Battle Report: Khorne Daemonkin vs Eldar

Last night I played against Kamui and his Eldar. It was his first run using the new Eldar codex. We decided to play a 1,650 game. The Maelstrom of War mission we played was Cloak and Shadows.

I tossed together a list, nothing special. I had no particular goal in mind with the list, just something fun to mess with.

Disciples of Twilight (Khorne Daemonkin) – 1,650


  • Soulgore (Chaos Lord) – Sigil of Corruption, Juggernaut of Khorne, Melta Bombs, Power Fist, Axe of Khorne, The Skull-helm of Khorne


  • Gorgons (Terminators) (5) – Reaper Autocannon, Combi-melta


  • Vengeance (Chaos Space Marines) (10) – Plasma Gun x 2
    • Aspiring Champion – Meltabombs, Power Sword
    • Rhino
  • Redemption (Chaos Space Marines) (10) – Meltagun x 2
    • Aspiring Champion – Meltabombs, Power Sword
    • Rhino

Fast Attack

  • Heldrake – Baleflamer
  • Flesh Hounds (10)

Heavy Support

  • Deathcry (Helbrute) – Twin-linked Lascannon, Power Fist
  • Hellscream (Helbrute) – Multi-melta, Power Fist
  • Forgefiend – Hades Autocannon x 2

The list is lighter on close combat units than usual but it was intended. Khorne is all about smashing heads but I also need to be able to shoot open armor. Trying to find that balance with the right units is the tricky part of Khorne Daemonkin.

The Game

Kamui got to setup first and spread his army out pretty well across his entire deployment zone with a heavy center. In response I setup a refused flank on the right, hiding behind a hill to minimize his Wave Serpent and Falcon shooting. I put my Lord and Hounds in reserves to outflank, Terminators to deep strike and of course the Heldrake in reserves.

Kamui pretty well sat in position with the tanks shuffling a bit to get line of sight. Most of Kamui’s shooting went into my Forgefiend but nothing got through. I did take a glancing hit on one of my Rhinos though.

I sent my plasma Marines in their Rhino towards the board center while the right flank advanced up. The Forgefiend unloaded into a Falcon but the glance and penetrating hit were saved by the Holo Field. My Helbrute did get a weapon destroyed result on the same Falcon though. I got one point for an objective, 1-0.

The Swooping Hawks arrived and landed near Kamui’s deployment board edge. His shooting saw my Rhino near the center wreck (first blood). My Helbrute lost his lascannon on the right flank. Score: 1-2, Kamui’s lead.

I took Feel No Pain this turn with the Blood Tithe. Terminators decided to show up. I dropped them left of board center to be in melta range of the Serpent and also to draw fire. I continued advancing on the right flank and the Forgefiend took down the Falcon on that side. My Terminators managed a glance on the Serpent with the combi-melta (always my luck when in melta range).

As expected, Kamui’s jumped his army out of their transports and lined up the Terminators. They took a ton of shots and one lived through it. My Rhino on the right also went down and those Marines were pinned.

I went with Feel No Pain again this turn. The Heldrake decided to arrive and put nine wounds on the Dire Avengers with Asurmen. Asurmen decided to tank what he could, taking two wounds after the first three Dire Avengers were killed off. I put some shots into Kamui’s center mass to kill off a few Rangers and Swooping Hawks. Score was something like 4-5, Kamui’s lead.

Turn #3The game continued to be a slow grind. A lucky shot by Fire Dragons downed the Heldrake. I got my Helbrute and Marines into combat at the board center. The Helbrute swept the Guardians he charged and my Marines were stuck-in with Warp Spiders. My Lord and Hounds finally showed up on turn #4 and hid behind a hill. My previously disembarked Marines failed morale and ran after being thinned out with more shooting. Fire Dragons got behind my remaining Helbrute and smoked him. Soulgore and Hounds charged into a Guardian squad and killed them all off.

Soulgore & HoundsWe rolled a sixth turn but it was late so we called the game at a draw, 9-9.


Well, I didn’t get smoked by Eldar like usual but it was close. Kamui had the advantage most of the game but good card draws kept me in it even when my reserves decided to arrive haphazardly. I don’t like to reserve so much normally but I also knew that advancing those units normally would see them dead anyway. It also left me fewer units to deploy and allowed me to get them all cover behind a hill.

A fun game and a bloody fight for both of us. Neither of us had much left but that’s generally how my games with Khorne go. Well, as long as I’m not getting my ass kicked anyway :)


  • Nice bat rep. I had a unit of fire dragons take out one of my flyers too… They are brutal in a volley!

    • Fire Dragons do their job well, that’s for sure. It was a lucky shot too. One hit on the Heldrake, pens, I fail the 5++ and he gets an immobilized result. I roll the D6 and roll a 2, crash and burn. I had so many plans for that Heldrake…

      • Doh. Wow that is a mega combo of bad luck. That’s like the time my buddy flew his hive tyrant out. Cast a psychic power. Periled. Took a wound. Had to take a grounding check. Failed. Took a wound.

        He about conceded.

        • Yeah, goes with the territory when we play games with dice. It can be frustrating at times but it also makes for some great stories too.

  • I am really glad I have a Forgefiend and a Heldrake coming to me now, they seemed rather helpfuly in that battle (the joysof swapping stuff I don’t use for stuff I need).
    Glad it was a fun game for both of you anyway. Pity your guys couldn’t get more stuck in but ah well. It happens.

    • The Forgefiend is great. I always go with the Hades Autocannons as 8 x S8 shots is never a bad thing. That 5++ can keep him alive for a while if things don’t go poorly too.

      Heldrake is always a good buy in a list. He’s tough to take down and there are few things that aren’t afraid of the Baleflamer. Usually late game, if significant threats are removed, I will put him into hover mode and go snag objectives. He works amazingly well for that.

      Don’t forget that both Forgefiend and Heldrake have the Daemonforge rule and It Will Not Die. Those rules make all the difference.

      If my Lord and Hounds arrived before turn #4 then things would have been different. That late arrival really put a damper of my ability to close the gap with the Eldar. Those are the risks with reserves though.

      • I am still not sure to build it as a maulerfiend or a forgefiend to be honest. My Thousand Sons will be somewhat lacking in melee.

        • If you’ll only have one then I’d go Forgefiend. Maulerfiends are great but, as I’ve learned from experience, you really need two so one manages to do something. The Forgefiend though has less threats generally since he’s sitting back shooting at range.

          • Good advice. I will have a looksee.

  • Per Hagman

    Very nice report and I think it was a lot of tactic in there as you hanged on even if it felt like a uphill battle. Good work and nice battle report.

    • Thanks.

      For the sake of not writing a novel, I definitely left some stuff out in the report. I basically played it slower than normal, holding back to wait on the reserves to deliver a hammer blow. The problem there being reserves showing up a unit at a time every turn, ruining the grand plan. Still, I made due with what I had and just tried to play smart and fight that urge to just KILL THEM ALL!


  • Nice report Thor. Glad to see you are holding your own against the eldar now

  • Able to share the Eldar List?? As I am trying to get back into 40k, but last time I played 40k proper was back in 5th Ed. So any Eldar lists would be great to get my head around lists in this edition … Thanks in advance all

    • Going by memory here.

      * Asurmen
      * Dire Avengers x 9
      * Guardians x 10 w/Star Cannon
      * Guardians x 10 w/Star Cannon
      * Warp Spiders x 5
      * Swooping Hawks x 5
      * Rangers x 5
      * Rangers x 5
      * Falcon
      * Falcon
      * Wave Serpent

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