Battle Briefing: Blood for the Blood God

Blood DropWednesday I played my Standoff list against Khorne Inquisitor’s pure Khorne list. My list can be found here and his list is here.

When I saw his list a while ago I thought there was no way in hell I could deal with it. All those power weapons would make short work of most of my units. Then between his fast units and ability to deep strike reliably (icons), outmaneuvering him wouldn’t be easy at all. My list has some shooting but as much as I’d like when facing a pure assault army.

We played my mission Defensive Onslaught and he got first turn. Basically his whole army moved forward and I moved to meet him. My two Princes vector struck the Bloodthirster and put two wounds on it but my shooting couldn’t knock it down. We had assaults on turn #1. My Keeper of Secrets charged his Hounds and dented them pretty well and my Spawn and Hounds charged his Bloodcrushers, killing them off.

He retaliated by charging Bloodletters into my Keeper with his Hounds and then the Thirster into my Hounds. The Thirster killed all but two Hounds (including daemonic instability – which I loathe), and my Keeper got lucky in his multi-combat killing a few more Hounds and holding his ground.

The game, as expected, was a big old slugfest. The board center was packed with multi-combats while we both positioned other units to move around for objectives. It all came down to the final turn, turn #5. We both had one scoring unit left, each with an objective. His Thirster and Blood Throne of Khorne got into my Cultists, my final scoring unit, and destroyed them. My Slaanesh Prince needed to charge his list scoring unit, a few Bloodletters, and I had to go through difficult terrain and make a 10″ charge. I managed to roll 5, 5, 6, and 11″ charge, and destroyed the Bloodletters.

By the end of the game we both had 3 units left. Him the Thirster, Blood Throne of Khorne and Soulgrinder while I had the Slaanesh Prince, Spawn (only 2), and a Rhino. The primary for the mission was objectives and we drew that with neither of us having any. The secondary was victory points and I took that by just ~10pts, the Thirster was under half wounds. Tertiary was destroying all troops, which we both did and drew on. Bonus points were for table quarters and neither could do that without scoring units. The final score was a 21-11 victory for me.

I have not had a game that was that much of a brawl in a long time; never-mind one where the win was decided by such a small margin of ~10 victory points. I honestly did not expect to hold up at all against his list. My list is aggressive and assault based, as is his, and we both rely on the assault phase but I thought for sure the pure assault force to win out there. My Princes gave him a hard time though with almost no shooting to bring them down meaning I could choose my combats. I also had one turn where my Keeper hallucinated the Thirster and got that effect where the model couldn’t swing in combat. That was probably the tipping point. I kept the Thirster locked with two Hounds, unable to swing, and forced him to commit more forces to removing my Keeper to avoid me doing it all game long, or trying anyway.

It was a hell of a game and Khorne would be proud.

  • JustHippie

    Looked like a fun game for sure. Did it make you want a Grimoire in your list?

    • I’m still indifferent on it. He only got it off once, when you were there, and it did help out the Thirster that turn for sure. He did also use it once to reduce my Bloodletter’s invuln but then rolled the one on warp storm that does +1 invuln so it was a wash that turn.

      As I mess around more with Daemons I’ll no doubt run it in some lists and give it a thorough evaluation. I think it’s better given on HQs that can hide in units, like Heralds. Having something like the Keeper with it just makes him an even bigger target.

      • JustHippie

        I absolutely agree. I hide it in my squad of Horrors and they are usually in area terrain so they can GtG for 3+ cover rerolling 1s. It usually only dies if he gets into combat for some reason. The bearer can’t benefit so at least by hiding him his unit can benefit too.

  • JD Brink

    Sounds like a great fight! The ones that some down to the wire are the best ones and the most fun.

  • Khorne Inquisitor

    It was a really great game! I don’t think I have ever played that hard fought of a close game to that degree of closeness for a very long time if ever. I agree that the psyker helped out immensely. I am just glad that you didn’t hit the thirster with the psychic shriek and kill him turn two. :D

    • The plan at first was to hit those hounds with it and clean them up in combat but I failed the test for it and, as you know, got bogged down. Had it gone as planned I would have rolled off them to come deal with the Thirster the following turn, or try anyway, but you know how a game of dice goes.

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