Battle Report: Chaos vs Necrons

Brain DeadThis Saturday is a 2K tournament at my FLGS and so on Wednesday I got in a practice game. I wanted to play against Necrons to help get more familiar with them as I tend to draw, if I’m lucky, but mostly I lose to them. Broad strokes here. We were playing Vengeance and my opponent gave me first turn. I had three objectives in close proximity on the side I deployed and a large hill in the board center to hide behind, which I did. He deployed in a refused flank to my right. Early game I came out swinging. I advanced to the board center with most everything. I had the hill to hide behind and I wanted to be able cut off my opponent’s route to the objectives. He came at me with a large group of Preatorians and a Destroyer Lord, oh and a small Scarab Swarm. Between shooting and assaults I was able to clear out that wave with only a few casualties. I continued to advance on him, moving beyond the board center and into that right quarter. First mistake. I overreached. The mistake wasn’t painfully obvious initially as I still had a solid force advancing on him. It became all too clear though when his reserves began arriving from deep strike and landing away from my strike force, into weaker parts of my line. Obvious, right? Yeah, I completely bone-headed the fact not everything was on the board. At this point the game began to swing in his favor. He was rolling through my left flank, albeit slowly, and pushing into the board center. My assaults on his line weren’t going well and in turn prevented me from supporting the center, where I knew he was headed to get rid of a Plague Marine squad there. This is where I made my second mistake. My Berzerkers rolled through some Immortals and my Lesser Daemons were still stuck in combat beside them. Instead of supporting that combat to clear it out, I instead moved the Berzerkers away from it to support something else further away. When I realized my mistake it was too late. They eventually aided the combat to clear it out but I had lost valuable time and the center was compromised. By the time the game ended it was a blood bath. I had some Plague Marines left, some Berzerkers and Lesser Daemons while he had a Destroyer Lord, some Praetorians and Wraiths. However, the primary was kill points and he took that. The rest of the missions we drew on and he took a 14pt victory over me. I don’t know what it is but sometimes I get into a game and my mind fails to function. The mistakes I made are ones I should not be making at this point. I know enough to recognize them for what they are later but in the moment it’s like my analytical nature gets turned off. There are those games too where I’m on point and everything clicks. Now the ‘simple’ matter of finding the variable that causes this brain-dead nature.

  • Joseph Demastrie

    I haven’t done the tournaments in a long time, but often I’ll find myself at that point in the game where I know my new few moves are crucial. This is the make or break points that you’re talking about. My recommendation as one player to another is to force yourself to take an extra look over each of your units. Like in chess, take an extra moment to review each possible option for each unit and figuring out the best odds of success (taking into consideration your opponents turn). Using this method I have often found myself catching a big mistake, or seeing what a hole I would leave in my line if I were to do this, etc…

    I hope this helps. Also, for this purpose (decision making), I find it is sometimes nice to scrimmage against myself. I’ll often play out a couple turns of a me v me game to test out some movement tactic or just to practice my decision making.I do this to test out deployments and other basic things as well.

    Good Luck!

    • I think I do pretty well in general with my movement to setup for what I need to accomplish, however I can get short-sighted (as with the report game), and forget something. So, I do really need to step back and take a moment.

    • BenitoSenence

      That’s good advice, Myself I roll the math percentages of failure for my unit to perform what I need it to do and then make contigencies to add success to that course of action.

  • JustHippie

    I think what happens to me is I plan out my next turn during the opponents turn. Instead of making changes to that plan after his turn I just stay focused on my plan even though I should have made some changes. I also have these times where I set up a perfect situation and the dice totally fail me and I’m left out in the breeze to get rapid fired to death. Perhaps a little more caution is needed.

    • I sort of do the same except for me it’s often forgetting about reserves, so as I’m planning out my turn (also in their phase), I’m usually failing to account for reserves to adjust my plan.

      • JustHippie

        Stealthy made that mistake with me Wed night, I had 5 flamers, screamers, and another Soulgrinder waiting with 3 icons on the board. He charged in killed some of my stuff, consolidated away. I got all 3(turn 5 I think) a little Pavane and lots of death!

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