Battle Report: Chaotic Christmas

Battle Report - Daemon PrinceFor my FLGS’ December tournament we’ll be playing at 1,225 (12/25, get it?). So on Wednesday I brought in my Chaos Marines to get them ready for their first ever monthly tournament appearance. I’m pretty excited to see how they do as I’ve been doing really well with the army thus far.

So here’s the list I ran on Wednesday: . Pretty small list but packing three monstrous creatures all with a 4++. That’s been my typical HQ setup at any point level so far just because of what I actually own. I have little deviation at this stage. Plus, how can you not love Plague Marines? Now, on to the battle report.

My first game was against Tyranids, a match I had asked for. Historically I do terrible against horde armies and I wanted to face my weakness. My opponent brought, from memory here, Tyrant (shooty variety), with 2 Hive Guard, Stealers x 5 or 6 w/Broodlord, Lictor, Tervigon, Termagaunts x 10, Hormagaunts x 30 and Venomthrope. We rolled up dawn of war deployment for an annihilation game with him going first.

He set up the Tyrant and Guard almost dead center on a bridge that crossed a river. I set up a Prince and Plague Marines both far left. Then he infiltrated the Stealers to the right in my deployment zone. He then rolled in and the Tervigon shut itself down on the first spawn but did spit out 16 Gaunts. The Tyrant and Guard advanced a little bit but had no range for shooting. I had opted to deep strike both Oblit Squads and the rest rolled in to reinforce the left flank.

Tyrant and Guard moved towards me more but were again short on range and the Stealers moved up near them. I got the single Oblit and he landed off an icon near the Tyrant and Guard. I advanced everything up and poured fire into that unit and left the Tyrant with 1 or 2 wounds remaining with the Guard destroyed. I charged a Prince at the Tyrant and took him down while taking a wound in return.

From here the game progressed with him advancing down the center towards the bridge and river. His Stealers got into combat with a Prince that lasted a few turns but his Broodlord was rolling horribly. By all rights I probably should have lost that Prince but his poor rolling kept me in it and with the aid of my Greater Daemon cleared them off and sent the Broodlord running. I just kept shooting and then assaulting everything coming at me near that bridge. His poor rolling continued for the rest of the game, losing combats he really shouldn’t have, and at the end of the game his army was gone.

My next game was against Daemons running a tally list. He had Epidemius, Ku’Gath, 2 x Daemon Princes of Nurgle, 2 x Plague Bearers x 10’ish. We rolled pitched battle and annihilation. I gave him first turn and then set up on the far right bunkered up with Oblits again in reserve to Deep Strike.

He got his unpreferred half and they arrived pretty far off from me but out of sight. I advanced a little but was content to wait another turn to see what would come down. He was also content to stay out of sight. I then advanced up the Rhinos 12″ trailed by both Princes and the Greater Daemon who popped up. I made sure to put one Rhino in range of a Nurgle Prince and he took the bait. The Prince took off my bolter from the Rhino but died in return. I kept advancing and left more bait, a Prince I left behind a bit while the other charged into some Plague Bearers. He took that bait too and charged my Greater Daemon but his Prince also went down to my second Prince and the Greater Daemon.

My Prince who had charged the Plague Bearers was stuck in for a while but because of the choke point they were fighting in he couldn’t get Ku’Gath into the combat to aid his Plagues. For two turns Ku’Gath sat there and watched before he could finally get in. Meanwhile my other Prince circled around and charged into Epidemius’ Plague Bearer squad, singling out and removing Epidemius. From there that Prince whittled down and removed the squad in the following turns. My other Prince cleared out the other Plague Squad and was stuck in with Ku’Gath who was taken down to one wound remaining when the game ended. I believe that Prince went down to Ku’Gath too. Ku’Gath was the only thing left alive, albeit barely.

A great showing by my Chaos Marines. I’ve been really happy with the army so far and I need to get back to painting these guys.

  • Mckennaluke

    Realizing the effectiveness of bait now are we? ;P

    • Nah, just how easy it is to bait this one player :)

  • Vi13_d3c0n


    sorry man just found this. reviewing the lists of your opponents and being familiar with the chaos marines/tyranids on a personal level {yea i said it} there wasn’t anything in the nid army that your guys needed to fear. tyranids are a crazy easy match up for chaos, even without lash, all you have to do is deal with stuff as it comes at you  and be aware of the specific roles each unit has in that army. his broodlord squad is designed to hunt MC’s and IC’s. if you feed them a plague marine squad you’ll route them through attrition, they may get 1 or 2 lucky rends, but aside from that the marines will quite handily put them down. his MC’s are slow, taking pot shots at them as the come down the road is the best you need to do really, your main thing would be to supress little gribblies.

    as for the deamons game? yes he is extremely easy to bait, and tends to leave quite a few opprotune mistakes in his wake. i bet you where loving the plasma in that game!

  • Khorne Inquisitor

    Wow, rough crowd.  I can’t imagine I leave a massive amount of opportunities as this particular list has won as many times as it has lost and drawn combined.  Overall my daemons have about a 50% average, so not terrible (definitely better than many)
    Regardless, yeah, I fell for the bait hoping for better rolls.  I mistakenly changed my methods mid game which bit me in the ass later.  I deployed with a slow army quite defensively, and switched to an offensive mode as I got stuff in or took bait.  I should have hung out in the back, made you come to me.  With the fortifications, I could have taken in a lot of fire and brushed it off.  So far I have crushed larger blob style armies with my list, but your list presented an army that would ignore all of my FNPs and forced me to take a different approach.  Well, my initial approach failed, would love to take another crack at it.    

    • You’ve nailed it. You began the game playing defensively and in switching your tactics just fed me a unit at a time. Had you stuck to your initial plan the game would have played out very differently for sure.

      I’m cool with a re-match. If we’re playing 1,250 again on Wednesday then it’s quick enough to knock out a few games.

      • Khorne Inquisitor

        I have done this frequently before, one reason why I generally opt for the hyper aggressive route. Nurgle, being slow but also fairly tough, really need to stick to a strategy from turn one.

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