Battle Report: Khorne Daemonkin vs Tyranids

Last night I played against Tyranids with my Khorne Daemonkin. So far all of my games have been against armies who are short ranged, be it shooting or assault. I’m not complaining because it lets my army do what it wants to do, get into assault. However, I do want to see how things go when facing something like Tau or Eldar who have enough fire power to stop my advance. Soon I’m sure.

The list I ran was a slight variation from last week. I kept the dual Princes but armed them legally, as in just one artefact a model instead of more than one, the mistake I made in last week’s game. A friend’s advice was to keep the Princes together on the field. It makes sense of course. I often make the mistake of putting too much faith in a single Daemon Prince and it costs me. So, I wanted to give it a shot. Also, in my army fluff, Ghostwrath was the first of the Disciples of Twilight and Darktide was the second. Darktide always guards Ghostwrath in battle and having them run together works on all accounts.

Disciples of Twilight: Khorne Daemonkin – 1,650


  • Darktide (Daemon Prince) – Daemonic Flight, The Blood-forged Armor
  • Ghostwrath (Daemon Prince) – Warp-forged Armor, Daemonic Flight, Goredrinker


  • Chaos Space Marines (10)-Meltagun x 2
    • Aspiring Champion – Melta Bombs, Power Sword
    • Rhino
  • Chaos Space Marines (10) – Plasma Gun x 2
    • Aspiring Champion – Melta Bombs, Power Sword
    • Rhino
  • Cultists (8) – CCW,Autopistol
    • Cultist Champion

Fast Attack

  • Chaos Bikers (5) – Meltagun x 2
    • Aspiring Champion – Meltabombs
  • Flesh Hounds of Khorne (10)

Heavy Support

  • Forgefiend – Hades Autocannons
  • Deathcry (Helbrute) – Power Fist, Twin-linked Lascannon

Other changes of note is giving the Aspiring Champions, most anyway, power swords. I also added in some fire power to help crack transports for my assault units to get at the occupants.


We rolled up the Maelstrom of War mission, the first one where it’s 3 cards a turn. I got to set up first and then Scott, my opponent, promptly stole the initiative from me.

My plan with setup was to let the Princes hammer down that right flank while the Hounds and Bikers went up the left. The CSM would push the midfield a turn or two behind to envelope the Tyranids.

Our deployment.

The Game

The Hive Tyrant flew forward to the board center and unloaded his Twin-linked Devourers into my Forgefiend. He got 5 glances, I saved one, Forgefiend down (first blood). The Raveners advanced on my right.

Hive Tyrant
I’m about to destroy your Forgefiend on turn #1.

I threw everything forward (shocking). Both Daemon Princes charged into the Raveners and killed off half of them. I had a few pot shots with other units of mine but nothing of note.

Daemon Prince TagteamThe Mawloc showed up and arrived left midfield, killing a Biker and wounding a Flesh Hound. The Tyrannocyte (drop pod), landed in my backfield near Cultists and Chaos Space Marines and unloaded the Tyrannofex. The Hive Tyrant went to glide mode and fired on my Helbrute, putting two glances on it. The rest of his shooting saw my Bikers reduced to 2 models, they failed morale and bolted. In close combat my Princes finished off the Raveners.

At this point the score was something like 3-1, Scott’s favor.

This was the turning point of the game. My Hounds went after the Mawloc to tie it up and prevent it from burrowing away. Darktide (Prince), went for the Hive Tyrant and destroyed him (slay the warlord). Ghostwrath (Prince), went for the 3 Zoanthropes. Ghostwrath put in 6 wounds at S10 (Goredrinker), but he made all but one save.

Scott shot Darktide off the board (slay the warlord). His Tyrannofex and Tyrannocyte killed all but a few Cultists and destroyed my CSM Rhino.

To summarize the rest of the game. I had acquired enough points to summon a Prince and did so. Over the next few turns I managed to secure the midfield. From there everything pushed into his backfield. In my backfield I cleared out the Tyrannofex and Tyrannocyte. I later summoned some Bloodletters to help the Flesh Hounds on the left flank to secure an objective there and also snag line breaker.

The game ended with a final score of 8-6, a win for Khorne Daemonkin.


Another fun game with Khorne Daemonkin. I’m really enjoying this codex. Most of the cards I pulled this game revolved around destroying things, which suited me just fine. Scott pulled a mix of destroy stuff and objective cards. Throughout the game we were always within a few points of one another, with him leading. It wasn’t until the last turn that I made a push to take the lead.

Scott normally plays Kamui’s Rebel Grots and isn’t used to playing a close combat focused army. It was ultimately that inexperience that cost him. The turn the Mawloc came up, Kamui was there hanging out, Kamui suggested the Mawloc hit my backfield. Scott instead went for midfield. Had that Mawloc dropped into my backfield it would have been a game changer. The Mawloc would have ruined my Cultists and CSM, especially with the Tyrannofex and Tyrannocyte there. I would have needed to divert midfield units to deal with my backfield or let it collapse. By going midfield I was able to tie it up and remove the backfield threats I had.

Khorne Daemonkin Conclusions

Goredrinker on a Daemon Prince is great. When you acquire kills you get bonuses. After Ghostwrath tore through the Raveners and killed off a Zoanthrope he had Rampage, S10 and Instant Death. Basically, everything I needed to tear through Tyranids, and he did.

The Blood-forged Armor is still a great buy on a Daemon Prince. For 50pts (think it’s 50 – my codex isn’t on hand), you get a 3+ save, Feel No Pain and Eternal Warrior. Considering Warp-forged armor is 20pts to get a 3+, you’re paying 30pts for FNP and ET – not bad at all. I made 0 FNP rolls this game but that’s how some games go.

The Blood Tithe continues to be my favorite part of the codex. With my aggressive play style I’m always sacrificing units for the sake of a larger strategy. In this codex I’m rewarded for it and I think that’s why I enjoy the codex so much, it just suits how I play perfectly.

How are you all finding Khorne Daemonkin, be it as your army or as an opponent?

  • Christian S

    Hello again – if you gave the Daemon Princes one Artefact each, is the second Daemon Prince listed with wrong wargear?

    • Christian S

      Never mind hehe – Once again, cool looking models :)

      • Thanks!

        • Christian S

          Do you remember how and when you spent your Blood Points?

          • Sure do. On Turn #3 I summoned a Daemon Prince and on turn #5 I summoned the Bloodletters.

  • Looking forward to seeing how it fares against some other lists and what options you choose because of that.

    • Khorne options are limited in terms of rounding out a list. Really I’m just aiming to get fast mobile units on the field for getting objectives and getting to gripes with the enemy quickly. That will remain a constant against any list and the big change will be how I go about getting there.

      • Do you think that purchasing more demon models could help?

        • Certainly. Right now I’m mostly CSM with a sprinkling of Daemons. Prior to this codex I would ally Daemons periodically so I never built them up much. Now though I need to bulk them out more for summoning and just more options in general. There’s always something to buy…

  • Captyn Bob

    Cool Bat rep! And possibly the first I’ve seen with the DK winning!

    Goredrinker on a DP does seem powerful. I’m weighing it up against a Bloodthirst of everlasting Rage.. Str D is obviously better, but hitting last stinks..

    You’re only one bike away from a gorepack, which gives some nice bonuses!

    • Thanks.

      I’ve had good luck so far in three games with DK. There are obviously going to be some bad matchups for Khorne but the hope is the Blood Tithe helps offset that a bit.

      Hitting last is definitely tough, even for a Thirster. I’m happy with Goredrinker but it’s like anything, you have to get there to use it!

      I’ve been looking at that formation. My Bikes had not seen a lot of use prior to this codex but I think they’ll see a lot more now.

  • Willy

    I hate to to break this to You guys, but the artifacts of slaughter are one per army, not per character. It sucks, I know… Keep up the battle reports though, it’s very well written and a good source of intel as I’m building my own Khorne Daemonkin.

    • Thanks.

      Just re-read the entry and I have to disagree. In the full listing it states, “Only one of each of the following artefacts may be be chosen per army.” Then in the wargear list it states the same thing with the addition of a model only being able to take one artefact. One of each meaning you can’t have two Goredrinkers, Skullhelms, etc., in the army.

      • Willy

        Hmmm, now that U put it that way, I stand corrected

        • I think I’d have wept if it were one artefact in the entire army.

          • Willy Whistler

            Signed in properly now lol. Yes, indeed it would be. Thx again for pointing that out for me, now I might do the Dual princes tactic too. Had a great highlander tournament past weekend, first battles with my new daemonkin. It feels weird to hope my oponent would kill my stuff just so i could get the needed buffs next turn. The rush forward play style really appeals to me, and this codex rewards those who play like that, kinda balls to the wall playstyle i really love, but still retaining tactical flex to win them Maelstrom missions.

            • I know exactly what you mean about your stuff dying. Even with the death of our units we are rewarded and I love that.

              Well said on the play style. You can’t just hang back with this army. There’s no waiting to see what the enemy is going to do and adapting yourself to them. You charge headlong at the enemy and force them to your will. You define the rules of engagement. To do anything else would not be playing to the codex’s strengths.

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