Battle Report: Orks vs Blood Angels

Ork Speed FreeksIn preparation for next month’s tournament we all got in some practice at my FLGS. I’ve decided to run my Orks for the event just to change it up from my routine. The list I was testing is here:

Now, the tournament has a comp system which isn’t easy to explain but suffice to say I built my list to score well. The list scores 70pts out of 80pts. So, if you’re looking at that list wondering what the hell I’m doing the answer is scoring well in comp :P I enjoy Speed Freeks and have never been a fan of the green tide approach so I figure I’m already fighting an uphill battle and I may as well take the easy points.

My opponent, RippedDragon, brought along his Blood Angels. He didn’t know what the plan was for the night so he put together a 1,500 list without knowing the comp system. We played Defensive Onslaught, one of the missions for next month, with me getting first turn.

I setup pretty centrally, spearhead deployment, so I could take the center and send off units to the two vacant quarters for those objectives while I left a Trukk behind to grab the home one. He setup with his tanks spread across close to that 12″ dead zone and his Assault Marines close to that north-east quarter. He then scouted up his Baal Predators to contest the vacant quarter objectives and the center.

I advanced the main force centrally, sent off my Warbikers to that north-east quarter and two Trukks to the west one. I grabbed the home objective with another Trukk Boyz squad. My Tankbustas were on fire and landed 6 rokkit hits and wrecked the Baal on that north-east objective. His Dreadnought drops in the middle of my central force but missed his melta shot on my Battlewagon. The ASM advance to the center to grab that and a 5-man ASM squad take the home objective. The rest of his shooting was terrible and I lost a few weapons off Trukks.

My Wartrakks flank the Dreadnought and take it down. My BW tank shocks the ASM and the deff rolla doesn’t kill anything. I unload a ton of fire into those ASM but nothing sticks and I then assault the Warbikers into them. I forget who won but the combat stuck. One of my Nobs used the boarding plank to smack down the Drop Pod and wrecked it. He then moves the 5-man ASM to the south-west objective and secures that. I then lose the two Trukks headed for that objective and one ramshackles to the north-west and blows up in a river and those Boyz get pinned. My Warbikers are then cleared out in the combat.

This was the turning point in the game. His rolling was terrible all game long, I mean absolutely terrible. I had a bit of an edge at this point just because I was still very mobile and still very intact and then I blew it. I wanted to kill off those ASM who grabbed the center objective and moved to get my Shoota Boyz into assault with them and my Tankbustas. The problem was I tank shocked my BW into the ASM again and left myself little room to disembark. I should have disembarked first, I was plenty close, and then tank shocked. The end result of my mistake was only being able to get Tankbustas into the combat because my Shoota Boyz were so strung out around my own BW and I had to roll difficult terrain to reach him, which I of course rolled a 1 & 2.

The net result of that mistake was seeing the Tankbustas break from combat and the Shoota Boyz get charged. They did hold and I was eventually able to down the ASM by sending in other Boyz but I was severely lacking bodies now. My river-bound Boyz cleared the ASM, who had charged them earlier, with aid of more Boyz and at this point it was 1-1 on objectives, the primary. However, lots of shooting saw two more squads reduced and sent running, giving him 1-0 on objectives. I did manage to grab the center objective with a small squad to make it 1-1 and then that squad got in a Trukk and drove off. He wasn’t able to down that Trukk, I shielded it with my Looted Wagon that he had to get through first, and the game ended on turn #6.

We drew on the primary, objectives, but he took the secondary of victory points. The tertiary we also drew on, killing off all troops, and the quaternary was table quarters where we each gained 1pt. The final total was him 22pts to my 12pts.

It was a damn close game and a fun one. This was my first outting with my Orks in about eight months but having played them for so long in 40K it was easy to get back into the rhythm. I just have to make sure I’m thinking through my disembarking to avoid the situation mentioned above. It’s the small details like that which can tip a game.

  • I’ve made the same mistake with my battlewagon, forcing my nobs to stand around in the open next to their intact ride for good reason.  It’s easy to forget that sometimes it’s better to get out first!

    • Yep. With open-topped vehicles it’s like, well I can move and still get out so I’m good. Then you realize you screwed yourself after.

  • Ming from B&C

    Well, I played the next night vs Ripped for a equal comp match and I won…see my B&C blog post for the scent of…victory…

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