Battle Report: 1,750 FLGS Tournament

Battle Report - Crazy BabyThis past Saturday was the the monthly tournament at my FLGS. As the title states, it was 1,750 and we had a great showing of 17 players. Dave, who works there, plays when we have odd numbers so we had nine games going on for the day. I’ll dive right in and try and keep this short since I’m not a fan of a long-winded battle report and I imagine others share that sentiment.

Here’s the quick rundown on my list:

* Shrike
* Cassius (joins Command Squad)
* Command Squad x 5 (close combat load out) + Razorback w/las/plas
* Assault Termies x 8 w/storm shield, thunder hammer
* Tacts x 10 w/flamer, las + Sarge w/combi-melta + Rhino w/hunter killer
* Tacts x 10 w/melta, multi-melta + Sarge w/combi-flamer + Rhino w/hunter killer
* Assault Marines x 10 w/flamer x 2 + Sarge w/storm shield, fist
* Land Speeder x 2 w/heavy flamer, multi-melta

The idea with the list is to be aggressive, not to sit back and shoot.

First game was using my mission Special Ops. I was facing an IG player, one of the guys who attended the Battle for the Burbs with the rest of us. I had chosen holding the center as my primary mission with kill points as secondary. He had first turn and set up in his corner with a tank line of Chimeras and a Leman Russ centering it with two Penal Legions outflanking via-Vendettas. I set up centrally with everything and infiltrated Shrike with ASM (Assault Marines), behind a tower about 18″ from him.

First turn saw most of my ASM demolished from the Leman Russ. I retaliated by assaulting that Leman Russ with the ASM and shaking it, the rest of my army advanced and sat on the center. My plan was simple, hold the center with most everything and take kill points as I could. Next turn saw a few more ASM die, leaving me with Shrike, a flamer and a Sarge. I managed to pop the Command Chimera with shooting and Shrike and crew assaulted them and swept them.

The third turn was the beginning of the end. I lost my last transport in the center, so everyone was disgorged and packed tight. Two death strike missiles went off. First one missed but the second landed and got a 6″ radius. The result was the loss of an entire Tact Squad, half a Command Squad and 75% of my other Tact Squad. I then put the three remaining Tacts in a crater for cover and shielded them with my Termies. Shrike and ASM had finished off the Leman Russ and were moving back towards my deployment.

The Vendettas arrive and remove my last three Tacts and my chance of holding the center. The rest of the game was mostly Shrike and ASM bouncing around. They assaulted and destroyed one Penal Legion and from there moved on to assault and destroy a Vet Squad.

I didn’t take the center and we tied on KP. I did gain one battle point but my opponent managed his primary mission of four units in my deployment and failed on taking the center, his secondary. He came away with a major and three battle points on top of it.

That was longer than I wanted, OK, shorter versions now. Second game was against more IG using my mission Battlefield Superiority. I had first turn and set up everything aggressively. He set up much the same and then stole the initiative. I lost a gun off my Razorback and had some shaken vehicle. I plowed ahead with everything I could, determined to hit his tank line. He had some Storm Troopers who were deep striking in, three squads, and one arrived that I removed, the second misshaped and died and the third arrived and I destroyed. All I had to do was smash into his lines and clear out some tanks and a few squads.

I put a Rhino’d Tact Squad in a quarter with everything else going forward. Between some shooting and my Termies smashing Leman Russes and Shrike with ASM in his back lines, he only had two Chimeras left and it was my final turn. To get a massacre, which I needed to stand a chance in the tournament, I had to remove those Chimeras. I could take a major victory by ignoring them and moving into another quarter or try and get the massacre, a minor if it failed the attempt. I opted for the massacre. I got one guy from my Command Squad to assault a Chimera, nothing. It was now up to four Termies, two on each Chimera. First Chimera assault destroyed it. Second Chimera assault, boom! I took the massacre and four battle points on top of it. On to round #3.

Final game was I believe and old ‘ard Boyz mission, grab quarters and the center. I was playing against Space Wolves with a similar force to my own, at least in nature and style. My plan, like the first game, was simple. Grab the center and hold it. He got first turn and setup castled in his corner. I did likewise and infiltrated Shrike and ASM 18″ out from him in the open. I then stole the initiative.

My ASM assaulted and destroyed two Rhinos while my force advanced. The ASM were assaulted by two Grey Hunter Squads, lost and failed morale, falling back 17″. They rallied and charged back into the Grey Hunters, along with my Termies. The rest of my army was on the center taking shots at his Dreadnought and Predator.

The game was an enormous melee that started on turn #1. Ragnar and Grey hunters dove out of their Land Raider and destroyed my Tact Squad who lost their Rhino. I retaliated with my Command Squad, charging Ragnar and buddies but they held.

By the fourth turn he had little left and I was in rough shape as well. It was shaping up to be a draw with my central Tacts being destroyed and him having no troops left. I began moving and running my combat squad I set up back in my deployment. I wanted a massacre and by moving these guys I could do that or worst case get a minor victory. However, he had a Predator left that could ruin that. My Speeders kept that Predator locked down, eventually destroying it, while my Tacts kept on slogging. We managed seven turns, which I needed, and my last run move of 5″ put me in range of the center, securing a massacre.

What a day. The highlights were Shrike and ASM against the first IG opponent doing almost all my damage to his army. Shrike was on a roll that game. My gambles on the 2nd and 3rd game having paid off big was a huge rush. That third game I got to see the power of Ragnar. He took down six of my eight Termies in a protracted combat, eventually I got him though but damn, what a beast.

To wrap this up, I managed to tie for third place with ShinyRhino. I’ve won one tournament but it was a tiny one, that one aside, this is the best I’ve managed in standings yet. A hopeful sign.

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