Battle Report: Team Game with Chaos

Battle Report - ChaosWednesday night at my FLGS I played a team game. January’s tournament will be a team game with 1,250 per-player and random pairings. The force org is restricted to avoid breaking it and make pairings easier. It’s 1 HQ, 0-1 elite, 1-3 troops, 0-1 fast attack and 0-1 heavy and you can add 1 more to any of the 0-1 selections. In my continuing effort to test things out with Chaos I brought this list, the same one I used last week: .

I’m really just going to glaze over the game and hit the high points in the battle report. I was paired with a Space Wolf player and this was his 3rd game ever. Between having a new player in the mix and it being a team game, which tends to drag in length anyway, the game was really long time-wise and went 7 turns. Thus, details are sketchy at this point.

Anyway, we played against a Daemon and Necron team. We had decided to play test my revised Attack and Defend mission with my team going first. We split our army into two halves, left and right flank, to force the Daemon player to land centrally and get shot to hell or focus on one side where the other half of our army would still have range. The Necrons setup centrally in their zone.

By turn #2 assaults were in full gear. Daemons landed center and slightly right near my Berzerkers and Termies with Typhus. My Greater Daemon popped up from the Berzerkers and he assaulted into some Crushers with the Berzerkers. My Termies failed to reach it going through difficult terrain.

That center combat lasted from turn #2 until turn #6. My Termies and Typhus were charged by Fateweaver and a Tzeentch Prince that lasted until, I believe turn #6 when Typhus finally went down, and the Berzerker and Greater Daemon combat lasted the same length. Units were continually fed to my Greater Daemon and Berzerkers with the Greater Daemon eventually being the only one left alive by the end. The entire game revolved around that big orgy of combat. On turn #2 we lost the shooting ability of the Space Wolves three Venerable Dreadnoughts so we had to play at close range.

The game highlights were Typhus holding up Fateweaver and the Tzeentch Prince in combat on his own for about 5 assault phases. The Daemon player was rolling terrible and just not getting anything through. Typhus was also doing terrible. I was barely getting any wounds through and the ones that did were saved. He also rolled 1’s twice and half killed himself in that combat but stuck in for longer than he should have. Also, my Greater Daemon was on fire. He, almost on his own as the Berzerkers were mostly soaking wounds, took down 4 Crushers, 3 Spyders, an Overlord and a handful of Scarabs before finally dying on the last turn from the charge of the Tzeentch Prince.

Another highlight, which was game changing, was my teammate casting Jaws and in one shot taking out two Heavy Destroyers and The Keeper, who was about to ruin my day in that center combat. Without that lucky shot the center would have folded on us and they’d have pushed through to our zone and taken us down.

The result of the game was a win for my team. We tied on the primary objective of getting scoring units in the enemy deployment while holding our own. My team took the secondary of getting more KPs with our troops, barely. The tertiary was holding a center objective with elites, fast attack or heavy, which we drew on. The quaternary was getting points for your scoring units in your deployment zone and they got +2 there and us +1. The final score was 22 – 13.

One mistake I made, which I continually do against Daemons with Fateweaver, is focusing on Fateweaver too much. In the combat with Typhus against him and the Prince I should have smacked the Prince but instead I kept dumping into Fateweaver. I had a better chance of downing the Prince and Fateweaver isn’t built for close combat. Had I downed the Prince then I could have held out longer and gotten backup from my Greater Daemon.

I’m still really enjoying my Chaos army. The style of play of the army really suits me. I still have a lot of learning to do and a lot of testing and likely by the time I’m truly comfortable with the army 6th edition will be here and a new codex.

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