Battle Report: ‘ard Boyz Practice

I managed my second practice game for ‘ard Boyz last night at my FLGS. As nice as it would have been to have gotten in more practice games, especially since this list is completely revised from my last, I’m not going to sweat it.

I paired off with a Daemon player and we played the second ‘ard Boyz scenario, the five objective one. Instead of giving a turn by turn I’ll just cover what I learned.

Goes without saying but null zone really hoses Daemons. So much so I almost feel dirty…almost. One thing I’ve learned to do well against Daemons, more so out of requirement, is to divide and conquer. It’s a strategy I need to exercise more against other armies as well, at least when applicable.

Speaking of strategy, I really need to get better at my deployment. I know I’m not alone in this area. It’s getting better and it worked well enough against Daemons, which is all that mattered in that game, but in general it’s a big weakness of mine. I really need to take some time and evaluate my deployment each game. For some reason I tend to feel obligated to deploy quickly and get the game going but I can’t do that at the cost of doing so poorly.

Getting the details right is another thing I need to ensure I get down. It’s a broad statement but in general I’m referring to those little things that can bite you in the ass if you forget or do it wrong. For example, last night I surrounded the center objective with a Rhino (Tacts inside), and Terminators. However, I misjudged distance a bit and forgot that Fiends have a huge threat range, the detail. Last turn he was able to reach my Rhino with a charge and get within 3″ of the center objective in doing so. I messed up on ensuring the Rhino was either too far to charged, a range miscalculation mentioned, or having it far enough from the objective to be in range of it but keep him out of range with better positioning.

I did win the game last night with a major victory plus three points for 20 total. That miscalculation and forgetfulness mentioned cost me the massacre though. That’s what practice games are for and as long as I learn from it and play it right when it counts then that’s what matters.

My list played well and I was really happy with it. The last-minute change ups seemed to really pull things together cohesively. It’s not my standard full on aggressive type of list so I really think to think through each turn. If I can do that and carry in the lessons I’ve learned lately then I should do well this Saturday.

  • Anonymous

    Glad you did well with it, and hope you have equal luck at ‘Ard Boyz- the SM codex is still a major powerhouse, despite what the internet may think about the superiority of the other Marine books. Punch some faces and show them why vanilla is still the most popular flavor.

    • I appreciate it.

      If you ask me it gets bad press, or not great press, because people keep using the codex poorly by trying to make it do what it wasn’t meant to do. It’s not focused as the other Marine codices are but it doesn’t make it weak by virtue of that.

      I assume you’ll be attending ‘ard Boyz? Can’t seem to recall if you’re in the US or not…

      • Anonymous

        Yah, I’ll be going, I’m up in the Pacific Northwest. Bringing my crazy-ass ‘Nids with thirteen MCs.

        Definitely agree on the focus thing- SM codex is a generalist, trying to be as super-focused as BA, GK, or SW is a losing game.

  • Well done, and good luck!  I’ll be playing my own Prelims tomorrow (Friday) in an LGS that I’m not familiar with, since I’m traveling.  Should be fun though!

    • Thanks and good luck tomorrow!

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad you are gelling with the new list.  It’s risky to switch it up so close to an event but that’s still better going in with a list tired of.  If you’re not interested in the list you’re not going to stay as focused on the game.

    Good luck this weekend!

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