Battle Report: Chaos vs Blood Angels

Battle Report - Blood AngelsI’m trying to take a new approach to my Chaos lists. At this point I’m over the honeymoon stage where I feel compelled to throw down all sorts of different stuff to learn about the army. That’s not to say there aren’t still units I want to test out, still plenty of those, but that I’m comfortable with the army now at least. So on Wednesday when I got to play I brought along this list: . I was planning on an 1,850 game so I threw in the Havocs to make points, it was quick and easy.

I played against Blood Angels. He was testing something out as well. He took a Redeemer loaded with Death Company and a Reclusiarch instead of the standard Stormraven. The rest of his list featured two Assault Squads, two Dev Squads, two foot squads in Razors and a Dreadnought.

We were playing capture and control with spearhead deployment. He got first turn and setup with Devs on either flank to get a firing lane around the huge building in the board center with the rest between them, basically hidden by that building. I did likewise and then failed to steal the initiative.

He shook and stunned the Plague Rhinos, immobilized my Dreadnought and killed off an Oblit while advancing behind cover with the Assault Troops. I advanced towards board center and exposed my lash Prince, big mistake. I failed to hit with lash (love that FAQ), then promptly lost him next turn. He continued to advance on my right behind his Land Raider. I got a Lesser Daemon Squad that I used to shield my Oblits and Prince from the inevitable charge from Death Company out of the Land Raider. My shooting did strip a gun of a Razor, that was all.

The Death Company jumped out and got around my screen of Lessers to charge my Prince and the Plague’s whose Rhino was destroyed. I lost the Plagues but the Prince took down a few and stuck. He had also charged the Lessers with an Assault Squad and destroyed them. I was in trouble and I knew it.

I poured all my fire power into the Assault Squad in my lines and took down around half. My other Lesser Squad arrived and charged that Assault Squad. I Killed a few and stuck. My Greater Daemon arrived and assaulted the other Assault Squad. He smashed aside a handful and hung out. My Prince took down a few more, leaving the Death Company at one and the Chaplain. The Prince held out.

Things were desperate. My Greater Daemon won his combat and advanced on their objective. He assaulted and destroyed the Razor hanging on their objective but promptly died afterwards. I cleared out the Assault Squad from my deployment zone but the Chaplain lived after taking down my Prince and he ravaged my lines. The Assault Squad my Greater Daemon broke came back and also hit my lines. Desperation lead me to charge the three remaining members of the Assault Squad with my last Plague Squad and eventually destroy them. The Chaplain went down to fire.

The Blood Angels had snuck a Rhino around my left flank and was contesting my objective, the squad disembarked. I charged the squad with my CSM and beat them down and was left with an enemy Rhino contesting my objective. This was turn seven and all I could do was charge it and plank krak grenades. I landed four grenades, got two pens and amazingly one was a wreck result. A draw, whew!

A damn hard-fought game. Had the game ended on any turn but turn seven I’d have lost. I was happy with my list but it will take some getting used to. Breaking down the Lessers into squads of five has worked out well in the past few games. They do well enough to tie something up for a turn or two and just buy me time. Having the 5-man CSM squad for my home objective was useful to. It allowed me to use my Plagues for mid-field duty instead of parking one for objective squatting. This was the first time I fielded Chosen. They did well enough overall. Gave me a cheap entry point for my Greater Daemon and took down a Dreadnought.

I’m still working out the Princes though. The hit to warptime and lash is causing some serious considerations. The Tzeentch Prince I’m happy with but running a single lash one just isn’t working. I’ve missed more BS5 shots with lash than I should. I feel I either need to double up on lash now that it’s less reliable or not bother. I’ve tried out Nurgle Princes last week and was happy with them so we’ll see if they become my go-to now. I do love the Tzeentch setup but it’s expensive and hard to justify two of them when taking two powers.

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