Battle Report: 2 Days, 2 Games

Battle ReportLet’s get right to it. Wednesday I got to play a practice team game for tomorrow’s team tournament at my FLGS. I partnered with a Daemon player and we played against two Blood Angels players. I was running Chaos with the following list: . In my typical fashion I’ll cover these games in broad strokes.

We played Recovery with our opponents going first who deployed everything but a Stormraven with Death Company and a Furioso. I setup my two Rhinos behind a hill along with my Termies, Sorcerer and Obliterators. They didn’t have much to do but move, which they did towards the two outer objectives. My teammate arrived putting most of his stuff towards the north objective with a Nurgling swarm in their back lines. I advanced my stuff center and north. We began lashing and pavaning units around and dropping breath of chaos and Oblits firing plasma cannons to thin down the jumpers. One squad failed morale and bolted, leaving the table the following turn.

The western jumpers decided to go deal with Nurglings to save their Devastators and got bogged down in combat. To the north the Daemons got into combat but I forgot how that went. Death Company then show up and charged into Fiends and Plague Bearers. The Fiends were wiped but the Plague Bearers held on, barely. Those Plague Bearers were also holding an objective at the time. However, they eventually went down and the Death Company grabbed the objective from them.

The rest of the game revolved around close combat, mostly in the north with the Daemons. Mephiston was running around in our deployment zone, smashed aside my Oblits and my Lesser Daemons but later fell to my Termies and Sorcerer but not before he took a chunk out of the squad. All the while I was zooming around my Plague Marines in their Rhino capturing objectives. We were using lash and pavane to keep their Devs from firing and for lining up template shots. Ultimately it was because of those powers that we took the game.

That’s the second team game I’ve played with that list of mine and the first time was with a Tyranid partner and that went well also. In both of these games we used my partner to apply pressure, leaving me free to handle objectives. By the time my partners were all but wiped out we had good objective control and I was able to move in for support.

Wednesday night I got in a game against Kamui. It’s been a long time since he and I got to hang out and game so I was looking forward to it. We decided to play 1,500 and we played the same mission from above, Recovery. I’ve been play testing the hell out of it lately to make sure everything is smooth with it.

The list I brought was this: . With the changes to warptime I decided it was time to try out Nurgle Princes, first time ever, and giving them winds of chaos. Kamui was running his Space Wolves with five drop pods packing Grey Hunters, a Lord and Wolf Guard. He also had two squads of Long Fangs.

I got first turn and setup with my vehicles forward flanked by the Princes and Oblits on either side of them. His Long Fangs deployed far back to utilize their range. He then went on to steal the initiative.

Three pods, two Grey Hunter squads, one with the Lord, and the Wolf Guard landed all around my vehicles. He tried to put some wounds on my Princes but only managed one wound with everything. His Long Fangs did immobilize my Berzerker Rhino however. The Zerkers got out, as did a squad of Plagues. The other Plague Squad zoomed north for an objective. The Princes lined up and fired off winds to thin down two squads. My Oblits fired plasma cannons to take down about half of another squad. Things were looking good and my Princes charged in, as did my Zerkers.

That’s where things got ugly. First Prince went down after only taking out, I believe, one model in combat. My Zerkers dropped a ton of wounds on Grey Hunters but he made an amazing amount of saves. His banner was paying off big time. I lost all the Zerkers and was down to my fist who took out a model before falling to the enemy’s fist. Zerkers were gone. My other Prince fared better and the Wolf Guard were down to one.

His next wave he got both Pods which landed on each side of the forward Plague Rhino. Shooting saw it got up and I could only emergency disembark. Long Fangs continued to pound my other Rhinos. My last Prince killed off the last Wolf Guard and moved north to aid the Plagues.

I needed my Greater Daemon to arrive but he of course refused. My 2nd Plague Squad got in their Rhino and moved for the center objective. My Prince charged the small Grey Hunter Squad with the Lord and locked them up. Then things began to change.

I was in a rough spot at this point and things were bleak. I figured I’d lose my north Plagues and in a turn or two my ones heading for the center and I’d be left playing denial. However, everything turned around. My north Plagues got in combat after losing all but two models and they stuck around. I was able to send in my other Plagues to bail them out and they cleared the Grey Hunter Squad. My Prince cleared out the Grey Hunters he was with and went north. My Greater Daemon decides to show up but he wasn’t needed as the last Grey Hunter left from shooting ran.

From there I was able to secure an objective and he only had two Long Fang Squads left who were moving for two objectives but the game ended on turn five and they weren’t in range. I managed to win, which is a rarity against Kamui.

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