Back in the Chaos Saddle

Chaos HorseFor the past 5-weeks I’ve been playing my Space Marines, Fate’s Angels. Though I still enjoy Space Marines, they lost the label as my favorite army to Chaos some time ago. Once the Feast of Blades qualifier was over it was time to get back to Chaos.

Last night was my first game with Chaos since July, and only my second game with them in 6th edition. I was testing out a list that had a small Daemon allies detachment with 10 Bloodletters and Skulltaker. I’m definitely interested in Daemon allies but I’m also holding off on the Chaos codex before I commit too much towards allies. I played Andrew and his Ultramarines. His big feature being two squads of shooty Terminators, his experiment in 6th.

We rolled up a book mission, Big Gun Never Tire, with Dawn of War deployment. He gave me first turn and my plan was simple, advance. Two of my Oblits destroyed a 5-man Devastator squad with plasma cannon fire in one volley, about the best they’ve done in that regard, and my army just pushed to board center. He shuffled around a bit and unloaded on my Bloodletters with Skulltaker, removing around half of them. I then lashed a squad of Termies forward and charged in with Bloodletters and my Terminators. He had his Sarge hang in.

Over the next few turns I cleared out both of his Terminator squads and had charged a combat squad of Tacticals on my right. The problem there was his Librarian who I could not hit. I was trying out Lucius the Eternal for the hell of it since he’s a character I haven’t tested. It was more like Lucius the Letdown in that challenge. Eventually my bad dice got lukewarm and I won the combat finally but too late to aid the rest of my army.

While that was going on, Andrew was advancing on my left flank with an empty Land Raider and a Rhino with a combat squad of Tacticals to grab an objective. My Predator’s lascannons were failing me turn after turn on taking out the Land Raider, as did my melta guns on my Plague Marines, who were within 6″ of the Land Raider. Ultimately I could not stop the vehicles and he grabbed the objective he was after. He also grabbed another on the left in his deployment zone. I only held one, he contested another with a Predator (allowed in this mission), and the game ended.

He had me on objectives but I drew first blood and got slay the warlord. He also destroyed 2 of my heavies to my 1 of his. In the end he won the game 8-6 victory points. It was a very close game and a lot of fun. I had a numerical advantage on him but, with my inability to take out his vehicles, he had mobility and mobility still resigns supreme in objective missions.

Despite the loss I was happy with the game. My list played out well I thought and it had no glaring weaknesses. It’s a test list for this month’s 2K tournament. It’s funny, Chaos just has a pull. I had more fun in that game where I lost than in recent games with my Space Marines where I won. Andrew also has a Chaos force he’s working and he was saying he feels he enjoys Chaos more as well. Other players who have Chaos, or have dabbled with them, always seem to agree. For me, if you look beyond the current horrible codex, Chaos just has so much depth and potential; seemingly more than what I find in Space Marines. Personal opinion of course but there is a draw to Chaos.

  • JustHippie

    I hear this loud and clear. I have NO interest in most armies but I enjoy my Daemons immensely. Even though there are fewer options it “feels” like there are many more. Maybe it’s the Gods or just the different play styles available.

    • Daemons definitely have a fair share of options. It’s a reasonably varied codex overall. I agree that the four factions seem to play into it. It almost feels like four armies in one book, be it Daemons or Chaos (though less Chaos at this point – soon to change!).

  • therhino

    Chaos does have an allure to it. I think it’s the fact that they’re Marines, but with less restriction on fluff and behaviour. There is a proscribed way to paint Loyalist marines, and specific battle formations in which they fight.
    Chaos Marines aren’t so restricted in their appearance and organization.
    I’d really like to do up a World Eaters force when the new book hits, but I know I never will ;).

    • Agreed. Chaos pretty well gives you free rein on modeling, painting, composition, etc. There is nothing to conform to and that feels damn nice.

      You have so many “If I only had time” projects it’s crazy :P

      • therhino

        If I only had the time!

  • good rep. thor! glad to hear it was a close game. also glad to hear the allure of chaos is still strong. that said i think theres more to the allure of chaos then just the conversions and painting. sure their MEQ’s but they on’t play like a Codex Space Marine force does, its alot more agro and usually boasts bonus’ that IMHO are level with ATSKNF even if they are not ATSKNF,

    • No argument here.

  • fleshterror

    I love my fully sonic emperors children, they make me happy knowing its gonna be a jail scene after every battle, I also Hav 2k in deathguard along with my WIP nightlords. Chaos Mmmmmmm good for the soul.

    • Nice collection. Mine is a long way from complete.

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