Battle Report: Disciples of Twilight vs Cobra

Battle Report: Disciples of Twilight vs CobraWednesday my Chaos Marines faced Imperial Guard. His army is themed as Cobra. Wish I had a shot of his army, it’s cool, complete with Cobra Commander and Destro. You can see it a bit on the left image.

Anyway, we played an 1,850 game as I want to start scaling up my Chaos army. We played seize ground with spearhead deployment and him going first. His list is fully mech. Something like 8 Chimeras, 2 Vendettas, 1 Hydra and the dudes to jump in the rides. Every squad was packing melta.

I opted to try this list . One of the big draws for me with Chaos is the daemons. I just like the concept of incorporating daemons in with Marines. It’s one of the things that sets them apart from your typical MEQ army.

I’m going to cover the game in broad sweeps for this battle report. He deployed first with most vehicles facing the center and two Chimeras to head to my left flank. Hydra was back in his corner up on a hill and the two Vendettas scouted to my right for a good firing lane. I put down both Plague Rhinos centrally with Bikers behind it, the Oblits in a building behind them and both Princes behind that building. My Havocs were in the woods right of that with a good view.

Two Chimeras head down my left flank to get to the objective there and I lost a Rhino. I moved my Princes, Bikers and other Plague Rhino to meet the Chimeras on the left and one Chimera went down to a Prince. I lost my other Plague Rhino to shooting but at least I was on the objective when it went. My Havocs were wiped out by the end of turn #2. I cleared out the left flank with Lesser Daemons and Bikers and then Bikers move around to flank him while most else moves towards the center and the Chimera parking lot.

My Princes took a ton of fire and eventually they went down after dispatching a few units first. I moved up my Lesser Daemons to cover one objective while those melta Plagues went tank hunting. The other Lesser Daemons feebly assaulted a few Chimeras but didn’t do much of anything. At this point I have most of what’s left of my army in his face but terrible penetration rolls from shooting kept most of those tank alive and left me assaulting Chimeras with Lesser Daemons. I just couldn’t crack them open.

Meanwhile my Bikers manage to destroy his troops on an objective behind his tank line and proceeded to advance behind him. At this point I’m currently holding two objectives and so is he. My Bikers assault one of the objective holding units and destroyed it. The game ended on turn #5 with me holding two objectives to his one.

Crazy game. If I covered the details of it this would be a novel. Once I cleared the left flank and sent my Bikers to flank him I was feeling pretty confident. I had only lost my Havocs at that point and was bringing a lot up the center to crack tanks but volume of fire quickly leveled the playing field. He was smart and brought down my big guys, both Princes and the Greater Damon leaving me with tough but small units.

I’d have likely lost the game but for my Bikers. Hands down the MVP of the game. They did exactly what I wanted them to do. The icon let me bring down Lesser Daemons on that left flank to clear out the Storm Troopers. The Bikers shot down the other squad on the left flank and then death or gloried down a Chimera. While they flanked they absorbed a ton of fire and then proceeded to destroy the troops on two objectives with shooting and assaults. Likely that’s the best performance I’ll ever get out of them.

I was very happy with how my list played out. It’s not the most competitive build going by any means but it’s a fun build and has lots of hobby potential.

  • BigToof

    Hi Thor!
    Just stumbled onto your blog, and I wanted to say great game!
    I’d love to see that opposing army as well.  Glad to see that you’re doing well with Battles :)

    • Glad you swung by. You still hanging out at 2S these days?

      • BigToof

        Still there!
        It’s a bit slow at times, and I’m a bit slowing down with BatReps as I age :)
        Anyway, great site, I’ll be sure to come back.  I’ve always wanted to try making a website.  glad to see you’ve done a great job!

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