Battle Report: Orks vs Space Wolves

Thor with Orks
Killa Kanz advancing down a flank.

Last night I played against a friend of mine who rarely gets to play Warhammer 40K. He brought along his Space Wolves and I busted out my Orks who have not seen the table in almost two years. I’m excited for the new Ork codex and I never played my Orks in 6th edition so I figured I would get in at least one game in 7th with this codex as a farewell to it.

My list was pretty simple. I ran 4 x Trukk Boyz (12), Kanz (2), a Deff Dread, Deffkoptas (5), 2 x Lootas (5), a Warboss and Big Mek. It’s a style of list I’ve dubbed Speedmek; mixing fast elements with mechanized. Jared’s list had 2 x Longfangs, 3 x Grey Hunters, Wolfguard Termies (5), Rune Priest and Wolf Priest.

We played the Maelstrom of War mission where you start with 6 TOs (Tactical Objective Cards), and decrease by one card each turn and I got first turn.

The cards I drew were for objectives mostly and I had a choice. I could go for the objectives, which would spread me thin and put most of my army outside of my KFF’s range (kustom force field), or just drive at him. I opted to move out for the objectives and in doing so managed to snag 5pts on turn #1.

His Termies arrived via-Drop Pod and he busted my Big Mek’s Trukk and immobilized another. I dragged the Termies down in combat with my Deff Dread and Shoota Boyz while I moved on the right flank with Kanz and Deffkoptas. I moved my Warboss and Boyz up the left flank while driving another Trukk down the center.

Jared with Space Wolves
Grey Hunters about to kick my Deffkoptas butt.

My spread out maneuvering did not do me any favors in the game, sort of. On the right I lost my Deffkoptas and Slugga Boyz to a Grey Hunter squad. I completely forgot how brutal Grey Hunters are in combat and my underestimation of them cost me. My Kanz were on target though and with their grotzookas eventually mowed down that Grey Hunter squad. My Trukks were all busted open and Boyz were getting mowed down but he didn’t have enough firepower to finish off most of the squads.

The game ended on turn #5 with me taking an 8-4 win. My early gamble with spreading out ultimately won the game for me. Taking that early 5pts kept me in the game and it wasn’t until turn #4 that I scored more points. Being spread out and maneuverable made him spread his fire around and left him little room to maneuver himself, so he wasn’t running around all that much to grab objectives, at least safely. It’s not a gamble I would normally take but he lacked mobility, only a single Rhino, so it worked in this situation.

It was fun playing my Orks again. It was like wearing your favorite shirt, comfortable and familiar. I remembered what turned me away from my Orks for so long though, that horrible LD7 and I2. That Grey Hunter squad on the right ran down my Deffkoptas and Slugga Boyz. Even only losing by a few models means you’re testing on very low leadership and that I2 against Marines pretty much means losing combat is going to see a unit swept and that can get very frustrating. However, this simple list focused on a fair amount of bodies and Orks are cheap so even with squads being run down it left me with a fair amount on the table still. You have to be accepting of losses with an army like Orks.

I can’t wait for the new codex. New toys, new rules and new life for my favorite army.

  • Way to send the old codex off with a win!

    It was a little weird for me to see your orks and Jared’s wolves facing each other. I’ve seen so little of either on the table in the past two years!

    • It definitely had deja vu moments for me, which was cool. I just checked my gaming record and that is the ONLY win I’ve had against Jared…crazy. I’m now 1-6-3 against him. Damn, only 10 games against him in seven years; have to remedy that.

      • Wow, that is a low number! He’s mostly been out of the game for the last few years but he’s getting back into it now. I’m sure we’ll be seeing him at the table more often.

        It’s crazy that you’ve kept such thorough records! Maybe I’ll use 7th as a start point to keep track of mine. It only took me 22 years to consider getting organized…

        • It’s my nerdy nature as a programmer who works with databases all day long. It’s easy if you do it from the start, as I did. I just track it on Command Center using Battle Tome and just log a game the day after I play it normally. Only takes 10 seconds so it’s simple enough.

          It is cool to be able to go back and look at that. I had forgotten and thought I had beat him once before but saw I was wrong. Using it to track my more day-to-day gaming can be saddening, seeing as I’ve had a bad spell lately, but the historical stuff is fun.

          • Yeah, it doesn’t take long on a per game basis as long as you remember to keep up with it. I just put my 7th edition games in Battle Tome. So far I’m 2 wins and 2 losses.

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