Battle Report: Chaos vs Tyranids

Battle Report: Chaos Marines vs TyranidsI’m finally looking into allies seriously and last night was my first game trying out Daemons as an ally to Chaos Marines. The list I ran is over here. It’s a very aggressive list that focuses on assault. I want to get back to basics and for me that’s an assault oriented list.

I played against Tyranids. His list featured, from memory here: Flyrant, Tervigons x 2, Carnifex x 2, Termagaunt Squads x 2, Biovores x 3 and Ymgarls x 10’ish. We rolled up The Relic mission with Vanguard deployment and me taking first turn.

Unsurprisingly we both deployed aggressively to hit the board center. All my fast stuff moved up flanked by my Chaos Marines in Rhinos. By turn #1 the Flyrant charged my Spawn lead by my Chaos Lord. We had a challenge, of course, and he didn’t think to smash with the Flyrant to instant death my Lord, but he still put 3 wounds on me. In return I put 3 wounds on the Flyrant.

My Heldrake arrived and I deep struck in Bloodletters. My Maulerfiend charged some Termagaunts and my Herald of Khorne with Hounds charged another squad of Termagaunts. I had no choice but to try to chew through the screen to get to the big guys.

The rest of the game can be summarized as an orgy of melee. My Lord and Spawn were disposed of by the Flyrant but then my Heldrake took out the Flyrant and Ymgarls. His Tervigons made an assault along with the Carnifexes. All the while the Tervigons kept making more babies to throw into the fights. He had one Tervigon go for 5 turns of baby making and producing no less than 10 each time. The other tapped out by turn #2 or so but had spit out over 20 already.

I had secured the relic but he just dragged me down in combats and a game of attrition I simply could not win. By the end of the game I had the Heldrake left and a Rhino and he still had quite a bit left. Despite having little left the game was close. He only managed to get me to drop the relic on turn #5 and he picked it up on turn #6 when I could do nothing to prevent it.

It was nice to play a game where I’m not shot off the board and was able to do what my list was designed for. In retrospect I should have held the Spawn back a bit so they at least weren’t charged on turn #1. I likely wouldn’t have been able to get the Flyrant out of the air and still would have taken a charge but I at least could have dictated the terms. Losing that unit so early cost me big. I’m so used to playing shooty armies that I just pushed up when I didn’t need to be quite so aggressive for once. Jumping back in the saddle of such a one-dimensional list takes a bit of work and this game was a lesson.

As for my allies, they didn’t do poorly. The Herald and Hounds held up very well. They held up a ton of Termagaunts and 2 Carnifexes for quite a while and did some damage before going down. The Bloodletters did as expected, took some fire, lost a ton and then died out in an assault. Barring my over-aggressiveness, the list played out as expected with my fast stuff screening my Chaos Marines who drove up to grab mid-field and the objective. They were so close to escaping with the relic too but the combat with the Herald and Hounds ended at the wrong time. I just needed to make one more save there…ah well.

Anyway, a fun game and some valuable lessons learned. Next time I think I’m going to try out a Herald of Tzeentch on a disc and some Screamers. I’ll still keep the fast nature, still have a capable assault unit but I’ll gain some utility with the Herald of Tzeentch.

  • ajg6116

    this game was a blast. Very bloody. You basically summed it up for me during our game it takes quite a bit of thought playing a assault style army. It all came down to the wire which those games I truly enjoy the most. There was defintily a good portion of luck on my side. One of the tervigons just would not quit spitting out dudes which really helped me out.

    • Assault oriented armies seem to often be thought of as simple but they are anything but. Just like any list you play, you’re still planning out a few turns, positioning yourself, moving units for support, etc. I think it’s harder, unless you just have a pure beatstick assault army, because in assault you get hit back where shooting you get to attack without retaliation. So, you’re planning your casualties in your turn and how to break combats at the right time. It really is a tricky thing.

      • Steven Morrow

        Assault armies take for more practice and guts then gun armies any day but the rewards are much greater. I get a thrill actually fighting it out rather then just rolling dice. And anyone who says a carnifex is garbage is full of it. My buddy rolls a double scything talons fex and just kills whatever it touches. rerolling all misses in cc plus str 9/10 is just brutal.

  • JD Brink

    Sounds like a huge brawl of a game, which i’m sure is fun!
    If you don’t mind a suggestion… I’d say try to have some level of shootiness in your force too. Especially with hordes of melee guys like his, you could have done what’s been done to you so much, which is let the brawlers come to you while you whittle them down a bit. having some shooters to thin out his ranks before he could tie you down indefinitely in melee might have helped, and having at least one big gun squad, like havocs or a oblitz or a tank, might have been able to take out the baby factories from afar, or shoot down the tyrant or big guys.
    If all your guys are close combat then you only have one way you can play and just hope you’re better at it than he is. in this case, he could keep cranking out masses of guys that could bog you down forever.

    • I don’t disagree, however the list was an exercise, practice. I want to try and get back to a more assault oriented list and so the list was full of it. Once I get some stuff figured out then I can cut back a bit and get some long ranged fire power in there. Basically, it’s easier to find the assault stuff I like and works when I use a ton of it rather than just a single unit in the list.

    • Steven Morrow

      I agree. some kind of ranged fire support is great even with a super aggressive assault army. How you do it is however less important. I play against mostly tyranids and spacewolves so i like predators and daemon engines for fire support. being vehicles i dont really have to worry about tyranid support units. Ive been hit hard by biovores and whirlwinds too many times to rely on infantry based fire support lol

  • khorneinquisitor

    REALLY like seeing the bloodgod make more of an appearance at the FLGS! Think the skullcannon OR chariot would work wonders in this list!. Either way, bloodletters are not linear in quality. IE- 20 bloodletters are NOT only twice as good as 10 but rather many times more. They are very much a momentum based unit. You get that first good assault off and wreck house, mop up his turn, assault and wreck house, mop up…well, you get the picture. Too few and you just lose too much before the initial hammerfall. Being cheap and hoard-like units they get chewed up quick, but 10 is small number to work with. I find 16 works awesome. Also, great choice with the banner of blood. The banner makes them the single most reliable assault unit in the game, well second with the bloodcrushers coming in first (D6+6 w/ fleet is better). Not uncommon to pull off 11 and 12″ assaults. WORTH the points!

    • Khorne just fits my style. I’m all about blunt instruments, which is how I see Khorne compared to say Slaanesh.

      The banner just seems like a given. Being in the open with a 5++ and T3 just means dying to bolters and even lasguns. The banner helps ensure I make a combat and get stuck-in. I ran 10 just because it’s what I own but more would definitely be helpful.

      Same reason I didn’t do a chariot or skullcannon, I don’t own it and you weren’t around to borrow from. I still need to sit down with the book and go over it. Actually, I need to buy it first. For now I’m just pulling from what I have or I’m familiar with.

      • khorneinquisitor

        Ahh, I can understand the ownership constricting usage concept. I can bring my Khorne stuff next week. Just let me know what you would like to try.

  • It sounds like a great game! I’m sure it feels good to get back into some large scale assaults!

    I’ve played my Orks against ‘nids often enough to know how important it is to get the timing right. They tend to close the gap quickly. If you rush forward too soon the ‘nids will land the first charge and start combat at an advantage, which is really bad when you’re dealing with a fearless swarm. If you don’t move soon enough you’ll get pinned in your deployment zone and might not get out in time to grab many of the objectives.

    In any case two assault armies going at it usually provides an exciting game!

    • I do love a slugfest and Tyranids definitely bring it.

      The other tough bit is that when you’re dealing with Tervigons is that you have to break down the meatshield they keep creating. You can’t just get at the big guys, at least not against a smart opponent. When you’re opponent spends the game making around 80 babies, no exaggeration, there’s not much you can do, at least once you’re stuck-in already. I probably should have held back at least one unit as support for assault. Get him to commit and see if I couldn’t get to a better target.

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