Battle Report: Team Tournament Practice

Battle Report: ChaosNext month a bunch of us from my FLGS will be traveling to Massachusetts for a team tournament hosted by the Dorkamorka club. It’s a 2K team tournament, so 1K per-player. Each player has the normal compulsory choices and then, basically, share the rest of the force org.

I’m partnering up with a Daemon player. His list, as of last night, was: Tzeentch Herald Chariot, Khorne Herald, Crushers, Flamers, Horrors w/bolt, Nurglings, Slaanesh Prince w/pavane, Blood Slaughterer Impaler (Imperial Armor stuff is allowed). My list is here: .

Last night we played against two Blood Angel players who are also attending the tournament. I won’t cover everything they had in detail but there was a Redeemer w/Assault Marines, Rhino w/Tacts, Razorback w/Assault Marines x 2, Devs w/missiles, Assault Marines w/jump packs, Furioso, Named Priest, Libby, normal Priest…and something else I’m forgetting but you get the idea.

We decided to play test my new mission Divide & Conquer. My team won the roll and opted to go first. First turn we managed to immobilize the Furioso and thinned down the Devs. We advanced most of our army through the board center. We took some return fire but nothing of note occurred that I recall.

My teammate and I continued driving up the center of the board with units spread across most of the board width, effectively corralling them in. Their Land Raider Redeemer stayed central during the game and took a toll on the Blood Crushers. We were slowly disabling the other transports but that Redeemer was a headache. Eventually we closed on it, stripped off a gun, shook it and finally my Greater Daemon took it down but the occupants had already jumped out.

By this time the enemy was all out of their rides and surrounded. In an attempt to destroy the Assault Marines from the Redeemer I moved both Plague squads up to rapid fire range, along with my Oblits. A handful went down but they stuck. We were holding plenty of zones for the mission and were up on kill points, primary and secondary missions, but tertiary was objectives and I left the only one we held to try to remove the ASM. Those ASM I shot opted to come charge my Plague Marines instead of grabbing an objective, which they could have reached. That move cost them tertiary as my Plagues held and the game ended. I think he was hoping to run over the Plagues to take another needed KP and then consolidate back to the objective. As anyone knows though, Plague Marines aren’t a push over and he only managed to kill one.

A highlight from the game, not mentioned above, was my Prince lashing an Assault Marine squad who just deep struck in. I lashed them back to my partner’s Flamers who killed every model but the Librarian, who had one wound left on him. That blow severely crippled them early.

The biggest issue we ran into was the Land Raider. Our list has a few bolts but those are S8. I am packing some melta and have the Oblits but we’re definitely weak in the AV14 handling aspect at range. I had meant to deep strike my Oblits to get up on the Redeemer but I screwed up and deployed them. As a result, the only change we’re looking to make is my partner ditching the Blood Slaughterer for more Blood Crushers. This will give us a larger meaty unit that can take punishment while we move up our other units. Shooting is not going to be our forte no matter what so we’re looking to maximize on what we can do well.

  • Hippie

    I gotta say spinning that Furioso around and shooting him in the ass turn 1 was quite rewarding. I had one get to my crushers before and it was BAD news. Definitely need to play a tad more reserved in the future, our princes can probably get cover from the crushers if we do it right.

    • I normally use my Rhinos to give cover to my Princes but I was playing sloppy as shit last night. If it wasn’t for the fact we presented more immediate threats I’d have lost my Prince sooner than I did. Whenever I run lash I get all stupid and just bounce him out in the open to get the shot off.

      • Hippie

        Here’s a good question, where do I draw line of sight from with Pavane or Lash? They are shooting attacks with no Strength or AP value do they originate from the head or hand?

        • Same as any shooting attack. Draw LoS from the model, which is from the head.

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