Battle Report: Fourth Game into 6th

6th: RoarLast night I managed my 4th game in 6th edition. A long time friend came down to the shop to buy some hobby stuff as he’s getting back into 40K. He hasn’t played significantly since 4th edition but is going to jump back in for 6th. By the time he headed out all the guys were paired up. So, I ended up playing against a guy who works there. He hadn’t finished reading the rules for 6th yet but grabbed a 2K list he had made from before and we went to it.

Like my other reports so far in 6th, this is more of an experience with 6th report than battle report in the traditional sense.

I brought along Fate’s Angels, my vanilla Marines, with a 2K list I wanted to try out for the Feast of Blades qualifier next month. It’s a pretty typical list I ran in 5th that I figured would work just as well in 6th. My opponent was fielding Tau, an army that destroyed me in my first 6th edition game.

Much as I had expected, Land Raiders are still good. I had a Crusader with Terminators (thunder hammer + storm shield variety), packed in there along with a Librarian and my counts-as Cassius. He had one turn to try to destroy it but all he managed was to strip off a hurricane bolter and stun it, so 2 hull points down. I was already close so the unit jumped out and proceeded to wade through Fire Warriors.

Land Raiders still have a large threat range, even with the changes to how far you can move and jump out, and the disembarking rules. They still move 6″, jump out up to 6″ and then 2D6″ charge range. If your lucky you get 24″, on average you’re still going 19″. Combine that with a first turn move of 18″ (12″ + 6″ flat out), and you can see why he had one turn to deal with the Land Raider.

In all four games with my Marines I’ve fielded the autocannon/lascannon Predator and it’s been a worthwhile investment every game. Being able to move and still fire all weapons is nice. I know hull points really degrade from a tanks survivability, not to mention how easy they are to destroy in close combat, but the shooty tanks are still a worthwhile investment from my experience.

Twice I encountered being overwatched and losing the charge. Obviously it wasn’t what I wanted but it’s cool regardless to see it. Ultimately, in my opinion, that’s what you’re after with overwatch, denying a charge, and Tau overwatching is brutal.

This is the third game in 6th where I’ve run sniper Scouts and they really continue to impress me. For two of those I also ran my counts-as Telion. With Telion and precision shooting Scouts it’s nice to see snipers actually do what they should be doing, picking out targets. The sniper Scouts have accomplished more in a few games under 6th than a lifetime in 5th.

As for the game itself, I won. Once that Land Raider bailed out the Termies things were grim for my opponent. They hit his left flank and just rolled down the line taking out three Fire Warrior squads and a Broadside squad. My fire base just kept pounding him and by the end of the game he had nothing left.

  • Warhammer39999

    Interesting stuff. Hadn’t thought about how quick (and far) a land raider can (presumably reliably) deploy troops, or how effective snipers would be (doesn’t seem like they would be).

    And how can you let your friend buy models from someone other than me?!

    • Snipers actually feel like snipers, it’s crazy.

      Well, he’s doing Space Wolves and I didn’t think you had any :P If you do though I’ll let him know. He has a lot more to pick up.

  • Warhammer39999

    Funny you should mention it. I bought a space wolf army 2 days ago >.<

    • For a man who games very little, you sure have a lot of armies :P

  • BenitoSenence

    When I stopped by it looked like your vehicles were holding up. Not as frail as the rules indicated huh? Not saying they are better than in 5th but better when actually played making them more balance vs units than as dominate as they were before.

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