Battle Report and Special Ops Play Testing

Battle Report: Play TestingLast night Fate’s Angels squared off against some Orks. I was happy to get the chance to try my hand at the greenskins with my Marines. I’ve been playing a lot of other Marines lately and wanted to see how my list would fair against something more numbers heavy. It was also my first chance to play test the Special Ops mission I wrote a few weeks back.

I’m constantly messing with my lists. I’m one of those people who enjoys list writing and doesn’t play the same list constantly. The one consistent thing lately in my Marine lists is Shrike. Here’s the list I took last night for an 1,850 game.

* Shrike
* Librarian w/terminator armor & storm shield (powers: null zone, might of ancients)

* Assault Termies x 6 w/storm shields + thunder hammers

* Tacts x 10 w/plasma gun, lascannon
– Sarge w/melta bombs, combi-melta
– Rhino w/hunter killer

* Tacts x 10 w/melta, multi-melta
– Sarge w/melta bombs, combi-flamer
– Rhino w/hunter killer

Fast Attack
* Assault Squad x 10 w/flamers x 2
– Sarge w/storm shield, power fist

* Land Speeder x 2 w/heavy bolter + typhoon missile launcher

Heavy Support
* Predator w/extra armor, autocannon, lascannon sponsons
* Devs x 5 w/missile launchers x 4
– Razorback w/twin-linked lascannon

A few things with the list. One, I wanted to get a Librarian into my list for psychic defense, which I’ve been running without for a while. Since he’s joining Termies I gave him might of ancients along with null zone. The Termies will be running until they get into assault range so it made more sense to go assault oriented with him. The rest of the list is fire support. This was also my first run with two Speeders, previously only owning one.

I’ll give a quick overview of the game and won’t bog it down in details. The Special Ops mission is where you pick two missions to complete, as does your opponent, and you keep it a secret until the end of the game. There are five missions to choose from and you pick a primary and a secondary. I had chosen domination (more kill points than the opponent), and against the odds (hold the board center).

My opponent had first turn and set up centrally, all castled up in range of his kustom force field. I deployed most of my fire power base in my left corner, Assault Squad center and hidden behind a big pyramid, same with my Speeders, and a Rhino to the right of that. I infiltrated the Termies with Shrike in the left center of the board, behind a hill. My plan was to let him push into the center and then envelop him then go for the center of the board once surrounded.

First turn he pushed everything up and I lost two missile Devs from shooting. In return I took out two Warbuggies, two Kans, a Trukk and some Boyz and immobilized a Deffdread. Apparently the Big Mek forgot to turn on the kustom force field because he failed every save on those vehicles.

He continued pushing the center and I kept busting up vehicles. I had misjudged the range of his Nobz and Burna Boyz though and my Assault Marines got caught in a multiple combat and eventually died out. I wasn’t concerned though as that put him in the center of the board in my deployment zone. I started moving everything around him. Over the next few turns those Nobz rampaged my Razorback, Predator and Devs but I had moved out my Tacts and Speeders and my Assault Termies were smashing into his back lines, squishing Grots and Boyz. I cleared out his support units and my Tacts grabbed the board center, game end.

I took both my primary and secondary missions having more kill points than him and holding the center. He had picked blitzkrieg, having four units of any type in my deployment zone, and he also took against the odds (board center). He accomplished his primary, blitzkrieg, but obviously failed at his secondary, which gave me a minor victory.

We both enjoyed the mission and neither of us saw any necessary changes. He had made a suggestion though where you could declare what one of your missions was to your opponent and in turn making that mission worth more since the opponent now knows what it is. It’s not a bad idea and I thought it would be more fair to do that with your secondary mission so if you declare that one it becomes worth 2pts, same as your primary. I wouldn’t want to make the primary worth more as it alone could net you a massacre in the current scoring for the mission. Something to ponder.

As for the list, I was really happy with it. I had learned the last time I played Kamui, who was playing Orks, that even though I can infiltrate forward something with Shrike and slam into someone on turn #1, it’s not always a bright idea. With that in mind I set about taking out armor and softening him up and using my assault units as a response force, not as a spearhead, and this list did that well for me. I thought I’d miss my Dreads in the list, I almost always take them, but I didn’t miss them at all in this game.

  • Anonymous

    Hm, nice report. I like the idea for your mission, it looks like fun. I’ll have to think about it more… at first glance it seems competitive anyways. I’m not a good judge of ‘competitive’ missions though, hence the ‘I’ll have to think about it’ :-p

    • The thing with the mission is there’s no way to perfectly balance it, but the beauty is you don’t need to. You are going to take what’s easiest for you to accomplish and so will I. One of us may have something easier considering our own army and our opponent’s, can’t be helped, but isn’t that the case with most any mission anyway? Not knowing what your opponent is trying to do, or maybe figuring it out too late, really makes the mission.

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