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The Battle for Mirum Ostentum (#21) – Evacuation (Apocalypse #2)

    This is the second part of the battle report for the final mission in our battle for Mirum Ostentum Narrative campaign. The forces of the imperium have been defeated but just how much of their remaining forces can they rescue from the doomed world.

    Story Excerpt

    Lord Vulcan listened to the master of lies as he used his link to their stormbird to relay the progress of the assault. Using his staff to project a psychic image onto the ground for Vulcan to study. As per his battle plan the Alpha legion and emperor’s children were moving towards the only escape route the enemy could have on the ground. He could see his forces moving to engage the blood angels as he turned his attention back to the stronghold.

    “Come we have work to do.” He states as his cadre follow him. Vincent Murgle flies overhead into the stronghold as they continue to push the attack.

    Chaos turn 5

    Imperial Turn 5

    Extractions this turn:

    Arch Magos Driel

    Storm Hawks dreadnought Kisen

    Chaos turn 6

    Imperial turn 6

    Extractions this turn:

    Vulture gunship

    Storm Hawks 5th company tactical squad and infamy rhino

    Storm Hawks 4th company wolf guard squad and land raider crusader

    Storm Hawks 4th company 4th blood claw squad

    Chaos turn 7

    Imperial turn 7

    Extractions and notes

    Kraken, wolf priest, rune priest, captain winter bane, wolf lord jordas:

    This unit had lined up to attack lord Vulcan and his cadre the imperial player decided against this after realising that the cadre and lord Vulcan would be dishing out between 16 and 34 Str 6 Ap 2 attacks re-rolling to hit due to veterans of the long war giving hatred (space marines) and preferred enemy space marines allowing them to re-roll to wound rolls of 1 (they wound on a 2+ due to the str 6 attacks. We rolled the dice to see what would have happened. Kraken would be down to one wound, Vulcan 2, with only one other character surviving on one wound. Noting this he decided to keep the characters alive to fight again another day and extracted them.

    Extracted this turn:

    Storm Hawks venerable dreadnought Hurricane

    Storm Hawks 4th company Squad 3 (wolf guard only)

    Storm Hawks wolf Lord Jordas

    Storm Hawks dreadnought Kos

    Storm Hawks wolf priest

    Storm Hawks Captain Kraken

    Storm Hawks captain Winterbane

    Storm Hawks Rune priest

    Storm Hawks 10th company squad 3 (6 men)

    Storm Haws 4th company Squad 2 (7 Men)

    Cadian 131st command squad (Yarack, straken, creed, cavros thawne, 2 psychers, medic, master of the fleet, master of ordinance.

    Aquila lander

    Blood Angels Firestorm Land raider

    Warhound titan (Dubbed ‘Left 4 Dead’ by my mate)

    End game flyover

    Story excerpt

    Kraken stood with his fellow storm hawk commanders and stared down the enemy. Lord Vulcan Bloodfang returned his stare. A crunch indicating the death of Lord Scison was followed by the dreadnought Kos moving up behind the line of storm hawk warriors. Morrs penna and Mortarion lurked nearby as Cavros Thawne made it to the aquila lander.

    “We are at a stalemate then.” Lord Vulcan states.

    “It would appear so” Kraken replies tightening the grip on his hammer. His rune priest touched his arm and shook his head.

    “If you choose this path we will all die.” He states.

    Vulcan smiles as a thunderous roar can be heard from overhead. A vast aircraft painted jet black moved through the cloud cover and gathered Hurricane and the heavily wounded Sterk before moving towards the landing pad.

    Vulcan nods and his troops lower their weapons and step back. “Consider this a gift. You fought well and as your reward you may leave.”

    The wolf priest scuttled forwards and grabbed the unconscious form of Wolf Lord Sauron before the dark angel Stormbird flew in low and landed on the pad. The storm hawks ran onboard.

    Lord Vulcan watched as the vast aircraft accelerated skywards some anti air fire clipping its void shields but failing to do any further damage.

    “Was that wise?” Morrs Penna asks.

    “They have a role to play in our futures. If he had attacked they would all now be dead.” Vulcan states. “By allowing them to live. They can play their part in the long game.”

    The daemon nods. “Very well.”

    The undaunted warrior and Regrinus accelerated away from the lost world, easily outpacing the caladaris claw that would have been upon them moments later. As it turned out the ground forces had struggled to survive long enough to be extracted and so the ships fled into the warp.

    Pallar anders mountain range – evacuation site – 1 hour since chaos victory

    Primus medicae Vetus strolled through the aftermath of the carnage collecting the glands from the fallen warriors. He was not picky about where the glands came from. His fellow apothecaries were doing likewise picking through the dead for what they could still offer.

    Warriors and quartermasters picked weapons from corpses as the apothecaries worked. Vetus turned over a dead blood angel. The wings of the warriors’ backpack had been shattered and his armour cracked but the warrior according to his sensors still lived. Vetus removed the warriors’ weapons and disabled his power armour before chuckling.

    “We have a live one.” He states, “Flense is going to have a field day with you.”

    A unit of terminators walks over to Vetus and on his command, take the prisoner away.

    Report on the loss of Mirum Ostentum to the enemies of the imperium.

    The attack on the world of Mirum Ostentum was brutal and cleverly designed to take advantage of the weakened state of the imperium during the time of the thirteenth black crusade. From the first emergence of the chaos fleet into the space around the planet they expelled us from the planet within 39 hours and ten minutes of conflict.

    We lost 1638 units during our failed defence, but killed 1208 enemy units*

    I was not present for most of this time as I had been captured by the enemy as their first action almost three days before the arrival of their fleet. A Doppelganger took my place and weakened the defences considerably in my absence.

    Due to the diligence of the Dark angels and the fearlessness of the other forces present on the world I was eventually rescued but this came at great cost as only one hundred and ten imperial warriors were rescued from death. Three additional storm hawks were also rescued but remain in critical condition.

    The enemies next target will most likely be the Kresh cluster as it is the site of this sectors inquisitorial fortress.

    As for Mirum Ostentum I would suggest Exterminatus but due to the enemies’ fleet strength** I would advise against this action. We should reinforce the Kresh Cluster and make ready for the next assault.

    Inquisitor Virgil Ditya

    * These figures are based on battlefield scans conducted by Arch Magos Driel, and reports from those who fought in the battles they were part of. This number does not include PDF elements.

    **attached document provided by Dark Angels Master Ganon, Stills and measurements taken whilst the undaunted warrior was undergoing excavation efforts.

    Kresh – Inquisitorial fortress – Ten days since the fall of Mirum Ostentum.

    Inquisitor Silens puts the dataslate down and stands up. She beckoned her acolyte over.

    “Yes mistress?” The Acolyte states

    “How are our guests doing?” She asks. Looking out of the viewing portal as she does so. The undaunted warrior and Regrinus were still docked alongside the Fist of titan.

    “The Storm hawks have taken over one of the launch bays and turned it into a recreation area for their training. Captain Kraken has been driving both his survivors, and their reinforcements those Primaris troops we had here to the extreme.” The Acolyte states. “The few blood angels that survived have been lighting candles in the chapel. They have refused to stop until they have lit a candle for each warrior they have lost. Tradition I suppose.”


    “Cavros Thawne and the last few survivors of the Cadian 131st and the Gallian 7th have been quarantined to check for corruption. Should they be cleared we shall find a use for them.” The acolyte stats. “Beyond Master Ganon the Dark angels have not left their ship and are conducting the required repairs before they leave.”

    “And the others?”

    “Virgil Ditya and his Daemonhost have been quarantined until we can scan them for corruption. From the reports, the Alpha legion had captured him but all tests so far have confirmed it to be him.”


    “Had already returned to the mechanicum. We did not have the capability to house the Warhound titan here so both it and himself have left on a mechanicum bulk conveyor. They have been gone for 3 hours.”


    “He has requested reinforcements from titan and will remain here under your command until they arrive, you are ordo malleus after all.”

    “That will be all, keep me informed if anything changes.”


    Neither side came away unscathed from this encounter but the imperial forces were decimated and the chaos forces did not even deploy the emperors children or the bulk of the alpha legion forces. Only the firestorm land raider survived from the Blood angels, the mechanicum had two models left Magos driel and the warhound titan, the dark angels acquired their objective (the fallen) and then left taking two predators, a land raider, a command squad and a razorback with them.

    Cavros thawne and his little squad were the sole survivors of the cadian 131st and as for the gallian 7th just the praetor missile launcher tank and vulture gunship survived.

    Total number of casualties (the battle for mirum ostentum)

    Imperial 1638

    Chaos 1208

    Thus 2845 models were killed over the twenty missions we played as part of the campaign. This averages out to 142 models being killed in each game (which includes BFG and kill team missions)

    (The imperial forces lost on average 82 models per game while chaos lost 60 models per game on average.)

    Kill ratios were as follows 1:1.36 for chaos and 1:0.74 for the imperials.

    With this battle our campaign comes to an end.  I have attached the full story to this post so anyone who is interested can read it themselves. (Be aware the story of these events is 84 pages long with almost 40,000 words.)

    The Battle For Mirum Ostentum

    (This is still being worked on so there may be errors, the characters referenced in the story are those from our gaming group. Reputations and character building has come from years of playing and as this was written for us there is no set up for some of these characters.)


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    Rory (Stepping Between Games)

    Glorious end to the campaign. Well done all.

    Kenneth Raymond
    Kenneth Raymond
    6 years ago

    Thanks Rory, glad you enjoyed it.

    6 years ago

    Now I’m back home and can comment properly.

    Well done. That’s a long campaign, with a lot of death, but you all stuck to it and saw it through, which is awesome. As I said before, the story is great and narrative elements like that really make a campaign worth doing. I mean, it’s the point afterall, isn’t it?

    Do you all string these together in any way, like make this a long ongoing epic story? Or, is each campaign a standalone thing?

    Kenneth Raymond
    Kenneth Raymond
    6 years ago
    Reply to  Thor

    Our previous campaigns are all a part of the ongoing stories of the characters we have created for 40k. (Which is why some characters had some really stupid levels of power. Lord Vulcan for instance was Ws 7, Bs5, S5 T 6 W4 I 6 A4+1+D6 2+/3+* had feel no pain, it will not die & eternal warrior, but then he has survived four of our older campaigns (He survived 12 games in one of them gaining boons and rewards as he went). He was moved to a 300pts lord of war before becoming apocalypse only)

    Our next campaign will continue from where this one left off, hopefully our Black Templar and Tau players will be able to join in. (We are working through an outline story idea, designing missions and brainstorming campaign ideas to make ready for our next campaign. We just need to play some more 8th edition before we can finalise anything.)