Battle Report: Chaos Space Marines vs Ultramarines

As we lead up to a tournament this month at my FLGS, I was play-testing a 1,650 list for my Chaos Space Marines. This is the same list I posted previously, but with some changes to how I utilize the Spawn.

Disciples of Twilight (Chaos Space Marines): 1,650


  • Maelstrom (Sorcerer) – Psyker (Mastery Level 3), Combi-bolter, Force Weapon, Terminator Armor, Spell Familiar


  • Vengeance (Chaos Space Marines) x 5 – Veterans of the Long War, Plasma Gun
    • Aspiring Champion – Melta Bombs, Combi-plasma
    • Rhino – Dozer Blade
  • Redemption (Chaos Space Marines) x 5 – Veterans of the Long War, Meltagun
    • Aspiring Champion – Melta Bombs, Combi-melta
    • Rhino – Dozer Blade
  • Cultists x 10 – Autoguns, Flamer
    • Cultist Champion – Shotgun

Fast Attack

  • Spawn x 2 – Mark of Nurgle
  • Spawn x 2 – Mark of Nurgle
  • Spawn – Mark of Nurgle

Heavy Support

  • Forgefiend – Ectoplasma Cannon x 3
  • Devastation (Obliterators) x 3 – Mark of Nurgle
  • Havocs x 10 – Veterans of the Long War, Autocannon, Missile Launcher x 3
    • Aspiring Champion – Melta Bombs


  • Mayhem Pack
    • Deathcry (Helbrute) – Power Fist, Missile Launcher
    • Hellscream (Helbrute) – Power Fist, Multi-melta
    • Helbrute – Power Fist, Multi-melta

Dave’s list was all Bikes except for the Assassinorum Execution Force, and one Rhino with five Marines. In the past that Assassinorum formation had ruined my day. You want to ignore the Assassins but you really can’t.

The Game

We played the Cloak and Shadows Maelstrom of War mission where you keep your cards secret. I had won the roll for setting up first but gave it to Dave. Our deployment looked like this.

Dave advanced up his Command Squad and another Bike squad, while keeping most of his army back. The Callidus, who was right in front of my Havocs and Cultists, fired her flamer thing and killed off two Havocs and a Cultist. Dave had cards for objectives and pulled 4pts.

I advanced up, and my Forgefiend fired on a Bike squad, taking out two or three. I decided to take the ballsy move and get my Obliterators with Sorcerer to charge the Culexus Assassin. If I didn’t then I wasn’t going to get any powers off, and I knew the next turn I’d likely lose the unit. The gamble paid off with the Culexus whiffing in close combat and getting punched down. I had also moved a 2 x Spawn unit and the single Spawn to charge the Callidus. I took a few wounds, but that assassin was also destroyed. I didn’t manage any points though, other than First Blood. Score: 4-1, Dave’s lead.

Dave continued his advance with his Command Squad and two other Bike squads. A 2 x Spawn unit took some wounds from bolter fire, and was then subsequently charged by the Command Squad. The Captain destroyed the Spawn with The Burning Blade. Damn that relic is pretty amazing. Dave also charged his Eversor into my Sorcerer and Obliterators, did a few wounds, but died in return. I believe Dave had picked up a few more points as well.

With the Assassins dealt with, that I could easily manage – the Vindicare was still perched on a roof, I moved my Sorcerer and retinue more towards midfield. I also got my Mayhem Pack, with each one landing where I wanted them, on objectives I needed. Most of my army unloaded on the Command Squad, leaving only the Captain and two others. One Helbrute took out a Rhino on an objective, but I wasn’t able to clear the Marines from it afterwards. I had Spawn charge the weakened Command Squad, but the Captain proved the better again. One Helbrute picked up an objective, score: 6-2.

Things get really messy from here in terms of game and my memory. I had Dave pretty seriously weakened but he still had speed on his side, and kept pulling great cards. Meanwhile I was struggling to claim objectives with so many of his scoring units everywhere, and could never pull a card that wasn’t for an objective. Dave’s Captain went at my Sorcerer and Obliterators, eventually taking out my Sorcerer, but later dying to the last Obliterator. I had Dave against the ropes in terms of board control, but he had a very hefty lead. I had managed to snag a few more points but it was 13-6 in his favor.

The game went a full seven turns, and for the last two turns he only had the Vindicare Assassin left. I just could not pull worthwhile cards despite having free reign of the board. The Vindicare managed to score 2pts more for Dave by taking out a Helbrute. I picked up a few more points too but it was too little. The final score was 15-11, Dave’s win.


I haven’t played Dave in a damn long time, and we usually have great games, this being no exception. I really wish I had better luck with the cards, but I won’t blame my loss there. One of the things I struggle with is knowing when to ditch cards. I had held on to cards from turn #1 that I didn’t score until turn #4. They were all completely feasible, and in theory far sooner than I managed. Something kept preventing me from getting those points each turn prior, and I kept hanging on to the cards. In hindsight I should have ditched the cards, but it’s such a gamble either way, and you really don’t know the right of it until after the game. Choices…

As for my list, I was very happy with it. I held my ground, and picked off Biker units as they broke from the pack. My Sorcerer was pretty inconsequential in the game, but I also don’t rely on him to carry the list either. The Forgefiend with those Ectoplasma Cannons was probably my MVP this game. I’m really liking how those weapons work on him. All-in-all I don’t feel like any unit under-performed, and the list as a whole did great. I’m looking forward to the next game, and seeing if I can finally get a win under my belt with the list.

  • Ming

    Nice game. Weird seeing Dave play as Ultras. Did he actually remember to use his chapter tactics? He has been so used to playing Dark Angels…

    • He only remembered to use it once despite the fact he kept telling himself he had to remember to use them.

      What’s even weirder is those are Todd’s Ultramarines.

  • You should have been given extra points for having a painted army ;)

  • One model from a Sudden Death victory yet another loss. Man, you could have been a contender.

    • I spent those two turns shooting that bastard with instant death shots but he just wouldn’t die.


  • Secord

    Jesus. How long did it take me to convince you to use an Ectoplasma Forge Fiend? :)

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