Battle Report: Chaos Space Marines vs Iron Hands

I played a 1,650 game on Wednesday night against Iron Hands Space Marines. We played The Spoils of War Maelstrom mission, which is the one where you can score each others objectives. I had the same list I’ve been using to prepare for a tournament.

Chaos Space Marines – 1,650


  • Huron Blackheart
  • Ghostwrath (Daemon Prince) – Wings, Power Armor, Mark of Nurgle, Spell Familiar, Psyker (M2), Gift of Mutation


  • Chaos Space Marines (10) – Icon of Vengeance,Meltagun x 2
    • Apsiring Champion – Melta Bombs
    • Rhino – Dirge Caster
  • Chaos Space Marines (10) – Icon of Vengeance, Plasma Gun x 2
    • Apsiring Champion – Melta Bombs
    • Rhino – Dirge Caster

Fast Attack

  • Spawn (5) – Mark of Nurgle
  • Heldrake – Baleflamer

Heavy Support

  • Obliterators (3) – Mark of Nurgle, Veterans of the Long War
  • Maulerfiend – Lasher Tendrils

The Game

Here’s some shots of our deployment.

Deployment #1 Deployment #2My opponent got first turn. His Land Speeder Storms moved up some on my left and the Thunderfire Cannon pounded into my Spawn and killed one. A lone Centurion drew a bead to my Obliterators and killed one. An Ironclad Dreadnought dropped in by Huron and the Obliterator and put another wound on the last Obliterator (I lost two but forgot how I lost the 2nd). The other Ironclad had landed on my left flank, right on the board edge, and stripped the combi-bolter off my Rhino.

Rough start seeing my Obliterators nearly wiped out but apparently that made the Obliterator and Huron angry. Huron got the Molten Beam power and prompted nuked the Ironclad. The last Obliterator then shot and destroyed the Drop Pod the Ironclad arrived in. Ghostwrath, my Daemon Prince, flew up the right flank while on my left flank I moved up both Rhinos. My Maulerfiend charged back to tackle the Ironclad. In close combat though the Maulerfiend did nothing and took a hull point in return.

Sternguard in a Drop Pod arrived landing near my Rhino back left. Scouts in a Storm moved up and jumped out while the Sternguard took out the Rhino. The Thunderfire pounded on Spawn but their T6 helped them out and they only took a wound. The disembarked Scouts charged my Chaos Marines and lost all but their Sergeant, though they stuck in the combat. My Maulerfiend continued his losing streak and got immobilized by the Ironclad and didn’t hurt it in return.

Maulerfiend vs Ironclad Dreadnought Rhino and Scouts Chaos Space MarinesMy Chaos Marines in a Rhino advanced up the left to contest an objective held by sniper Scouts. Ghostwrath dropped out of swooping and landed in front of more sniper Scouts on the right in his deployment zone. My Heldrake arrived and roasted four of five Scouts, the Sergeant living. My CSM jumped out of their Rhino to light up the Sergeant on an objective and failed (a continual theme throughout the game – the Sergeants always living). My Maulerfiend got crushed and the Scout Sergeant in combat stuck. By this point the game was 4 – 4.

Heldrake ArrivesTo summarize the rest of the game. I threw my Spawn at the Centurions but the Librarian had Force up and took half of them out. My Prince tried to get Endurance on my Spawn (Eternal Warrior and Feel No Pain), but failed, if you’re wondering why I’d charge a Librarian with Force up. Next turn he removed the rest of the Spawn. My Daemon Prince took out the Scouts he landed in front of but later died to the Terminator Librarian in close combat. The Ironclad on the left got into my Chaos Marines, who had killed off the Scouts and Sternguard in close combat, and eventually destroyed my unit. Huron and my last Obliterator, who eventually died, just ran around for objectives the whole game. Same of my Heldrake, going into hover and scoring 3pts, which ultimately won me the game 8 – 6.


It was a close game the entire time with only 2pts ever separating us. It was a slug-fest as well with neither of us having much of anything left at the end. Had we gone another turn, it ended on turn #5, I think my opponent would have tied it up and if we went seven turns he may have pulled out a win.

I continue to like my list. Huron didn’t do a ton this game, though taking out the Ironclad was nice, and it’s taking some getting used to having an HQ who isn’t so in-your-face like my typical Lords are. However, it’s working out and his support is letting the rest of my army do its job. I’m also impressed my Daemon Prince is living as long as he is. My early experiences in 7th with flying monstrous creatures didn’t go so well but with all the other fast threats I’m providing it draws some heat off him.

  • NafNaf

    Sounds like a great battle. I like your write up, it was an enjoyable read. I have yet to try and write a battle report but I like your style and will take some notes :). It is good to see chaos space marines on the table as the overarching consensus on the web is they are the worst troop choices in the game (now overtaken by wyches sob!). are you finding them effective?

    • I learned long ago to disregard the internet’s perception of damn near anything in 40K. People are more likely to complain than praise and if a unit isn’t under-pointed and overpowered then they don’t like it. They also love to compare a unit from one codex to a unit in another codex like they are supposed to be parallel.

      Anyway, yes, I like CSM as a troop choice. I know the common consensus with tournament play and CSM is to go MSU (5-man w/one special weapon), in a Rhino but I’ve have always done well with a 10-man squad, two specials and the icon for fearless. The icon is key for fearless and you have to be careful to not lose it.

      The other trick, have so much other nasty stuff that the CSM get ignored, IE: Oblits, Spawn, Daemon Prince, etc.

      Lastly, with 7th edition letting everything be scoring, you aren’t so reliant on your troops as you once were. You want them for objective secured, troops, but you no longer need them to score. I find people focus a little less on killing troop units now in games as a result. It also means even if your troop choice isn’t the best that you’re not boned either.

  • JD Brink

    Thanks for feeding my hobby needs while I’m hobby-less!
    Sounds like it was a great battle. I like the close games and I like the sounds of both of your lists. You both took units I like to take for those armies too. Although let me kinda disagree with one of your points: I think Huron can be very in your face if you want him to be. In fact, I usually stick him in a unit of CSM or elites or something and try to rhino them into the thick of things. I’ve had him gut a dreadnought in combat before! :) Of course that was partly luck too, I could very well have been killed, but he got initiative and his shredding, armor bane super-claw did the trick.
    I also like the pictures — great scenery on that board!

    • Glad you liked it.

      In the right situations Huron can be deadly but you do have to be careful being T4 with no ET, like fighting a Dreadnought ;)

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