Battle Report: Overview & Musings

Battle Report: MusingsLast night I managed to get in two games with my Chaos Marines. We have a tournament this month that’s 1,850 with Imperial Armor allowed. I don’t own any IA stuff so it’s bog standard stuff for me.

My first game was against a themed Space Wolf army. He’s working on creating a Terran themed army from StarCraft. He’s going fully for theme and so the list itself seems obscure but it’s not a terrible one either. The list I brought for both matches is here: . I wanted to goof off with gift of Chaos if you’re wondering.

The game itself was annihilation and saw my opponent playing defense and me advancing on him. His list had very few units so he was content to sit back and shoot. Overall my list held up well but it offered way more KP than his list did. His two large units of Wolf Guard were a chore to deal with and I just couldn’t chew through them at the end of the game and he took the win pretty handily.

Second game was against Necrons playing seize ground and three objectives. My opponent got first turn and promptly pounded my Rhinos. My Princes also disappeared by turn two’ish. I had held a fair bit in reserves hoping to advance the Rhinos midfield to deliver my deep strikers but my mobility was crippled and my deep strikers were straggling in. My Terminators showed up on turn #4 and they landed way right near an objective held by Warriors. On the left objective I managed to win combat against an Overlord and hold that objective. Turn #5 I continued holding the left, contested the center and the Termies charged on that right objective Warrior squad to contest that one, barely giving me a win.

Despite actually winning that last game, it sure didn’t feel like a win. I made some bad choices early that cost me and for most of the game I took a pounding. By virtue of being a powered armor army, fearless didn’t hurt either, I was able to rally and pull a win out of my ass.

The problem I’m continually having is getting my Princes to live. I love these guys but my opponents do not share my love and prefer to see them dead. In a majority of games I lose both Princes by turn #3, generally before they contribute much of anything. It’s hard to hide them on most boards and they’re a beacon for fire power.

I think if I had a faster list that my Princes would fare better. If I had units like Bikers, Raptors, even more Rhinos to advance, then target priority for my opponent would be harder and the Princes may live to see combat. I also feel that my trend lately for heavy reserves and deep striking is costing me my Princes as well. In general I’m putting down so few threats at deployment that shooting Princes becomes the obvious choice.

As much as I enjoy my Princes I think I need to set them aside for the moment, at least in games of this size, 1,850. What I’d like to do with my army and what I have currently are two different things. The fun of building up an army (sarcasm). I feel I’m going to be better served, with consideration to my collection, fielding HQs that can be hidden in squads. This will also save me points, well most of the time, to present additional threats and fill out my list more thoroughly. I have my favorites in this area so it’s time to try out something new.

To my Chaos readers, what’s your typical HQ setup? I’m curious what others are doing and what people are finding effective.

  • therhino

    Yeah, I feared Daemon Princes when I first started, and wasn’t packing quite as many high-volume anti-monster/tank shots on certain units as I am now. One volley of missiles from my Typhoon squadron puts some hurt on a Prince, and I tend to finish them off with stray missiles from tacticals, or other random shooting.
    Are any of the other Marks more durable? Nurgle gives him FNP, yes? What does Khorne grant? Perhaps instead of all Tzeentch Princes, you can mix it up, or is that counter to your fluff?

    • If only Nurgle gave FNP but it only add +1 toughness. Khorne is +1 attack and you can’t take a psychic power. While we’re at it, Slaanesh is +1 initiative and Tzeentch is +1 invulnerable and you can take a second psychic power and shoot both. You can see why I like Tzeentch. I find that 4++ to be way better than being T6 plus I can shoot twice.

      I don’t mind mixing it up. Nurgle and Tzeentch would give me some staying power in two different forms. However, they will of course still be focus fired off the board regardless.

      • hippie

        I find it’s not so much the AP 3 and lower stuff as it is just plain old Bolter fire. Trying to save 4 wounds on a unit of marines is much easier than on a single 4 wound MC. My preferred 1/2 MC’s usually die before they can do much of anything which is why I suggest you reserve them, come in later game when you have reduced the opponents firepower(hopefully). After all Lash isn’t any use when the enemy is hold up in tanks so when the big guy arrives maybe he will have something to do.

        • therhino

          Yeah, I’ve killed Willy’s Bloodthirster two or three times with random bolter or heavy bolter shots.

          • hippie

            Well since you can see it from Space it’s even easier to take down.

            • khorneinquisitor

              This from the guy with the chicken that’s even bigger….

          • khorneinquisitor

            Yeah…I remember the time you killed a fresh one with 4 missiles…The odds of that are inconceivable! That’s why I gots two of ‘um!

  • Lukas

    Sorcerers. Equipped with Lash. Also Lucius. That is all. (
    Maybe Kharn if you’re feeling khorny)

    • You and Lucius. Though, a lash Sorc isn’t out of the question.

  • khorneinquisitor

    Do you DP take a heavy or HQ slot? If HQ, I say drop it and take an IC like you suggested. You have units like Abbadon, Lucius, and Arhiman that are just cool…and you can hide them in a squad.

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