August Tournament Results

Crossroad Games, the LGS I play at, was having a store anniversary this weekend with lots of stuff going on and one event was a 1,750 tournament for 40K. There was no entry fee and my plans allowed for me to attend so I headed down there yesterday.

I had expected a lot of players to show being that the point value wasn’t huge and it was free to attend, however only four of us made it. Another person made it half an hour late and sat out the first round but someone else had to leave during the second round and so he got to play. So, overall we had a rotation of five players but only two games ever going on.

Anyway, enough preface. My first game was against Space Wolves using the mission I wrote, The Long Haul. He had an extremely shooting heavy list with two Long Fang units toting five missiles each and another with four or five heavy bolters. He also had three Rune Priests with jaws and assorted other stuff. There were two Land Speeder Typhoons, some lascannon Razorbacks and Grey Hunters with Rhinos. I had my Speedmek list and really had all I could do to get down field. The missiles made a mess of my vehicles, dumping my Boyz on foot, and so my plan of hammering up his weak flank went to hell quickly. The game for me changed from holding my objective and contesting his to simply holding my own. In the end even that was denied as he pushed on to my objective with a few Grey Hunters and a Rune Priest. In a last ditch effort I shot them up some, charged in with a weakened Slugga Boyz squad but the Rune Priest and one Grey Hunter stood their ground, refusing to fall back and contesting the objective. The Space Wolves took a minor victory.

Next up was a vanilla Marine player. This player just recently got back into the hobby and he was really playing with what he had. The long and short of this match was that I had him tabled by turn four to take a massacre.

Last game was against another vanilla Marine player. This person is new to the hobby but more tested than the previous player. This mission was for kill points and I jumped out to an early lead and never let up. The kill point mission was the one I wrote, Target Priority, and in the end he had very little left and I took a major win with 11pts to his 5pts.

It was a fun day, way more laid back than usual with so few people there. I did feel bad about my last two games though. The second game I tried helping out that player by making sure he didn’t forget any shooting he had, reminding him to rapid fire instead of single shots when in range, things like that. I helped out the second player a bit too but not quite as much since he’s got the basics down, just a matter of strategy and tactics at this point for him.

To my surprise I won best overall. I thought for sure the Space Wolves would, having taken a minor victory against me and then two massacre wins. However, I had a better army composition score and painting score and that put me a few points ahead of him. He did win best general though, having gone 3-0 for the day. The player from my second game took best sportsmanship, which he earned.

  • Even with only a few players, that still sounds like a good time. Were you able to get any feedback on the missions you wrote since it was a fairly small group? Congratulations on taking best overall!

  • Damn it. I really need to hit reply to people instead of typing a reply to the post. Bah!

  • Thanks.

    The other player who wrote a mission liked mine, and I his. After the tournament we chatted about them, working out ways to improve them and such. The two newer players didn’t have anything to say, which wasn’t surprising.

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