Battle Report: Catching Up

April AssaultThis past weekend was the April Assault at my FLGS, a hobby oriented 40K tournament. I had brought my Orks for it, list here:

Quick run down. The event itself was great. Every player seemed to be having a good time, myself included. I did get my ass handed to me in all three matches though. The first one was relatively close against Ultramarines, but a mistake on my part in the final turn saw me go from a victory to a loss. Second match was against Necrons and pinning and morale checks did me in all game long. Final game was also against Necrons. I had a strong start but once in rapid fire range it was all downhill for da boyz.

Greater Daemon of Slaanesh - 1

As expected, I did well on soft scores but my battle points were dismal. I did, however, walk away with an award for best painted vehicle/monstrous creature for my Greater Daemon of Slaanesh.

Last night, with my Orks being shelved indefinitely, Chaos came out to play. I played against Stealthy Stealth and his interesting Grey Knights. I won’t even try to explain his list but let’s say it’s very unconventional. The list I brought was this: . It’s an experimental list I’m working on.

The match was capture and control with spearhead deployment and Stealthy seized the initiative. I had only deployed my four Rhino based squads, the rest were deep striking. In the first two turns all my Rhinos were toast and then I began getting my deep strikers. There was a big choke point in the board center where my Terminator squads clashed with Grey Knight Terminators, and eventually Karamazov and the Servitors he was dragging around. We beat the hell out of each other in a combat that never ended as I kept feeding in squads. I had run a squad of Plague Marines up the right flank who were charged by three Daemon Hosts. That combat did not end either. Had I won that combat I would have moved on to contest his home objective but it was not to be, so the game ended in a draw.

It was so nice playing Chaos again after the countless ass kickings my Orks took leading up to the Assault and during it. The Chaos list I was testing worked out well overall. It will take a few more games for sure to get a better feel but I like what I see so far.

  • Lukas

    I know how that feels! Well, to a much lesser degree :P . During the assault I was playing my fluff based army (Prince Rakzan) so I had to limit a bunch of stuff, like I refuse to field a monolith in his army, and due to him being an outcast he’s extra limited. Last night I pulled out Zahndrekh and I was like wow, only restricted from deathmarks now. Totally badass.

    • Yeah, restricted in a newer codex doesn’t hurt as much as an old one. My Marines would have been fine, not so much for da boyz.

  • I’m looking forward to seeing more of your Chaos army.  

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