Battle Report: Team Practice for July

Thor and Kamui
Kamui and I. Check out Kamui’s wrist action. That, my friends, is years of practice ;)

Our FLGS is holding a team tournament in July and on Wednesday myself and Kamui got in a practice game against Spectre Senence and Spectre Foreman. The tournament is over a month out but Kamui doesn’t manage to get to the shop very often at all, so we’ll practice as he can manage to make it even if it’s for an event 6-weeks out.

The tournament is 2K per-team, 1K per-player, with each player having to take their compulsory choices and then sharing the rest of the FoC. For this I’m playing Fate’s Angels, my Vanilla Marines, and Kamui is playing Space Wolves. I’m not going to detail our list. Not out of fear of other teams seeing it but because it would be a pain in the ass :) The short of it is that it features 7 Drop Pods. The Pods are loaded with Grey Hunters and two Dreadnoughts, and a spare for Long Fangs. I also have Fate Lord Monthu (aka: Shrike), with Assault Marines (ASM), and two squads of Scouts; one sniper variety and one close combat with a Storm.

The list is obviously built for an alpha-strike with 4 Pods landing on turn #1, Monthu (Shrike) and ASM able to infiltrate and fleet along with a Storm for scouting. We do not have to deploy anything and can utilize deep striking and outflanking with our entire army. Plus, I have 3 squads who can infiltrate. So, the other obvious concept here being that we have pretty flexible deployment that we can tailor to meet our needs.

Spectre Senence was playing Grey Knights and Spectre Foreman his Blood Angels. We won first turn and setup the Long Fangs and sniper Scouts centrally in area terrain. The rest was podding or outflanking. They setup across the entire width of their deployment zone, pitched battle. They then failed to seize the initiative.

I’m going to cover this broadly as usual. We opted to land hard on the right flank. With them spread so thin they wouldn’t be able to support their flank and they had two juicy Baal Predators sitting there. Nothing of note happened with our shooting. A Strike squad moved up and jumped out to unload on some Grey Hunters, as did the two Baal Predators. The Grey Hunters soaked up a ton of fire and held on.

The next turn set the game. I got my Ironclad in, the other Dread arrived first turn, and Monthu with ASM arrived behind the Predators. Another Pod of Grey Hunters also came in. In this one turn we pretty well cleared out that right flank. The Preds were busted and my Dreadnought charged the Strike squad which was severely thinned down from our shooting.

From that point we just continued driving up that right flank and clearing out units one by one. The Grey Hunters took some serious casualties in the process but it left Monthu and ASM safe to jump around, as well as everything else really. By the end of the game we advanced down the entire flank leaving only a few units alive when we called the game on turn #5. We had a solid victory.

It was a good game for us but miserable for our opponents. Luck we on our side this match. I had an amazing ability to roll 6’s to plant krak grenades on tanks and get good results on pens. Spectre Senence had a knack for rolling 1’s on warding staff saves and just generally terrible rolls. Combing our good luck, their bad luck and our ability to exploit their deployment just undid them.

  • BenitoSenence

    During that game I laughed at Foreman, telling him for all the “cheese” this army gets it perhaps is my unluckiest army I play. Failing 2+ armour saves all the time. Good game though! We helped tweak a mission too that made the curb stomp worth it.

    • You just aren’t playing a cheesy list, that’s all :P Seriously though, your list is one of the more balanced, not over the top GK lists I’ve faced.

      Really, it was that deployment that boned you guys. Foreman wasn’t getting guys into the fight early enough and in turn he wasn’t supporting you. It just let us deal with one unit/threat at a time.

  • I would have preferred more statistical rolls on behalf of the Grey Knights. While I fell we played well for the most part it also feels more like we were competing on dice than wits. Sometimes that’s just how it goes though.

    • BenitoSenence

      Sorry, I couldn’t believe the amount of dumb luck I was rolling. However your tactic and support was very good so the beating we took was legit, Anytime you are able to make down again the Spectres would love to play you and Tony again. Maybe get one in on a video BatRep

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