Battle Report: Chaos Marines vs Grey Knights

MutilatorsI have not done one of these in a long time but now that I’m coming out of my funk it’s time to toss one up.

Anyway, on Wednesday I faced off against Grey Knights in a practice game, for the Grey Knight player anyway, for Fratris Salutem. The game size was 1,500 and we rolled up Big Guns Never Tire with Dawn of War deployment.

The Grey Knight player, StealthyStealth, is fond of running interesting lists. His GK list is a Rogue Trader fluffy list with a HUGE focus on henchmen. Every time we play I always end up on the losing end against his Grey Knights. Something about funky lists makes my brain go stupid and I make a lot of mistakes.

My lists was pretty uninspiring but I wanted to try something out and I took 4 Mutilators, led by a Dark Apostle, and threw them into a Land Raider. I’ve written Mutilators off on paper but have not actually given them table-time. I like to try everything, no matter how bad it is on paper, before fully committing a unit to the trash (figuratively), to never be used again. Same to be said of the Land Raider. Anyone who knows Chaos knows how bad the Land Raider is but again it was time for it to hit the table.

In my typical fashion I’m going to glaze over this and not detail it all out. Early in the game I sat back and threw my Land Raider forward and got out. I planned to charge some Henchmen but the charge failed and in the subsequent turn they got nuked and only one remained. That one did make combat and died for no gain. So, the deathstar unit accomplished nothing (more on that later).

StealthyStealth was content to sit back and fire on me, taking out a Rhino and pinning the Marines inside. My next few turns went amazing for me though. My Heldrake came in and vector struck down his Stormraven. My Obliterators plasma cannoned the hell out of a Strike Squad that deep struck in, leaving two alive. Overall I was whittling him down pretty well while slowly maneuvering for objectives.

We rolled and got turn #6. Had we ended on turn #5 I would have taken a solid victory. Stealthy was low on options and needed his actions to work that turn to stand a chance. Sure enough, his dice got hot and mine got cold. He pushed my Marines off one objective when they failed a morale test, and destroyed my other Marine squad also on an objective. If the game ended here then he would win but instead we rolled another turn. The final turn allowed me to destroy his last scoring unit while holding enough objectives to win the game.

It was a great game. My early lead had him sweating but then his last few turns allowed him to claw back and make the game extremely close; the best kind of game. We both made some mistakes and my big one was getting my Mutilators out so early. My inexperience with Land Raiders in 6th contributed to that screw up. Only moving 6″ so you can get out to assault threw me off and I just planned that turn poorly and Stealthy is good enough to have capitalized on it and made me pay. So, I did not get much of a chance to evaluate the Mutilators because of that mistake and they will be in future lists to get a real feel for them.

The Land Raider did well overall but good dice rolls helped a ton here. My snap-firing was amazing with it and I often landed 3-4 of 5 shots while snap-firing. When I managed to get cover with it I did well to make the saves there. I don’t expect that type of performance in most games, at least not without using loaded dice, so I’ll continue to try it to see where the middle ground is with it.

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