Elite, 1 Heavy, 1 Fast attack and then up to ONE extra of any of the slots EXCEPT HQ. NO I repeat NO Named characters.

Cost: $5

So, being that this is a small event, and with substantial restrictions, I’m considering using the old Necrons again. Necrons are just an army I love to hate. I become infatuated with fielding them and doing well with them despite their setbacks in 5th. They really are an army I enjoy overall. Then, I finally get in that long awaited game, or games, and walk way from the table with my head held low mumbling to myself.

Here’s the idea. I’m not going to try and make the Necrons do what they don’t do well. I’m going to build a list with the intent of shooting the hell out of everything and that’s it. The simple idea is this:

Lord w/resurrection orb, solar pulse, staff of light

Immortals x 8

Warriors x 10
Warriors x 10

Fast Attack
Destroyers x 4

Heavy Support
Tomb Sypder

That’s a fair amount of T5 models to absorb bolter fire. Add in the 3+ save and a resurrection orb and I have a pretty resilient force. The list has a fair amount of S5 and S6 shooting for mowing down infantry. The Tomb Spyder is to give me the tactical flexibility of being able to move my Warriors around more freely and not needing to be within 6″ of the other unit. Obviously dealing with tanks is going to be a chore but when isn’t it for Necrons in 5th? I’m also weak to assault, but again, when aren’t Necrons? As I stated, I’m not even going to try and plug the holes and weaknesses of the army. I’m going for glass cannon!

UPDATE: Well, looks like the LGS will be hosting a normal tournament this month during the anniversary event. However, I have no intention of going for the tournament. The day is going to be insane with all the events going on and all the people crowded in there. I’ll do the 2-day event and call it good.

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