Battle Report: Chaos vs Necrons

Battle Report: Chaos vs NecronsIt’s been three weeks since I got a game in. I was starting to go through withdrawal. Last night I played against Necrons with Disciples of Twilight, my Chaos force. We were playing 2,012pts, the size of the tournament this Saturday that I unfortunately can’t make. His list was: 1 Overlord, Traveler w/Command Barge, 2 x Stalkers, 10 x Immortals, 10’ish Warriors (2) w/Ghost Arks, 2 x Heavy Destroyers, Monolith, C’tan and 4 x Cyrpteks. Think that was everything. Here’s the list I brought:. Here’s the battle report. We were playing seize ground with spearhead deployment. I got first turn and took the quarter with quick access to 3 of the 4 objectives. He deployed spread out on the dead zone boundary to reduce the effectiveness of my infiltrating Chosen, which subsequently worked. I infiltrated the chosen just inside my left quarter behind a hill. Here’s a shot of what deployment looked like. The darker ovals are area terrain, the lighter hills and the gold the objectives.

Battle Report

My plan was simple. Get both Plague squads to the objectives they were deployed near while Marines hold the one back where they were. The rest of my army would go on offense to keep the Necrons at bay. With night fighting my first turn was just me advancing on the objectives, Princes backing that central one and the Defiler advancing up. He swung his Heavy Destroyers to the right behind the trees, Immortals south towards that objective, Monolith forward and the Traveler tried attacking the empty Rhino but got nothing. More night fighting but I did get a few things lit up. I put 3 wounds on the C’tan and one of my Princes moved north to meet the Destroyers. One Destroyer went down to shooting. I had a squad of Lesser Daemons arrive who joined the Prince north. My other Prince assaulted the Command Barge and put the Traveler on foot. The north Prince and Lessers removed the last Destroyer. His shooting got a few wounds on my Princes and a few Chosen went down. The Traveler assaulted my Prince near the middle and I put 2 wounds on him but he stuck. My north Prince and Lessers assaulted and destroyed the Stalker there. My Defiler assaulted the C’tan (bad move!), and was exploded for its efforts before it swung. My other Prince took out the Traveler but he decided to get back up after. I had also gotten my last Lesser squad who arrived near the Chosen. My Plagues on the south center objective lost their Rhino. I also lost 2 Oblits in the south and that newly arrived Lesser Daemons. The south was folding on me quick. The C’tan assaulted the Chosen and wiped them out. The rest blurs a bit but in the north I lost the Prince and Lessers. He portals Warriors to the board center and moved the Ark w/Warriors towards the center along with the now empty Ark. The Overlord detached from the Immortals who were holding that southwest objective so he could go after my Plagues. I shot down the last Stalker, thinned down the Warriors in the center some and destroyed one of the Arks with shooting. My Greater Daemon decided to arrive on turn #5 and he destroyed the disembarked Warriors contesting the center objective. He then contests my center with his last Ark and contests the south with the Warriors who had portaled. He had thrown his Overlord at my two remaining Plague Marines in the south but by some miracle, the fact I got to swing first, I took down the Overlord. That meant instead of him getting the win we instead got a draw.


  • I shouldn’t have pushed a Prince north on the Destroyers. My Lessers could have handled it and instead I should have left that Prince centrally to react as needed.
  • Relying on the Defiler to get the last wound in combat on the C’tan was a terrible idea. I wanted my firepower spent elsewhere when I really should have committed to destroying the C’tan with shooting and as a last resort assault it. This was a classic case of overconfidence I’m prone to in certain circumstances.
  • I need to get better at moving my Oblits. Often I’m facing armies with a lot of guns capable of instant death them so I hold them back. Generally Necrons don’t have much to fear in that regard so I should be more mobile.

  • Amberclad87

    I would drop the defiler for another troop unit. Maybe more standard chaos marines?

    • The Defiler is something I want to run for a bit to really see what I think about it. I’m not one to write off a unit because the internet isn’t a fan of something.

      That being said, I really do need to work more bodies for scoring units. I do like the 5 x Lesser Daemon squads but like any unit that size they either do their job well or get smoked. I don’t expect much from them but going down in one volley of fire is not part of the plan. So, I figure in larger games like this I’m better off getting in my Berzerkers; some Lessers of I’m floating points after that. I often run Terminators too, which weren’t in this list, and though they aren’t scoring they tend to be a big enough threat to pull heat off my scoring units. I love my Plague Marines but even they can only take so much pounding.

      Circling back, I have liked how the 5 man CSM squad has worked out so far. I wouldn’t be oppossed to adding in another one but first I need the actual bodies and second yet another Rhino :(

  • ming from b&c

    Nice job.  With my limited play time with CSMs, the chosen may be your weakest link.  You need a way to better deliver them to do their job than starting on board with sparse terrain.  Keep the defiler.  Are you working more for papa nurgle?  Or mishmash of chaos themes?

    • The idea with the Chosen, that didn’t pan out this match, is they are an entry point for Lesser Daemons and the Greater Daemon. They’re cheap, a threat, and do what I just mentioned. I really should have just left them in their Rhino this game.

      I’m not doing a mono-god build but Nurgle is by far my favorite of them. So really I work for whatever god will work for the list.

  • stealthystealth

    I really like this battle report.  IMHO its the best one you have done.

    • I agree.  This has a good balance of detail with enough to see what you were thinking and how it worked out but not so much that it gets dry.  It’s the type of battle report that lets others learn from your experience.

      •  Thanks. I plan to stick to something like this going forward. Takes a bit more time but it’s worth it. I’ll never be one to manage shots of each round with a camera, hell I forgot about having a camera during an entire tournament, but at least this helps lay things out so it’s easier to follow.

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