Battle Report: Khorne Daemonkin vs Iron Hands

Last night I faced Carl’s Iron Hands in an 1,850 game. I had a list that I was hoping would help see the Disciples of Twilight get out of their losing slump, having lost the last six games. The big thing I was working on with the list is getting some anti-infantry fire power. Too many times it’s been dudes on foot shooting my assault units off the board.

Here’s the list.

Disciples of Twilight (Khorne Daemonkin) – 1,850


  • Skulltaker
  • Ghostwrath (Daemon Prince) – Daemonic Flight, Warp-forged Armor, Goredrinker


  • Redemption (Chaos Space Marines) (10) – Meltagun x 2
    • Aspiring Champion – Meltabombs
    • Rhino
  • Rampage (Berzerkers) (9) – Icon of Wrath
    • Berzerker Champion – Meltabombs, Power Sword

Fast Attack

  • Flesh Hounds (10)
  • The Unbound (Spawn) (5)
  • Heldrake – Baleflamer

Heavy Support

  • Ragefist (Defiler) – Battle Cannon, Reaper Autocannon, Twin-linked Heavy Flamer, Power Fists x 2
  • Deathcry (Helbrute) – Power Fist, Twin-linked Lascannon
  • Land Raider – Dozer Blade, Extra Armor, Twin-linked Heavy Bolter, Twin-linked Lascannons x 2

For an 1,850 list it’s rather light on models but that’s fine since my experiments with MSU never really worked out well. The Defiler was taken basically for the Battle Cannon and the Heldrake for the Baleflamer, my anti-infantry support I mentioned. I felt like trying out Skulltaker so he was with the Berzerkers to jump inside the Land Raider.

Game Setup

We rolled The Spoils of War mission where you can steal the opponent’s objectives if they have a card for it.

Carl got to setup first and spread out across his deployment zone with the Knight on my left. I deployed in a refused flank on the right, away from the Knight. I then failed to seize the initiative.

The Game

Both Land Speeder Storms moved towards my right near the center and one got itself immobilized in some trees. An Ironclad Dreadnought showed up in a Drop Pod right on my right flank in front of my Hounds. The Hounds took some shots and I lost four. Between the Vindicator and his Knight, he put two hull points on my Helbrute and one on the Rhino behind it. My Defiler took a hull point also from the Predator.

Ironclad DreadnoughtI didn’t lose anything on his turn one, which is unusual for me. I moved my Hounds, Prince and Spawn towards the Land Speeders. My Helbrute busted one open and supporting fire saw two Scouts from inside go down. My Prince and Spawn leapt at that Scout Squad and the Prince destroyed them. My Hounds charged the other Storm and took that down. First Blood and points for an objective, 2-0 my lead.

Carl started supporting the right center I had cleared. The Stormtalon came on and saw my Spawn lose two models with other supporting fire. My Rhino in my backfield was destroyed by the Knight and my Land Raider immobilized, also from the Knight. The Knight then charged into my Spawn and destroyed the unit. His Captain on bike charged my Hounds and killed all but one. He had pulled an objective his backfield Scouts were on, 2-1 my lead.

This was a critical turn. The Knight was all up in my face and I had to either tie it down or destroy it; the former more likely. I did summon five Flesh Hounds who I put near the board center. My Heldrake arrived this turn and roasted three Marines (Carl and his damn 6 Feel No Pain rolls saving two). My Berzerkers with Skulltaker jumped out of the Land Raider. My Helbrute charged the Knight and so did the Berzerkers. My Helbrute swung, three hits. Armor penetration, three penetrating hits. Results, explodes, shaken, shaken. I roll the D3 on the explodes for hull points (super heavies don’t explode and instead take D3+1 hull points), and roll a 5, so 3 additional hull points. That means my Helbrute did six hull points and destroyed the Knight. The Knight, same initiative, took out my Helbrute and the explosion from the Knight sees six Berzerkers die. So worth it. My Prince had charged the last two Scouts from earlier and removed them. I took a few points for something, roughly 4-1 my lead.

Carl still had a fair amount of fire power and he removed my Defiler and whittled down a bunch of squads and killed off the Berzerkers, leaving only Skulltaker. His bike Captain charged Skulltaker and they both did a wound to one another.

My Land Raider managed to Lascannon down the Vindicator, removing the last big threat to my army. Ultimately from here I was able to get board control. I had summoned eight Bloodletters and later three Bloodcrushers. My Daemon Prince had cleared the board center with the help of my Heldrake.

The game ended on turn five and I had managed to take a 20-13 victory.


Oh, how I missed using my Heldrake. I had almost forgotten how damn useful that thing is. It didn’t do anything amazing but the support really helped out. Speaking of, the Defiler had a rough game. He put a few hull points on tanks then got gunned down. Still, he soaked up some big guns and kept some attention his way so not useless.

Skulltaker was a non-factor this game. I also don’t expect much out of him either. He’s cheap, has great close combat stats but ultimately needs to be fighting chumps to shine. He adds a bit more punch to the Berzerkers but isn’t going to turn the tide of battle or anything.

It was a great game and a good test run on the list idea. I’m terrible at keeping track of points on a turn by turn basis but Carl and I were in a tight race until turn four when I started to pull ahead and then sealed it in turn five.

  • Taking out a Knight in assault with a Hellbrute, way to go!

    • Hell yeah. That Helbrute will never top that again in his career.

      • Awesome! I love when stuff like that happen.

        I had a helbrute take out Calgar in close combat. I pretty much have to retire that helbrute now. His luck is surely gone forever.

  • matthoell

    Nice win! A couple of things about your list, no one guy can take two artifacts and can’t give a dozen blade to a Land Raider.

    • Thanks.

      I only one have artefact in the list, Goredrinker on the Prince. Doh, you’re right on the dozer blade. I have no idea how I slipped that one in there.

      • matthoell

        Ahh saw the armor on the Prince and thought it was the artifact one. Yeah I was disappointed to see no dozer blade on the LR, but it’s like that in all new codexes.

        • Some changes make sense. One artefact on a model I’m all for; it helps balance things out. No dozer blade on a Land Raider? Eh? Not like it was exactly game breaking or anything. Never once heard someone complain about that.

          Not really complaining though. They’re getting more right than not these days, in my opinion, so I can roll with the occasional oddity.

          • Terrain is one of the guaranteed threats to a Land Raider. You put a dozer on that, and it’ll be smashing through everything in sight and delivering assault units straight through any terrain you can think of. It’d be fiction accurate, but the uncertainty of “will I screw my 250 points of tank driving through this forest?” is a balancing factor to an AV14 Assault Vehicle.

  • Castigator

    Well done Thor…..that Helbrute needs a banner painting up for such an amazing feat ;-)
    Is no Dozerblade a KDK thing?

    • Agreed…hellbrute of the YEAR! Great bat rep, and congrats on breaking your streak!

      • He’s also aptly named, Deathcry. It’s almost like I knew one day he would be something ;)

    • He needs something for sure, agreed. He has reached his peak of performance I dare say.

      Yeah, no dozer blade. The generic vehicle wargear list doesn’t have it listed and the vehicles who can take one have it listed in their unit entry and there isn’t one for the Land Raider.

  • ming2005

    Awesome job, I like the finger holes in the top of the LR, for ease in placement? All kidding aside, its cool to see the Knight go down in assault. No blood tithe?

    • That Land Raider needs a lot of work but good point on the finger holds.

      What do you mean no Blood Tithe? I ran over that mostly at the end. I used it to summon 5 Hounds, 8 Bloodletters and 3 Bloodcrushers.

  • good batrep — always nice to take down a Knight in a single salvo. I had a moment like that when Pask laid into one that wandered too close. Rending punisher cannons with tank hunter man…. you’ll roll a few 6’s.

    • Maybe 1 in 20 games my Helbrute will do something worthwhile, though this takes the cake.

      Punishesr cannons + tank hunter = awesome

  • I might as well add my comments on how well that Hellbrute did. Deathcry really lived up to its name this time.
    Well done for breaking the streak and getting back into the winners circle. I am always worried about how little models you bring to the table but you seem to do well with your tactics for sure.
    Painted models on the board always look good and all.

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