Battle Report: 1,750 Team Tournament

Battle Report: ZahndrekhSaturday a friend and I went to a team tournament, it was 1750 points per player. Yes, you read that right. Per player, meaning 3500 point teams, 3500 vs 3500. The games were long, but really bad-ass and fun. It was overall a really enjoyable day and I”m glad we went.

The night before we had begun planning out our list, at first we were just going to go for a pillbox idea, a typical strategy he used with his IG (being his main army). We were going to flood the board with bullets, taking plenty of Chimeras and AV13 vehicles, and topping it off with a Medusa or two for anti-heavy infantry.

Then I got thinkin” about those nasty Psyker Battle squads of his. Reducing leadership an all. Connect the dots to Crypteks with Abyssal Staffs, wounding based on Leadership. Thus cheese was born.

My List was this:
Zahndrekh in CCB- 265
Obyron- 160

Solar Pulse Cryptek- 55
Abyssal staff and nightmare shroud Cryptek – 40

Overlord w/ Scythe, 2 ,3 ,Phaeron, Res orb – 210

Solar Pulse Cryptek- 55
Abyssal staff and nightmare shroud Cryptek – 40

10 Immortals- 170
5 Warriors in Ark- 180

3 Heavy Destroyers- 180
3 Heavy Destroyers- 180

Annihilation Barge- 90
Annihilation Barge- 90

His list was something along these lines: (on a side note, his army is Cobra Command themed)
Command Squad w/ 4 Plasma guns, 1 Plasma Pistol and officer of fleet – 205
Command Squad w/ 4 Plasma guns, 1 Plasma Pistol and astropath- 205

8 Psykers in chimera- 145
8 Psykers in chimera- 145
Marbo- 65

MeltaVets in Chimera with Multilaser and hull heavy flamer- 155 (6 of these)

Scout Sentinel w/ Lascannon- 50

So yea, Chimeras get to move forward unhindered during nightfight turn 1&2, get into melta range and blow up all of the tanks, Z”s Barge turbos on over and Obyron & Co. teleport over to clean up the mess. Annihilation Barges and Destroyers provide more reliable fire support.

Game 1 Spearhead annihilation, against Ultramarines and Space Wolves, the Ultramarines had 3 Tac squads, full 10 man in rhinos, each squad had a heavy bolter, and the rhinos had a hunter killer missile. Scout squad with snipers and missile launcher, Dev squad with four missiles, predator with autocannon turret and heavy bolter sponsons, and a Land Raider redeemer with 6 termies in it (3 claws and 3 hammers I believe).
The Space Wolf army consisted of 2 pods, one with Logan, Ragnar, and 5 long fangs, 2 plasma cannons, 1 Lascannons, 1 Mulitmelta and 2 Heavy bolter. The other had 5 termies in it, 1 cyclone missile launcher, and the other weapons I didn”t notice. He also had a land speeder with 2 multimeltas, and Wolf guard with all jump packs and power weapons, 3 plasma pistols, 3 storm shields, Wolf priest and Wolf lord with loads o” gadgets.

This game was just brutal, they didn”t have nearly enough anti-tank, and with our little brick-breaker combo we just torched all of their heavy hitters, or in the case of the land raider unit, melta-ed the tank and then just asked it to make a morale check (via nightmare shroud) and failed at ld 2 obviously. End result: 18 Kps to 10, in our favor.

Game 2 was Dawn of War capture and control, bonus points for killing most expensive hq. all elites and something else. We played against Eldar and Orks, the Orks had 4 Battlewagons, Ghaz w/ wound abuse nobs, big mek w/ Kff and shoota boyz, 20 man boyz, and something in the fourth one, and 10ish lootas.

They put their objective in the area terrain on their side, and my partner managed a stroke of genius, by placing ours directly across from theirs, forcing all of his battlewagons into a funnel, while I placed my destroyers and barges off to the right, so the side armor would be exposed to me.

Turn 1 their stuff rolls on, as predicted, battlewagons cruise forward as fast as possible, lootas walk on and do nothing, all the other stuff hovers on and does nothing. The Eldar seer council however, turbo-boosts onto the board, going across the river that separates that was enclosing our objective (it ran the whole width of the board) and landing far off from the rest of their army.
After a weighing the options, I decided there was no alternative. We had to take advantage of the un-fortunate (unfortuned) seer council, I told the IG to roll both psykers on and try to lower the seer councils leadership, I popped a pulse, to turn the lights back on, and flew Z”s Barge flat out, Obyron & Co. teleport within 6 and prepare to toast the foolish Eldar. Zahndrekh gives the Destroyers tank hunter and they open up into the battlewagons, missing 2 of 3 shots, and the force field saves the other, while the other squad simply failed to get through armor 14 (his battlewagons weren”t far enough forward to get side yet). The psyker battle squad targets the council, they are clearly within range, he rolls the 3d6 psychic check (stupid eldrad) rolls a 1, 2 and a 6, PERFECT NINE. They become ld 2, I hit 3-4 with each flamer template, and since they all cause instant death they cannot be stacked so I fire all the gauss blasters as well, just to ensure they die before they get the chance to gain fortune. Killed them all, and from there the game only went downhill for them.

Turn 2 the eldar guide both squadrons of walkers (3 each, 2 scatterlasers per walker), doom the Immortal squad, and shoot the ever-living (see what I did there?) crap out of them. Obyron and the Overlord managed to soak up a bunch of wounds, and when the dust settled 4 immortals were left standing with both of the characters. The crypteks had managed to die of course, roll for repairs and only 2 immortals stood up (with a res orb too!) meaning the flamers were done. At this point the ork player just cruised his battlewagons forward, realizing if he stayed any father back he”d just get picked off. We manage to blow up 2 battlewagons and wreck another. The IG then proceed to dumb silly amounts of meltaguns into the nob squad, he declares a Waaaaaaaaaaaaaagh, to hopefully save a few nobs, at the end of the turn I believe we had killed 4/5 nobz, and ghaz had only taken one wound (that guy takes such a beating).

In the following turns we manage to finish the Nobz squad, kill off the remaining wagon, and my A.Barges show the walkers whose boss. (4 Str 7 Shots at AV10 open topped tanks? also 6″s give me extra hits, AND it can ark to the other stuff at Str5). The final turn the eldar man flat outs and star engines into contestion range, then at the end of their turn realizes they have no scoring units on their own objective. So we proceed to murder the wave serpent, and IG shooting brings down the fire dragons to a single man. Still within 3″ . He is already accept the draw, when I point out my Annihilation barges, who I pointed at the vehicles prior to (knowing/hoping/praying this would happen). The first one shoots at the rear armor of one of the tanks, only glances it once and shakes it, I measure the distance, and the lone Fire Dragon is perfectly within 6″, I roll it up, get a 6, it arcs for 4 hits, all of which wound, and he fails his second save. Annihilation Barges are amazing.

We took the win, and proceeded to the final game.

(On a side note, I had deepstruck Obyron onto their objective just to contest it, to prove our win even if he had moved something scoring onto it, there was literally JUST enough room in between his loota squad for a single 25 mill base, and he landed dead on, I love that guy)

Final game report will be coming out later, as it is much more intense, and I”d like to dedicate a full article to it.

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