Battle Report: Chaos Space Marines vs Astra Militarum

Last night I play against Kamui and his Rebel Grots, counts-as Astra Militarum, with my Chaos Space Marines, Disciples of Twilight. I threw together a list that was modified from my Standish Standoff list and trimmed down to 1,500 from 1,650. I had all sorts of ideas for a list but in the end I ran out of time.

We played the Cloak and Shadows Maelstrom of War mission, 3-cards you hold in secret.

The list I ran was:

Chaos Space Marines – 1,650


  • Huron Blackheart


Helbrute – Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon w/Combi-bolter, Missile Launcher


  • Chaos Space Marines (10) – Icon of Vengeance,Meltagun x 2
    • Apsiring Champion – Melta Bombs
    • Rhino – Dirge Caster
  • Chaos Space Marines (10) – Icon of Vengeance, Plasma Gun x 2
    • Apsiring Champion – Melta Bombs
    • Rhino – Dirge Caster

Fast Attack

  • Spawn (5) – Mark of Nurgle
  • Heldrake – Baleflamer

Heavy Support

  • Obliterators (3) – Mark of Nurgle
  • Forgefiend – Hades Autocannon x 2

I completely forgot I had the Helbrute in my list until I was packing up after the game. *facepalm*

The Game

Kamui setup first and got first turn. Here’s some shots of our setup.

Deployment 1Deployment 2His opening was brutal. I lost my CSM Rhino on the right and then 7 of the 10 Marines from the Basilisk. My Forgefiend took a glance and if I recall I lost a Spawn.

I advanced the Obliterators and Huron and unloaded assault cannons into some Guard, pushing them off an objective for my three remaining CSM to snag. My Forgefiend destroyed one Sentinel and my Spawn charged the Devil Dog and destroyed it. The score was 2-1 Kamui’s lead.

Disciples of TwilightForgefiend Lines up its ShotsSpawn vs Devil DogKamui moved up his Conscripts and unloaded a fair chunk of his army into my Obliterators and Huron, killing off two and wounding the last Obliterator. I lost my last Rhino and then the Conscripts charged into Huron and the Obliterator. The Obliterator went down but Huron stuck and killed a few.

Huron & Obliterator vs ConscriptsThe Heldrake arrived and came up the right flank. Combining the Heldrake and the three CSM I was able to mow down the Guard squad to a few models. I threw my Spawn at the Taurox and destroyed it in close combat. I think the score was 4-2 Kamui’s lead still.

Huron vs ConscriptsThings quickly ran downhill from there for me. My Spawn were shot down to one model and charged by Sentinels in a combat that stuck the rest of the game. Huron eventually got out of the Conscripts squad with a sweeping advance but later shot down. I couldn’t gain any momentum and was left with 3 CSM at the end of the game. The final score was 10-6.

I Think We're ScrewedGet It!Wrap-Up

On one turn I completely forgot to get an objective I had a card for. I could have snagged it but had a brain-fart. Putting my Rhino in the open on the right flank was a rather dumb move as well. I knew I would lose it but I had hoped the Basilisk might miss. No such luck. Forgetting the Helbrute in my list did me no favors either. I was just an off day I guess.

The seemingly small alterations to my list, and size change, had a far larger impact than I thought it would. It really altered how the list played and I just played the list wrong. Lesson learned and I’ll be working on a list this week for next week.

Still, a fun game. Astra Militarum is always a tough match-up for me, especially with hammer and anvil deployment. With no great infiltration spots that game I knew it was going to be an uphill battle.

  • Ming

    Awesome and happy birthday to Kamui!

    • I let him win for his birthday…yeah, that’s what I did!

  • Haha Happy Bday Kamui. Though this was a lost, I think you were your own worst enemy this time. Forgetting a helbrute, and objective card, and leaving your rhino exposed? I hope beer was involved :).

    • If only beer were involved!

      I was due for a game like this. I have been doing so well it was bound to happen.

  • It may not have been intentional but Thor did kinda hand me this game. It was actually close for a little bit. Having another walker on his side, and actually grabbing the easy objectives, could have been enough to tip the balance.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. My wife actually surprised me by delivering cupcakes and drinks to the shop while I was still working so that they’d be waiting for me when I got there. I was a bit confused at first! Maybe it was the cupcakes that distracted Thor…

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