Battle Report: FLGS October Tournament

Crossroad Games TournamentThis month my FLGS ran a 2K tournament. Normally in our tournaments we put all the entry fees into the prize pool but this month it was a benefit for a store regular who was diagnosed with cancer. Originally it was to be 75% to the benefit and 25% to the players but GW decided to do prize support for us allowing us to give 100% to this gentleman, which is awesome. The downside is that it would seem a fair amount of people didn’t want to bother thinking the prize pool was insubstantial and we had one of our worst showings ever. It’s sad really. I guess some people care more about the prize support than they do playing some games for fun and benefiting a man with a life threatening illness.

Command CenterMoving on, here’s what I opted to bring: This is not my typical tournament type of list but we were scoring painting and so I wanted to avoid needing to paint up stuff for my list. So I ran with what was already painted and decided to do something different. The list idea is simple, I have lots of stuff that does not need to deploy normally and themes well, I think, with my counts-as Shrike. It doesn’t theme in the Ravenguard sense but since it’s a counts-as it doesn’t need to but does hold that fast strike ambush style.

My first match was against a Legion of the Damned army playing Search and Destroy. I gave him first turn and reserved everything. We had 3 objectives, one center, one my left quarter and one his left quarter, my top right. My plan was to grab the board center early to control that and use my deep strikers and outflankers to harass the other two and later claim whichever I could.

He put down a pod on each objective in the quarters and early on the game was favoring me. We both had our reserves trickling in and things began going in his favor when Vulkan arrived with Sternguard via-pod. I thinned down a lot of his squads but wasn’t able to finish them off while he was slow dismantling mine. In the end though I was able to secure the primary mission of objectives, having speed on him (albeit minimal), while he took secondary by a margin of about 300 victory points. He had also bid perfectly on his estimated KPs and we both took a few points from the quaternary for a final score of 18-17 in my favor.

My second match was against ShinyRhino and his Ultramarines. His list featured some MSU Tacts with Razorbacks, two Speeders, two Crusaders and a 10-man Terminator Squad with a counts-as Lysander and Termie Chaplain. We played The Long Haul with me having first turn. I put down my Tacts in Rhinos on the deployment edge near where the objectives were and infiltrated Monthu (aka: Shrike), with Assault Marines forward on the left flank. He had deployed straight across the width of the board with a Crusader holding the center and the other holding his flank away from Monthu, hence why I infiltrated on the side I did.

I had a strong start with my Ironclads landing mid-field, Monthu and ASM busting up an empty Rhino, which I know isn’t amazing in itself but I wanted to pressure him early to keep him out of the mid-field. He responded by pouring fire into the ASM, taking down just over half. The ASM went on to assault some Tacts from a Rhino that I exploded and eventually went down to shooting.

The ASM did keep him playing defensively for a while but he had got his Termies on the second turn and they dropped on my back right. I had no choice but to divert some of my mid-fielders to dealing with them, obviously part of his plan. My planned multi-charge on them with an Ironclad, Assault Termies and Command Squad fell through with only the Termies making it because of terrain and other models. That failed charge cost me severely as he was able to deal with each unit in turn as they made it.

By the end neither of us took the primary mission of objectives but he took secondary and a few points from the quaternary, with me taking tertiary, securing him a win with 22-13.

My final game was against Ming and his Ultramarines. The mission was Defensive Onslaught. Ming runs a list featuring Kantor and favors a play style we’ve dubbed ‘Kantor’s Kastle’ where he walls up around Kantor with his vehicles. I got first turn and knew I had to take the fight to him early. I infiltrated my ASM on the left flank and brought down both Ironclads also on that left. Some good shooting saw two Rhinos go down and my ASM charged the disembarked Tacts but got stuck in combat.

Ming retaliated by sending in his Assault Termies and Sternguard to aid in that combat. The combat lasted a few turns with him eventually winning out but not before I got an Ironclad in there to tie things up some more.

Most of the game had him playing defense while I kept pressuring him. He eventually came to the board center with his remaining Termies and Librarian to get tied up with my Command Squad. Meanwhile I had secured two objectives to his one when the game ended giving me the primary. He did take secondary with victory points and neither of us took the tertiary. He picked up a few points on quaternary. I managed another slim victory with 18-14.

So I managed to go 2-1 and played 3 great close games. The best general was a Tyranid player and best overall was the Daemon player I play routinely. We had a painting competition too which that same Daemon Player won but he conceded it to me since he had already won best overall and I was 2nd in the painting competition. I later checked my standing and I did manage 2nd overall but with the limited prize support we didn’t award it, which we usually do in this format. Oh well, at least I know I managed 2nd ;)

Here’s a shot of the actual winning Daemon Prince and then my winning, because he’s a nice guy, Land Raider.


  • hippie

    Hey, can you put up more pics of your stuff?  I took some of your LR but they came out like shit.  I wanted to show my wife how amazing your painting is since she hears us all going on and on about it.

    • I haven’t actually taken any pictures of it yet. Only ones I have are that one above and a few Dave took last Wednesday when we played but they came out blurry as hell.

  • hippie

    Kinda funny I actually won my first match but lost my second and third games.  My Sports and painting carried me to the top in overall.  Thank god I didn’t play the Dink(I mean a dink)

    • That’s the thing with an overall score. You can run in the middle of the pack on battle points but jump to the top with sportsmanship and painting. Of course that’s assuming the top players from battle points aren’t scoring as well on sportsmanship and painting, which typically is the case.

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