Battle Report: Chaos Space Marines vs Astra Militarum

Friday night Kamui and I played a game for the Maine Warhammer 40K League. He of course had his Rebel Grots, counts-as Astra Militarum, and I had my Chaos Space Marines, Disciples of Twilight.

We rolled up the Maelstrom mission where you always have 3 Tactical Objective Cards and it’s Vanguard Deployment. I gave him first turn since the board was relatively dense with terrain and I figured I could weather a turn of fire and have last turn to try to snag some points.

Here’s some shots of our deployment.

Kamui hasn’t had the chance to build a table so pardon the pink-foam board world we were playing on.

You can see my Defiler, Maulerfiend and Chaos Space Marines with Warpsmith in a Rhino near the building. To their right are my Terminators lead by a Sorcerer, Helbrute and another Rhino with Chaos Space Marines.

Kamui had two Leman Russes, a Devil Dog, Company Command w/Psyker, Conscripts (in front of the Russes), Platoon w/another Psyker (in front of the Devil Dog), Sentinels and I believe both Chimera squads were Veterans. Oh, and Ratlings. Can’t forget the Ratlings!

My basic plan was to push that left flank through and around that building while driving my Terminators and the rest of my army up the center into his lines. I drew some cards though and the cards waned me to do something else entirely, like stay in my deployment zone and snag an objective in the ruined building on the right that the Ratlings were hiding in. So, instead of sticking to my game plan I changed it in light of the cards and ultimately it cost me.

The game, like most my games lately – sadly, can be pretty quickly summarized. My left flank push flopped. I should have kept advancing my Defiler but instead I opted for pot-shots. My Maulerfiend got into Conscripts and stuck there the entire game – unsurprisingly. My Warpsmith and buddies in the Rhino lost their ride and the Basilisk then killed all but the Warpsmith but then the Warpsmith was finished off that same turn.

Meanwhile on the right my Helbrute lost his close combat weapon and was immobilized. My Terminators and Chaos Marines failed to open up a Chimera with shooting so my Termies charged said Chimera and wrecked it. Sentinels charged and tar-pitted my Chaos Space Marines while my lone Terminator (rest were killed in shooting), ran for an objective.

Here’s some shots at the bottom of turn #4. The game end looked pretty much the same.

The game ended with Kamui winning, I believe, 8-4…maybe higher in his favor.

You ever find yourself making the same mistakes over and over despite knowing better? I do it a lot. It’s ironic too because we were talking about the Maelstrom missions and how you can’t let the cards completely dictate your strategy. If you’re giving up a strategic advantage to run around the board to get points then it can seriously cost you later on. That’s what I did this game and never did manage to wrack up any real points in doing so.

Still, it was a fun time. I haven’t been to Kamui’s to play in a while so it was nice to play some Beerhammer for a change. Having a buzz helps alleviate the pain of getting your ass kicked :)

Am I alone? Who else makes the same stupid mistakes and can never seem to learn from them no matter what?

  • Tirelion

    Yeah I understand falling into the same strategy over and over. I suffer from that sometimes too. I tend to ball up and try to crush a flank, then move across the board. Which is cool and all, until your opponent starts to expect that as the plan most games. And yeah, sometimes I wish we could crack a beer at XrG. ;)

    • I have a tendency to do the same. I’ll use a strategy I know is successful even against an opponent I know it won’t be.

    • Christian Hazzard

      you meant to say “every” game there right? not most games? because it is every game….

      • Tirelion

        maybe 99% =p…that’s still just most.

        • Christian Hazzard

          except those times when its 100%….100% of the time…

          • Now, kids, play nice ;)

            • Christian Hazzard

              lol yes dad

            • Tirelion


  • It was a fun game and you did have me worried a few times but you never quite managed to connect the way you needed to. As you said in the report you may have been better served by going for blood first then scooping up objectives once you had an edge. You’re also probably right about the Defiler. Against another assault army the battle cannon could be very useful but when you’re already out-gunned you are better served getting into assault as much as possible.

    As for falling into the same traps over and over, I definitely know what you mean. This game was only the second where I was smart enough to put my tarpits in front of my tanks. I have a habit of hiding the infantry units behind the tanks so that the tanks are easily assaulted and the infantry units can’t get line of sight past the tanks! It only took a year for me to figure that one out…

    • Yeah. Sometimes you have to adapt your plans but throwing out your opening strategy hardly ever works out well.

      I’d have preferred your tarpits behind your tanks this game :)

  • Christian Hazzard

    I feel like Horde styled armies have an advantage with the mission card. being able to spread out a blanket of guys across the table top increases your odds of being near something you have a card for without breaking formation or sacrificing your ultimate goal.

    • No argument there. Most of my big losses with the Maelstrom missions have been against numerically larger armies. However, that’s nothing new to 7th though. In 6th it was the same as they had the bodies to shove you off objectives and just spread out so you couldn’t take them off the ones they held. With the cards though they could get bad draws while you pull easy ones. It does still give you more of a chance, in my opinion, than you had before.

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