Battle Report: Chaos vs Imperial Guard & Orks

Chaos Marines EngagementsLast night Kamui and I got in a game to play test our lists for the Standoff. I needed to finally decide on a list so I know what I need to get painted and Kamui is in the same boat as well.

The list I was testing was this one. The big thing for me with this list is the painting queue isn’t bad and it scores a perfect comp. I’ve also liked how psykers play out for me and I like big guys so I wanted to try the Keeper of Secrets. Plus, I need to learn the Daemon codex better.

We played my Special Ops mission and I’m just going to run through the game as usual. The game started out great for me overall. I got my Spawn to charge and destroy his Battlewagon full of Boyz and his Warboss while Soulgore broke off and charged around 18 Shoota Boyz, eventually mowing them all down. I wanted to get rid of the Orks so I could rampage his Guard. His counter attack though saw my Spawn go down to his Warboss as his Slugga Boyz removed my Bloodletters.

The following turn my Heldrake arrived, roasted most of those Slugga Boyz and sent them running. In retaliation his Russ Exterminator downed my Heldrake. Soulgore charged into his Infantry Platoon blob, killed the Sarge in a challenge and then ran down the entire blob. It was crazy. He failed a stubborn morale test, had a re-roll and failed that to got run down all because he lost one model in combat. Some times the dice gods get angry.

As you can tell, it was close combat that really decided the game. There was of course shooting. It took a few turns of most of the IG army firing on my Keeper to finally down him. My final Rhino lasted until turn #7 (if I recall). Kamui’s shooting wasn’t going all that great overall.

We went a full 7 turns and it came down to the wire. Ultimately the game was decided by a few dice rolls but I managed to pull out a win, barely. By the game’s end I had 7 models total left: 4 Cultists, 1 CSM from a squad and 2 CSM from another. He had 2 Russes, Basilisk and the Penal Legion (10’ish in the squad). It was brutal.

More to the point of this post, my list. I was happy with it, which is the first time since I’ve been play testing lists for the Standoff. I didn’t utilize the Keeper very well in this game so I’m going to have to just keep practicing. I put him too far from my core army, to split my threats a bit, and he soaked a ton of fire (which I can’t complain about), but really didn’t do much for me because of how I used him. That’s my fault, not the model’s.

I have icons of vengeance on my CSM squads in this list which gives fearless. That was crucial this game. With the shooting those units were receiving I would have had to have made a handful of morale tests and likely would have failed one of them when I couldn’t afford to. The fact those 2 units lived with a 1-man squad and a 2-man squad (icon left in each), is a testament to how useful that icon proved to be.

splitting off Soulgore early game was likely my most pivotal decision. Normally I keep him with the Spawn to soak wounds but this list doesn’t have as many fast threats as normal, so I knew I had to use what I had. Soulgore is there to mow down squads and scare people, I never expect him to live through a game and I don’t care as long as he takes his toll first. That was the case here with taking out 18 Orks and then 20 Guard (think 20). He died after but I was happy. Anyway, I need to make sure I use him fully and if that means breaking off then I need to do it. Too often I don’t think to break off an IC until it’s too late.

Finally, on my list, it held up late game, albeit barely. Normally my lists play well for the first 5 turns and then fall down. With my aggressive play style I try to take an early lead, hopefully one my opponent can’t recover from. The problem is when they can recover my late game goes to hell. I took a strong lead and then Kamui punched back but I held in for 7 turns. When we rolled turn 6 I thought I was done, never mind making it through 7.

Again, a great game. The last few times I’ve faced Kamui’s Imperial Guard I’ve been destroyed thoroughly. It was great to have such a close game. I could have lost and not cared; the game was that much fun regardless. Though, it is nice to beat Kamui occasionally since he wins probably 4 out of 5 games against me :)


  • JustHippie

    Those are always the best games! Sounds like he got lucky to down the Drake that fast with no skyfire. I guess sweeping the Blob made up for it though. :P
    KoS is tricky for sure. He almost works best hiding out till turn 3 when some of the enemy is dead. When they start to head for objectives pounce and he’ll destroy everything. I think getting 2 decent greater gifts and Invisibility allows him to be played much more aggressively.

    • I did hold him back but I had him positioned poorly so he couldn’t cast invisibility on anything useful. I rolled up the 3+ armor and re-roll invuln on him, that’s what kept him alive with Tyson’s army focusing on him for 3 turns. Had I put him more central he could have supported my army instead of hanging out on his own. No biggie though, again, he took a face full of fire for 3 turns from most of Tyson’s army which allowed me to maneuver the rest of my army.

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  • JD Brink

    I know this is probably not a point most people care about but I’m a fluffy Chaos fan from 20 years back… I like your list except that your daemon contingent is khorne bloodletters led by their sworn enemy, a keeper of secrets… the story bone in me can’t go along with that. :) but looks like an effective list.

    • I’m a guy who enjoys fluff as well but I’m also someone who has limited time to get stuff painted and I have a Keeper already painted and 10 Bloodletters, so yeah. I’d love to put in Daemonettes in place of the Bloodletters but time just isn’t on my side in this situation.

      • JustHippie

        It’s all just part of Tzeentch’s plan. LOL

  • It was a tight game from start to end. I had poor results with the Basilisk and a lousy time making leadership rolls (for orders and morale) but a couple of lucky shots too. I’m happy with my list, though I could have used it better. I should have had my penal battalion and shoota boyz swapped at deployment so the shootas could perform the role I planned for them at list building and support my tanks/walkers. I also bumbled the penal battalion around instead of moving them somewhere useful so they didn’t accomplish anything.

    The keeper didn’t do a whole lot of damage directly, but he did soak up quite a bit of fire as Thor pointed out. Maybe not an ideal role for him to perform but it did work out!

    @JustHippie:disqus My anti-flyer plan with this list is pure volume of fire. The Exterminator’s 4 twin-linked autocannon shots are decent but if I hadn’t been lucky enough to drop the drake with it I still had a fair number of autocannons, lascannons, and multilasers to throw at it. Of course, that would have taken a lot of heat off the rest of his army. At least for the Standoff I shouldn’t have to worry about facing a full air-force but after that I’m going to look at some better anti-air.

    • JustHippie

      I really want to try out the new Firestorm redoubt fortification. Sure it is only BS2 auto firing but it still has 4 twin linked lascannon shots and Skyfire WITH interceptor. The 200pts is tough but I figure hiding a unit inside it will help make it worth its points cost. Maybe horrors shooting 4D6 S6 shots out of the 1 fire point. hehehehe

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