Battle Report: The Chaos Continues

Battle Report - ChaosLast night was my fourth game with Chaos. We spent a few hours at the LGS doing terrain repair so after that we did a quick 1,500 game. Here’s what I brought along:

* Daemon Prince w/wings, mark of Tzeentch, winds of chaos, warptime
* Daemon Prince w/wings, mark of Tzeentch, bolt of change, warptime
* Great Daemon
* Termies x 3 w/icon of glory, power weapon x 2, fist x 1, reaper autocannon
* Plague Marines x 5 w/icon, melta x 2 + Champ w/power sword, c-flamer + Rhino w/havoc
* Plague Marines x 6 w/icon, plasma x 2 + Champ w/fist, c-melta + Rhino w/havoc
* Lesser Daemons x 10
* Oblits x 2
* Oblits x 1

Being only my fourth game I’m still experimenting with units to try them out. In this list I wanted to try Termies in a relatively cheap autocannon platform to play some defense. The Lesser Daemons were also to try and see what would happen.

We rolled seize ground with four objectives and spearhead deployment. I got first turn and deployed in a quarter with an objective in my zone. There was another in my left empty quarter, one center and one north me in that quarter. I hid my Princes and the melta Plagues behind a building, put the plasma Plagues front and center backed by the lone Oblit and the Termies. I reserved the two Oblits to deep strike in. He deployed most everything centrally with Long Fangs up on a wall with a good view. One squad of 10 Grey Hunters were reserved with their Rhino.

I knew controlling the board center was going to be crucial to keep him off that objective and pushing into my deployment zone. I moved my Princes up but still behind a building, rushed the plasma Plague Rhino center, which smoked, and my shooting was ineffective. His shooting focused on my central Rhino and between some bad rolls and me making cover saves, he only managed to immobilize it and shake it.

My Oblits arrived, coming off my center Rhino, and my Princes moved up to the Rhino he advanced last turn. Terrible shooting only saw me immobilize that Rhino. His Rune Priest ensured my Princes got no powers off that turn. My Princes charged the Rhino and popped it. He advanced up his Lord with doggies in tow and only managed a wound on each Prince with shooting, if I recall. Rune Priest and Grey Hunters charged one Prince with the Lord and dogs charging the other. The Prince wounded the Rune Priest three times but he made all his invulns thanks to using his banner to re-roll the 1 on the only failed save. That Prince, however, went down hard. His Lord, if I recall, got nothing on my other Prince, nor the dogs. That Prince took out four dogs and then four more from no retreat wounds.

My Greater Daemon arrived and my Lesser Daemons, both coming in off my center Rhino. My two Oblits in the center took down a few Grey Hunters with the Rune Priest with rapid-firing plasma. I had also begun, the previous turn, moving my Oblit and Termies towards that north objective. I figured he’d bring in the reserve Grey Hunters there. Greater Daemon and Lesser Daemons charge the Lord tied up with my remaining Prince. The dogs are destroyed, the Prince does nothing of note but takes another wound. The Lord is killed by no retreat wounds though.

The Rune Priest managed to jaws my unwounded Greater Daemon and take him out of the game (boo!). The Prince survived it. I believe this was the turn the Grey Hunters came in from reserves, headed for that north objective. He had also dismounted and advanced both Grey Hunter squads from their Razorbacks. They took out a few Lesser Daemons in shooting and charged in. He managed to wipe the Lesser Daemons. Being I4 I got my attacks and I took down a few myself. The Rune Priest and buddies charged my Prince but he had some more terrible rolling and my Prince took out the Priest and broke the squad.

From here on out I took the game and ran with it. I kept the Oblits within 6″ of the broken Grey Hunters. The other smaller Grey Hunter squads were taken out with shooting. The Rhino near the north objective was exploded and the squad pinned. Eventually that squad reached the objective but shooting thinned them down for my one remaining Termie and lone Oblit to charge and remove completely.

We ended the game on the bottom of 6 before he went as all he had left was a Rhino and an immobilized Razorback with me holding two objectives.

I’m really enjoying Chaos. Having the three monstrous creatures is a blast and has been effective thus-far, especially at the 1,500 level. Chaos is similar enough to Marines where I’m not learning an army I’m not familiar with but different enough where I don’t feel like I’m playing Marines, at least the way I play Chaos. I’m really looking forward to getting some of the sculpting completed so I can start painting these guys up.

  • Sounds like you’re quickly getting a handle on how this army works, nicely done.

    • Thanks. It’s easy to get used to them because they fit my style so well. I don’t have to bend the army to do what I want, it does it by its very nature. Now, put Tau in my hands and that would be a very different story.

  • Vi13_d3c0n

    awesome! glad your taking the ball and running with it. just remember to hit me up if you need help man!

    • I’d love to have these guys ready for the November event at XRG but I very much doubt I’ll be able to get everything I need and get it painted by then. It’s my goal though so we’ll see what happens.

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