Battle Report: Chaos Marines vs Chaos

ObliteratorsLast night I played my Chaos Marines, Disciples of Twilight, against Khorne Inquisitor’s Chaos Marines with Daemon allies. Everyone at my FLGS is getting ready for the Standish Standoff in November and testing out 1,750 lists for it, which is exactly what we did.

The list I was testing out was this one, It’s not exactly what I’d prefer to run but I’m working with army composition as well. The Standoff is very much a hobby event and that’s one of the fun things, seeing lists you don’t normally. So, even though it’s not my ideal list it’s fine as everyone else is working with the same restrictions I am.

The list is pretty straight forward. Huron lets me infiltrate D3 units and against mechanized opponents I’ve found in the past that the Oblits are great for being infiltrated. I also wanted to try out infiltrating Berzerkers. I love Berzerkers but not being able to charge out of a Rhino any more and not wanting to pay the points for a Land Raider leaves me few options. Other than the infiltration warlord trait, I like Huron because he’s a Swiss-army knife. Capable in close combat and rolling random psychic powers can get you some nice stuff. He’s a good anchor in a list.

Khorne Inquisitor’s list had a Sorcerer (mark of Slaanesh, M3), hanging with Raptors (mark of Slaanesh, icon and melta), Chosen (all melta), 2 x CSM squads, Havocs, Cultists, Great Unclean One, Bloodletters, Hounds and an Aegis. Think that’s it.

We rolled a book mission and got Purge the Alien, so kill points. I took first turn and deployed aggressively on the edge of my zone near him, vanguard deployment. He hid a fair amount behind the Aegis. I infiltrated Terminators with Berzerkers behind them on the right flank, behind a hill just over 12″ away. He scouted up Hounds on my left flank and failed to seize the initiative.

Most of my army advanced forward with my CSM squads in Rhinos shuffling for some cover. Since his hounds scouted up, I was able to reach them in assault with Spawn and my Lord. My Lord promptly rolled a 1 on the daemon weapon and took a wound. I think I wounded a Hound with my Lord and then I lost two Spawn. My Spawn rolled a 6 on their attacks to get 8 each with the three left. I barely won combat and he took a wound or two from daemonic instability.

Khorne Inquisitor moved his Raptors towards that combat as well as his Chosen. He advanced a CSM squad in a Rhino towards the center and the Great Unclean One moved towards my Spawn and Lord in combat. Uneventful shooting and then the GUO charged into the Spawn combat. If I recall, this round the Hounds went down between wounds caused and daemonic instability and the GUO wiffed, dealing me one wound to a Spawn.

The rest of the game can be summarized up pretty easily. That combat with Spawn went on for most of the game. My Lord made more 4++ saves than should be allowed. The Raptors and Sorcerer jumped into it and all the while the Sorcerer was casting maledictions on the combat to weaken my units and also invisibility on the Raptors. My Lord eventually went down, the Spawn long before him, but not before I got a squad of CSM in there with an Obliterator. By the bottom of turn #4 though he cleared the combat and the GUO went on to destroy my other CSM squad.

On the right flank where my Berzerkers and Termies were, I was rolling up the flank. I took out a CSM squad with Zerkers and Termies got stuck in a combat forever with Havocs; it was very sad. My Zerkers then went on to take out the Bloodletters after their failed a grimoire, and then on to the Cultists. Actually, Cultists charged the Zerkers, having no option, and were wiped out. All the while my Heldrake was flying around being annoying.

When the game ended it was far closer than my opponent thought it would be. The long combat with my Lord held things up and let me take a big lead early, mostly by popping Rhinos. Once he cleared the combat though he had gained 4 KP just from that and closed the gap. I believe I had 11 KP to his 8 but I had also taken line-breaker so I won by a few points.

It was a fun game but my opponent did have some horrible dice rolls all game long. Thankfully he’s not one to get pissed off over something like that and it just became comical because what else can you do?

I was happy with how my list played out this game. It basically went how I pictured it, which is a rarity. This list is still very light on ranged fire support so I’ll probably use this as a base and tweak from here. Unlike last year’s Standoff list, this list isn’t being forced on me because of what’s painted. I still have painting to do for it and it is a choice based on what I can accomplish in time but it’s a list I’m far happier with than last year. We’ll see how it evolves and changes in the coming months though.

  • EvantheNoob

    So far it seems like you are fighting armies that need/want to get close to you which is where chaos excel. I am not familiar with Chaos but do you have a way to run units down that dont want to be engaged?

    • The past two weeks have been that way, more ideal match-ups, but prior was anything but and I have a string of losses to show for those ones.

      For chasing down those who don’t want to close the gap, I do but I won’t say it’s perfect. The Spawn and Lord are great for it as they move 12″ a turn and ignore terrain and also have fleet. Not in this list but I often run a Maulerfiend also, which is a dreadnought that is a beast (ignoring terrain, fleet, etc). I do have a small Bike unit but at 1,750 I don’t think the 5-6 of them are very worthwhile, at least in my experience.

      This is why I wanted to try Huron out again for the infiltration; help close that gap early. In this game it worked out well with terrain but I don’t expect most games to go that way. Still though, it puts me 18″ from the enemy and the Termies are there to shield the Zerkers. The Zerkers have the icon of wrath for a re-roll to charge range, so (ideally), by turn #2 they are in combat along with the Spawn + Lord.

      Still very much experimenting at this stage though to find that balance of an assault list that can reach the enemy and have enough fire power to support them.

  • khorneinquisitor

    Overall, a great game Thor! Yes, the dice rolls were getting to the point of comedy when my sorcerer turned into a spawn! :P Overall, there were two elements (a shooty and not shooty) to my list and they in no way complimented each other. You definitely played a solid game. I scouted my hounds up too far and I did not have enough AP2 wepaons and I consolidated all of my weapons that could kill the terminators on one side of the table (GUO and chosen).

    Evan, to answer your question, yes the noise marines have ranged units that avoid assault. I have recently been using noise marines. With 24″ range Salvo 2/3 weapons that are AP5 and ignore cover/pinning with heavy weapons that are small blast, S8, ignore cover, AP3 pinning they are brutal to blob armies (Tau, Ork, IG).

    • I think you played a bit too timid as well. Had you thrown those Raptors into the Lord combat sooner you could have turned things around with freeing up Hounds, GUO and of course the Raptors themselves. I had committed so much forward that it would have allowed you to rampage my back lines as I was doing to you.

      One thing I’ve learned is that you should never expect a combat to resolve itself. Meaning, that GUO and Hounds should have taken care of me sooner and you likely expected them too which is why you held back the Raptors at first. In some situations it’s just better to throw too much at something and break it fast, even if it means being shot at next turn, than it is to let it go on.

      • khorneinquisitor

        Agreed. I did play very timidly, wanting to make sure the timing was just right so I won on my turn. Given my performance with the quad gun I didn’t want the chicken roasting all my raptors. I should have taken the opportunity to bounce the raptors over and either assault or the spawn turn 1 or go after the CSM in the rhino. They “hung out” too long in the middle doing nothing.

  • It’s good to get a few more wins under your belt. It sounds like you are finding a better fit between your play style and available units. It’s nice to reach that tipping point where you have actual options in your list building rather than being constrained by what’s available.

    • Sadly a few is all I’ve had lately but it’s definitely been more successful with something I fit into instead of trying to fit into something.

      I’ve already tweaked the list I played last night to get some more ranged options while keeping a pretty aggressive list. It also is accomplish able before the Standoff, or should be barring unforeseen circumstances. There’s a lot more I’d like to try out but if I don’t start nailing down a core list now I’ll be pushing last minute paint jobs.

      • khorneinquisitor

        Have you ever thought of running Mutilators? You run a 4 model unit of terminators with a 4/5 w/ power weapons for 126 while 3 mutilators will cost 165, so about 39 points more. Yeah, a little pricey, but with an extra 2 wounds they could prove useful. Plus you would benefit from the warp storm table (daemons get +1 Invuln). Given, they aren’t awesome like terminators, but in a small unit and in an assault style army I have found that they aren’t awful like originally believed.

        • I’ve been thinking about it. I’ve run them before and they weren’t bad. They did scare the hell out of opponents if nothing else.

          Ultimately it depends on how I want to work the list. I changed it from last night to drop Termies and pick up Havocs and a Helbrute, less Oblits too, for more fire support. For the Mutilators I would need to run basically what I did last night but trade them in for Termies. In the role I ran the Termies, Zerker screen, I think they would do far better. Overall I think I need some more games, try out my revision from last night, and evaluate from there.

  • Ork hunter

    Pretty much a hobby event (your quote) but you want to practice and create a winning list between now and November? Weird? Congrats on the crushing win!

    • Hi, Brian. If you’re going to troll don’t be so obvious. Also, if you’re going to troll then at least quote me correctly and read the article. The quote is, “The Standoff is very much a hobby event and that’s one of the fun things, seeing lists you don’t normally.” Also, if you read the article you’d realize my lists are being built with the idea of something I can get ready and painted in time for the event. Nowhere did I say I’m creating a winning list or give that intent. I did say, “Everyone at my FLGS is getting ready for the Standish Standoff in
      November and testing out 1,750 lists for it, which is exactly what we
      did.” Note the “getting ready” and nothing about a winning list.

      The fact you came here trolling is sad. I hope some day you find whatever it is in life that makes you happy.

    • khorneinquisitor

      Also, would love to chime in that the win was 11 to 8…hardly crushing. :P No, his list was nowhere near over the top and would be something I would be excited to see in a hobby event. It is thematic and fluffy and all the things you would want to see in a hobby-style tournament list. His win boiled down to three things: His list being played well, my poor list being played even more poorly than the list, and my just terrible rolls.

      • He’s just thrown off by thinking hobby event and competitive are mutually exclusive; even though I didn’t say anything about competitive. Either that or his issue is that he fails to understand competitive is subjective.


        Who can say what his malfunction is. I gave up over a year ago.

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