Battle Report: Orks vs Space Marines

I had my first game with the new Orks and played against Stealthy Stealth and his Space Marines. I spent a while working out a list for this game. I need to find a core of units and an approach that becomes my go-to so I can stay focused on building up the army and fleshing it out.

The list I brought along was this:

Sun’z Killaz (1,500pts)


  • Warboss – ‘Eavy Armor, Bosspole, Cybork Body, Kombi-skorcha, Power Klaw, Da Lucky Stikk
  • Painboy
  • Mek – Kustom Mega-blasta
  • Mek – Kustom Mega-blasta


  • Kommandos (10) -RokkitLaunchas x 2
    • Boss Nob – Bosspole, Big Choppa
    • Snikrot
  • Tankbustas (10) -RokkitLaunchas x 9, BombSquigs x 3
    • Boss Nob – Bosspole, Power Klaw
    • Trukk – Reinforced Ram, Rokkit Launcha


  • Slugga Boyz (10) – BigShoota
    • Boss Nob – Bosspole, Power Klaw
    • Trukk – Reinforced Ram, Rokkit Launcha
  • Slugga Boyz (11) – BigShoota
    • Boss Nob – Bosspole, Power Klaw
    • Trukk – Reinforced Ram, Rokkit Launcha
  • Slugga Boyz (11)
    • Boss Nob – Bosspole, Power Klaw
    • Trukk – Reinforced Ram, Rokkit Launcha

Fast Attack

  • Wartrakk (5) – Twin-linked Rokkit Launcha x 5
  • Deffkopta (5) – Twin-linked Rokkit Launcha x 5
  • Dakkajet – Flyboss, Twin-linked Super Shootas x 3

Stealthy Stealth, if memory serves had: Calgar, Captain, Inquisitors (2), Devastators (2) w/Rhinos, Tactical Squads (3) w/Drop Pods and a Stormtalon.

We played the Maelstrom of War mission where you start with one card and draw one in each subsequent turn for each objective you hold.

To summarize the game, since this was more of a learning experience than anything, was I got beat down. I made a few crucial tactical mistakes that cost me. I opted to outflank Kommandos, Wartrakks and Deffkoptas since he had so many Drop Pods. I figured they would survive the Drop Pod arrival and then tear into stuff. The first part went well, they survived of course to show up to do something, but I picked poor targets for them. I brought on the Wartrakks and Deffkoptas and went Rhino hunting on the Devastator squads. The Deffkoptas then got stuck-in with some Devastators and stayed there for virtually the entire game. The rest of my army was just picked a part piece by piece. I ended up losing something like 8-4.

Here’s the few pictures I remembers to take.

On to the lessons learned.

Mob Rule

At first glance I couldn’t help but blame the Mob Rule for so many of the problems I had. Early on I had two squads get pinned and later on Tankbustas haul ass off the board as well as a unit of Boyz. The issue wasn’t the Mob Rule really, just that amazing LD7 that Orks have. My squads are small to start with and even in the prior codex I would have had these issues so blaming the new Mob Rule would not be accurate. Only once did I roll Breaking Heads where if you have a character you take D6 S4 AP- hits and stay. The time I did I wasn’t wounded. The rest of the time I rolled Squabble where you need 10 models to stick (also taking hits). The problem there being I never had 10 models. Once I rolled Born to Fight (you pass if you’re in combat), which was helpful.


This was my first time using a Dakkajet and it did well. Routinely I was putting 6-7 wounds on a squad a turn but Stealthy kept making his 3+ saves. The Dakkajet did its job, it’s just my opponent’s dice were better at their job, so I can’t fault the Dakkajet for that. I can see using it again for sure.


This guy is just a glass hammer now. Without the ability to get an invulnerable you’re relying on a 6+ feel no pain (cybork body), or a 5+ FNP if you have a Painboy with you, when dealing with power weapons. The Warboss is brutal as always in close combat but taking a hit isn’t something he does well now. The biggest reason now to take a Warboss is for the Waaagh! He can’t move Nobs to troops (not such a big deal in 7th anyway), and is the only way to get a Waaagh!

I like the Warboss but going forward I think I’ll be sticking to Big Meks and other support oriented HQ choices. Having Waaagh! is nice but with my lists being focused on speed it’s not so essential. I still have ‘Ere We Go! for a re-roll on a single charge die anyway.

Other Units

The other stuff I was trying out met minimal results. Tankbustas got beat down quickly and early so they never got to do anything useful other than their Nob smashing the Space Marine Captain to death. The Kommandos did alright. They arrived and eventually killed off two 5-man squads, though that was mostly Snikrot. I mentioned the Deffkoptas got tied in combat because of a poor decision on my part and my Wartrakks did OK.


It was a beating of a game but some valuable lessons were learned. I need to work in a few more bodies and a little less support units so I can handle having units pinned and failing morale without giving up my offense. I wanted to try out a bunch of stuff so I was a bit light on bodies, for Orks anyway. It’s also going to take some getting used to again playing an army with such poor leadership and general lack of saves. I got so used to power armor and good leadership that mistakes could be overcome easier. Orks, at least if you’re not playing a greentide, have little room for mistakes and I need to remember that.

I’m looking forward to my next game and we’ll see if I can apply some of these lessons.

What’s your experience been so far with Orks, either as an opponent or using them?

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