Tournament: Battle for the Burbs Report

Tournament - Battle for the BurbsSaturday, March 12th, was the Battle for the Burbs, an even put on by the Dorkamorka club in Watertown, MA. It was a 1,750 tournament for 30 players, though only 24 made it, that was heavy on the soft scores. Normally I’m all about keeping soft scores out of a tournament in determining the winner but really I thought it was a nice change of pace. Sometimes you have to mix it up to keep things fresh and fun. Six of us from the LGS Crossroad Games headed down together for a kick ass day of gaming.

I’ll start with the games but I’ll keep it very brief. I was using the list found here. My first match-up was against Witch Hunters with Imperial Guard. I had a strong start but the balance quickly shifted. By the end of turn #4 I lost most of my transports and had a few really thinned down squads. I was, however, well within charge range to reach his gun line but we ran out of time. I claimed the secondary objective while he claimed the primary.

Second game was all about me getting my ass handed to me. I played a Chaos player who had a really cool themed army, Dark Angels Fallen. My Deffkopta tank rush failed me and my Kanz were tied up in a combat against a Daemon Prince center board that went on too long, well too long for my benefit. Between trying to untie my Kanz and not letting my left flank fold on me I lost the game solidly. My deployment could have been better as well. In the end my opponent took all three missions: primary, secondary and tertiary, for a big victory.

My final game was against an Imperial Guard Elysian force, all drop troops, Vendettas, a Valkyrie and a Vulture. This was another game where I took a strong start. As troops dropped in I was able to remove them about as quick, though some did get some good rounds of shooting in first. He had all but conceded the game by the end of turn #3 but he stuck to it and came back big. By the end I just could not down the fast flying vehicles and he grabbed a large victory.

What a brutal, brutal day; well my gaming anyway. This was the first time I’ve gone 0-3 with my Boyz and I’d by lying if I said it didn’t hurt my pride. I could bullshit all sorts of reasons why I did so poorly but in the end it was all on my shoulders. I walked away from those games though with probably the most learning experiences I’ve garnered from a set of games.

The event itself was awesome. I may have done poorly but I still had a great day. All the players I talked with were friendly and the Dorkamorka guys running the event were on the ball. Match transitions were smooth, rules questions were handled quickly and schedules were adhered to. Running an event like this is a labor of love and these guys love doing it.

Being that the event was less about who kicked the most ass and more about fostering the hobby, there were a lot of awards given out. I want to say there were about 10 awards handed out and only two of those were directly related to tournament match scoring. There was a painting competition, a pub quiz (a 40K knowledge test which EvantheNoob won!), best themed army, best overall army and another one or two I can’t recall.

Speaking of, I entered into the painting competition to win a Golden Squig award. I entered each category: single figure, squad, vehicle and monstrous creature and won for best single figure. They took shots at the event, which I feel they did a great job with. Here’s my Librarian who won.

Fate's Angels Librarian
My winning entry for single model.
Fate's Angels Librarian
My winning entry for single model.
My winning entry for single model.

Here’s the other winning entries into the Golden Squig.

Imperial Guard High Command Squad
Best Squad by Mike Glaeser
Best Vehicle by Todd Bolduc (aka: ShinyRhino)
Lord of Change
Best Monstrous Creature by Steve McKenna

Both Todd (aka: ShinyRhino), and Steve are two of the Crossroad guys I went down with, so we took three of the four categories in the Golden Squig and got one of these cool trophies. I won the Squig on the right. Todd also managed to take home best army, which I believe combined army comp, army theme (including fluff), and how well the army is painted. For that he got a paint set and that new GW paint station. Oh, he also got a kick ass purity seal they made, which he promptly pinned on his jacket.

Since they took shots of each entry I figured I’ll post my other entries.


Sun'z Killaz Warboss
My Entry for Monstrous Creature
Sun'z Killaz Warboss
My Entry for Monstrous Creature
Sun'z Killaz Looted Wagon
My Entry for Vehicle
Sun'z Killaz 'ard Boyz
My Entry for Squad

What held back my Warboss from that category was his basing, which I can agree with. For some reason I didn’t do anything special with his base. My ‘ard Boyz were also a close contender. The Looted Wagon I threw in there for the hell of it. I wanted to enter into each category even if my chances were slim in a given one.

All in all a great day. I wish I had done better in my games but I’m very happy to have taken home a Golden Squig. If any of the Dorkamorka guys are reading, thanks again for such a well run event and we’ll be down there again for sure.

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