Khorne Daemonkin vs White Scars – Battle Report

I managed my second game with Khorne Daemkin against Space Marines, White Scars, with Astra Militarum allies. I changed up my list from the last time because it’s still early and there’s lots to experiment with. Here’s what I ran.

Khorne Daemonkin – 1,650


  • Darktide (Daemon Prince) – Daemonic Flight, The Blood-forged Armor, Goredrinker, The Skull-helm of Khorne
  • Ghostwrath (Daemon Prince) – Warp-forged Armor, Daemonic Flight, The Brazen Rune


  • Terminators (5) – Combi-melta, Heavy Flamer


  • Chaos Space Marines (10) -Meltagun x 2
    • Aspiring Champion – Melta Bombs
    • Rhino
  • Chaos Space Marines (10) – Plasma Gun x 2
    • Aspiring Champion – Melta Bombs
    • Rhino

Fast Attack

  • The Unbound (Chaos Spawn) (5)
  • Flesh Hounds of Khorne (10)

Heavy Support

  • Maulerfiend – Lasher Tendrils

It’s a very top-heavy list with 530pts soaked up in the Princes. I’ve tried to stay away from doing something so top-heavy but for the sake of experimenting one must try everything out.

Game Setup

We played a Maelstrom of War mission, the one where you get a card for each objective you hold. I got first turn and setup as you’ll see below. My idea was with the Princes on each flank, and the Hounds near the center, that I could either envelop him or tie up each flank and send in the Hounds for the softer center.

Turn #1
The end of my turn #1

The Game

I advanced forward with everything. That about covers a Khorne turn ;) He responded by advancing all his Bikes. His shooting saw Ghostwrath (Prince), take two wounds. My Hounds in the center got pounded by fire power and reduced by half. Darktide (Warlord Prince), took a wound. Ghostwrath got charged on the left flank, killed a few bikes but they stuck. My Spawn on the right flank got charged and mauled. His Librarian had force up and removed two on his own and his Chapter Master another.

This was a crucial mistake of mine, moving too far forward against another fast list. I was so absorbed in the thought of blood that I screwed that one up.

I sent my Maulerfiend to his back line for some Guard. He got in there, killed a few and they stuck. Darktide on the right jumped into the combat to help the Spawn out. I had to challenge and his Chapter Master soaked up 3 of the 4 wounds with his storm shield. In return Darktide took a wound. Ghostwrath on the left killed a biker and then died to an overwhelming amount of attacks. My Hounds charged into a Bike Squad, killed a few and they stuck.

Things went from bad to worse. Darktide vanished back to the warp on the right flank. My left flank had crumbled with the loss of Ghostwrath and the board center was open. His Bikes came up the left flank to deal with my Chaos Marines there. The Rhino wrecked and the Marines jumped out in the face of three Bike Squads. Everything was falling apart.

Then things turned around, which is why I love Maelstrom missions. My Terminators arrived and dropped on the left flank to help re-secure it. Between them and the Marines I killed off a handful of Bikers and one squad ran. My Hounds cleaned out the Bike Squad they were fighting and moved back to the center. I summoned 5 more Hounds from the Blood Tithe and they landed near their Hound buddies in the center.

To summarize the rest here. I eventually cleared out the three Bike Squads on my left flank. He was pushing it hard because he needed an objective my CSM were on but he couldn’t get it. Combats with my Marines and Terminators eventually saw them all killed off. My Maulerfiend had been in combat with his Chapter Master, Librarian and Bikers for a while. The Maulerfiend killed off everything but the Chapter Master who finally wrecked him.

Had the game ended on turn #5 or turn #6 then I would have won by 2pts or 3pts respectively. The game went to turn #7 though which let him clear 4pts to give him a 9-6 victory.

Khorne Daemonkin Lessons

First up, it was a hell of a game. It came down to the final turn and a few key dice rolls for both of us; as any game should in my opinion.

With Darktide I was mostly testing out Goredrinker. It’s a weapon that gives you buffs the more you kill. At 1-2 kills you get +1 strength and from there ranges all the way up to Instant Death. It’s unwieldy but monstrous creatures don’t care about that, making a Prince the ideal spot for the weapon. I also gave him the The Blood-forged Armor which gives a 3+, Feel No Pain and Eternal Warrior. Another perfect artifact for a Prince.

I think the setup is solid. Facing a Chapter Master with a 3++ and Eternal Warrior is tough for most things. Between a good combatant, and my terrible luck making FNP on the Prince, it was just a rough fight.

The Blood Tithe continues to be great. I used a variety of abilities this game and summoned two units…sort of. I technically summoned two units but one had a mishap and went back into reserves. It was turn #7 so effectively dead. I continue to enjoy the benefits of the Blood Tithe and the mechanic in general. It really makes this army unique and fun to play.

Going forward I’ll likely not go with dual Princes again. A single Prince, sure. As much as I love them it just never works out that both are effective and at their cost they need to be. At T5 and 4 wounds it’s just a matter of forcing saves to get rid of them. Running a Lord of Herald is cheaper and lets me hide them in squads.

I also started considering power weapons on my Aspiring Champions in CSM squads. With the Mark of Khorne they have Rage and Counter Attack. That gives my Champ 5 attacks on the charge, 4 when being charged, so a power weapon could be very useful. I also need to remember the unit has Rage. They are still basic Marines but a unit of 10 on the charge will throw down 27 attacks plus 5 from the Champ for 32 attacks, which doesn’t suck. How I use the unit needs to change from just hide in the Rhino firing out of the hatch to something more flexible.


  • Christian S

    Darn, I hoped I could learn something but as you gave your Daemon Princes more than one Artefact the army list is legit. Looking forward to your battle report including the Khorne Daemonkin.

    • Christian S

      *is not legit.

      • Reread the rules and that’s seriously disappointing it’s one artefact a model.

        Lost me on looking forward to my report? This is a report on Khorne Daemonkin. The sarcasm here does not impress me.

        • Christian S

          No sorry – it’s me, another mistake… I wish I could edit the post hehe. *Looking forward to your next battle report including the Khorne Daemonkin.
          But yes I agree – great Artefact for a Daemon Prince, the Blood-forged armour, but it could really use an Artefact-weapon as well!

          • I see.

            It seems to be the trend in 7th codices, only one artefact a model. I’m sure the idea is to prevent someone from creating a really hard to kill character, which is fine if every codex is that way.

            • Ya I’d love to give a warboss multiple relics…

            • It’s pretty much the way forward now. One artifact per guy. They’ll fix all the prior ones with rewrites. I for one welcome the change, as it’s annoying seeing Space Marine HQs with the Shield Eternal and the Burning Blade in every list. Fast, durable, and hits hard. Once the new Marine dex comes out, you’ll get two of three, fast and hits hard (Blade), or hits hard and durable (power fist or hammer with shield). Walking armories are no fun.

              • I agree it’s a good thing. Of course the thing with balance is it’s a marathon and not a sprint so we have to live with a few issues for a while.

  • Awesome! Khorne batreps make me happy. We are all still getting use to the codex so the artefact mistake is forgivable. I’ve seen a video batrep where a guy was collecting more than 8 blood tithe a turn and summoned two bloodthirsters in one turn. Hah! Now that’s a real mistake. My club has a Khorne vs Orks video batrep getting edited now, should be out late this week sometime I hope.

    • Yeah, I completely skipped over the artefact rules. I’m so used to just loading one guy up that I didn’t think twice about it. It had no impact on my game though. With my terrible rolling on my warlord Prince, it didn’t matter what I gave him that game.

      My last game was Khorne vs Ork and it was a blast. It’s nice facing another army that wants to get into close combat just as much as you do.

    • Agree, keep up these battles thor. You are gonna be killing it soon. Have you picked up a blood thirster yet to summon? Because he’s not from deep strike reserve, he can pop in gliding! (still can’t assault that turn, but the next turn he can!)

      • Not yet. Cash flow is tight right now.

        That’s a bit of a debate right now, the arrival. Actually, it’s a HUGE debate and so I’m playing it safe right now and hoping for an FAQ.

        • Same here, I am assuming it comes in from reserves for now. Hope we get an faq on the codex soon, quite a few questions need to be answered offically.

          • You never know with GW. I’ve seen them push out an FAQ right away answering everything you ever had a question on and I’ve seen them wait a year or more and then it still doesn’t answer any worthwhile questions.

  • Christian S

    By the way, very nice to see that all the models were painted – a must in my book. Do you have an overview of all your Khorne units? Do you have enough to do any of the formations? What about your army list for your next game?

    • Unfortunately I don’t have the right models for any of the formations yet. I have a lot more CSM than I do Daemons so I need to get some more Daemons now.

      I’m not sure what I want to try for my next game yet. I have to sit down and figure out a list.

  • Rory

    I just can’t wait for them to release something similar for Tzeentch.

    Also I love how all your characters are named!

    • I’m impressed with how well they did on the Khorne one and I have no doubt the rest of the Gods will get their due.

      Thanks. Most of my squads are named as well but I forget to put those names in there most of the time. I love fluff and having the fluff transcend into game is just so much fun.

      • Considering how long I’ve read your blog I shouldn’t be as surprised or happy you replied tp my comment. After all this blog is one of the reasons I have started mine back up.

        Eventually I hope to have my Thousand Sons appear on it. Hope I can work in enough fluff.

        • hah! It’s not like I’m a celebrity and I reply to every comment :)

          Thousand Sons may become useable again under a Tzeentch codex. My big hope is to see the psychic power level of them reduced though, as ironic as that sounds. Tzeentch is so easy to abuse right now. It’s not hard to get yourself at 24+ warp charges just from psykers and summon all game long. If they fix that and make other units more appealing then I’ll be very happy.

          • Usable or not I plan to run them. Just love the background first and foremost. But I can’t afford to buy demons to summon anyway. I have four discs given to me by a friend. I don’t think I could summon a unit that small ;)

            Will have to put the list I plan on making up on my blog at some stage.

            • I don’t blame you for using them either way but having them be better would be the icing on the cake.

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  • JD Brink

    I have also gotten too ambitious and sent my fast guys way ahead, only then to notice that they are too far out with no support. I noticed that looking at the first picture on this post too — the Princes went up by themselves and became obvious targets. But you learned from it too, so now we won’t do that anymore. :)

    • Yeah, I forget every now and then that despite being amazingly resilient in fluff, Daemon Princes in games aren’t as hardy and require some patience to be used well.

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