Battle Report: Dark Gods and the Inevitable

Battle Report - InevitableThus far my Chaos Marines, Disciples of Twilight, have had a really strong showing in the handful of games I’ve managed with them. By far the best start, win/loss ratio, I’ve had with any army. Part of that I feel is honestly because nobody plays them at my FLGS with regularity. Players are on a bit of a learning curve when across from them. Once people become more accustomed to them the harder it will be for me.

Wednesday night I played two games at 1,225 to practice for my FLGS’ upcoming tournament this month. My first game was against Blood Angels. This player I play pretty frequently and his list I was familiar with. Lots of Assault Marines backed by two missile Devastator Squads and Mephiston. This was the list I brought: .

I got first turn and deployed all on my right. We were playing annihilation with pitched battle deployment. I was deep striking one squad of Oblits. He deployed spread a bit from center to my left. The first few turns I advanced my Rhino’s on the right using them to shield my Princes. My Oblits took down a few Marines and lash was hooded. His first few turns of fire saw one Prince takes two wounds and the other one wound. My Greater Daemon popped up to join the Princes but lash was again hooded. He proceeded to focus fire down the lash Prince.

I had one squad of Plagues more center mid-field and I moved the other Prince to support them after they lost their Rhino. They rapid fired down a handful of Assault Marines but my Prince was hooded on both warptime and doombolt. My last squad of Oblits had arrived and landed next to some Devs hanging back, taking down a few with shooting. My last Prince was dropped, the other Plague Squad destroyed and also the Oblits who showed up to the party late. By the end of the game I had one Oblit left.

Brutal game. In my previous games I had yet to face an army with a psychic hood. That hood changed everything. Admittedly, I rolled terrible for the dice-offs. So many 1’s were rolled by me for them. Despite that though I just had not realized how reliant I was on getting off the powers for my Princes. Obviously I know they have powers and they make my life easier when they work but just how important they are to my army had not registered until this match. Having my Princes shut down all game long was game changing and eye-opening. Lesson learned.

My second match was against the Daemon player from last week. You can hit that link to see his list but in short it’s a fluffy tally list. Being that Chaos is still new to me I wanted to try something different. I know not the competitive choice but I wanted to try Typhus so I quickly threw together this list: .

We had rolled capture and control with spearhead deployment and I gave him first turn. I then deployed just the Plague Squads in my quarter next to my objective. He got his non-preferred half. I can’t seem to recall what that was though. I then advanced a bit with the Plagues. As I try to write this I’m having a hard time recalling what and when things came in for him.

I’ll just focus on how things played out. As Princes arrived I was able to focus fire them down where I was holding the board center. Ku’Gath was another story. I got some wounds on him with shooting from Typhus and my Termies when they deep struck in and they got charged for their efforts. Before the charge though Ku’Gath shot down 4 of the 5 Termies. Typhus threw two wounds on Ku’Gath and I believe I took one in return on Typhus. Meanwhile he had deep struck down Plague Bearers and Epidemius to my top right and they were slowly plodding towards my objective while being covered behind a hill. I was likewise moving my Greater Daemon towards his objective and the Plague Bearers sitting on it.

Ku’Gath clears out Typhus and the last Termie in time and then proceeds to die to my Obliterator shooting. My Plague Marines near my objective dismount and rapid fire futility at the incoming Plagues and then get charged. The combat drags on and I’m left with no choice but to charge in my other Plague Marines to free up the combat to hold my objective. That fails. My Greater Daemon on the other end was close to his objective and was charged by those Plagues. I failed to wound a single model and died in return. The game ended with him on his objective and mine being contested with the combat.

It was a great game and a close one too while going seven turns. I was holding my objective, despite the combat, for a while but the pile-in move by him eventually put him within range to contest. I screwed up too by ignoring those Plagues for too long. I did have bigger threats at the time, Daemon Princes and Ku’Gath, but completely ignoring those Plagues allowed them to eventually get where they needed to be at close to full strength. Despite some bad rolls in the game on my part it was ultimately that which lead to my defeat. I also should have used Typhus and the Termies to threaten his objective when they deep struck in. I played too defensively and it cost me.

As for Typhus, I like him. This match was definitely not his ideal place. Everything with invulnerable saves and eternal warrior takes away from his effectiveness. Pretty obvious I didn’t field him as part of list tailoring as I knew we were re-matching ahead of time. I just felt like trying something different out. I have a small collection at this point but proxies are easy to come by using my loyalists so I’m going to start doing that more to feel out where I want to be in larger games. I enjoy my dual Prince setup but I also don’t want to get stuck playing the same thing so frequently I get bored.

So I took two losses but really learned more in these two games than any prior. No complaints.

  • Khorne Inquisitor

    Yeah, you initially went after the plaguebearer squad that ultimately contested your objective with the greater daemon. I figured you were going to lock them up with him and move the other rhino to tank shock and contest my objective. Overall, quite a close game. I am debating dropping one of my daemon princes in leiu of something else. The armor save just doesn’t help that much in the current meta where every squad has at least one or two shots of AP1, S7+ and thus they have been expensive fire sinks. Rarely do they manage to lock up vehicles, so I am becoming dubious of their quality as hard hitters as they die quick. Maybe take 9 nurgling bases and another herald of Nurgle. Or maybe just more plaguebearers.

    • I changed my mind because I figured if I moved the Rhino out that you would just chase it down and maul it. The Greater Daemon had the best chance. Where I really messed up was not getting closer to you before you charged me. At least that way you couldn’t have contested with pile-in moves and my other squad could have sat there.

      Dunno. Having all those MCs really keeps your troops safe though. It’s the same principle I apply with my 3 MC build and how I can get away with small troop squads.

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