Battle Missions

Battle Missions has been out for a little while now and I’ve finally gotten a handful of games under my belt with it and I have to say I really, really like what they’ve done. First off, having more than three missions to choose from is damn nice. The book is packed with 66 missions so it’s going to take you a long, long time to get through them all. Each army has three missions themed for their army but the great part is you can play those missions without using that army. You have Orks and your buddy has Marines and you want to play one of the Eldar missions? Well you can. Some missions have army specific special rules, so if you’re playing an Eldar mission with Eldar then you get X special rule, but they also tell you what to do if you aren’t fielding that army, thus making all missions viable for any army to play.

Many of the missions are small twists on common deployments and mission types but oh the interest those small changes make. Other missions have far more interesting deployments and objectives, stuff you probably have never seen. The missions themselves are well balanced. As mentioned, many missions have special rules and those rules often apply to the army the mission is themed for. Some of those special rules have a downside as well as an upside. Sometimes the army your facing off against gets some special rule to help offset the one you gain. Other times the other army won’t get a special rule but will gain an advantage in deployment or objectives. All in all they did well to keep things interesting, fluffy and balanced.

One of the best things with Battle Missions is other than three of the missions you don’t have to pre-plan to use it. There are three general special missions that require arrangement beforehand, like Kill Team, but all the army based ones do not require pre-planning to use. Show up with your list and go for it, making Battle Missions accessible to anyone.

The book itself is well done. Each mission has a full page explaining how it works and the deployments are illustrated in full color on the following page and underneath is a summary of the mission. Each army has about a page of fluff and a color illustration of battles and wars fought. People who really enjoy fluff will be disappointed with the single page, two if you count the war map, but it’s not all that unexpected either. As affordable as Battle Missions is you can’t really expect it to be packed full of fluff. I’ll take 66 missions for the low cost it is over adding more fluff and raising the cost.

My conclusion, buy this. The price is great, the book well done and you get enough missions to keep you busy for a very long while and they’re interesting enough that you’ll look forward to doing them more than once.

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