Battle Report: The Favored Ones

Another week, another report. Last night I played a Chaos player who is working on creating his Alpha Legion. I had brought my Chaos, Disciples of Twilight, and we played an 1,850 game. We rolled up capture and control with pitched battle and I won first turn. Oh, here’s the list I brought: . As I did last week, this week I’ll also do a more narrative battle report.


One can never understand the thoughts of the Chaos gods, or the Alpha Legion for that matter. They were approaching the city limits and the Disciples were ready for them, thinking themselves unseen. Obliterators for the Disciples were on the right flank, the two Daemon Princes leading them holding the left with three Rhinos carrying Plague Marines in two and Berzerkers in the other between them. Terminators were marching before them the transports. The enemy was rolling in with a lot of armor. They had six Rhinos transporting Chosen and Marines backed up by three Predators. All that could be heard was the crunching of tank tracks on rubble and detritus.

As the Disciples were about to open fire the Alpha Legion’s tanks’ weapons began pounding out shots in their direction. Apparently the Disciples weren’t as hidden as they believed. The two Obliterators on the right of the line disappeared in a mist of blood and armor. Two of the Alpha Legion’s Rhinos advanced down the center, using a building as cover. Wasting no time in reacting the Disciples rushed forward the Berzerker’s Rhino and a squad of Plague Marines. The two Princes swept out towards the enemy’s left flank where they spotted a Rhino hiding behind a building. The Terminators marched forward behind the Rhinos and their reaper autocannon tore open a Rhino.

The enemy Rhino on the left flank speed back towards the main force while the Chosen and Marines who speed to the center of the city unleashed their melta weapons upon the Berzerker’s Rhino exploding it. The Plague Marine’s Rhino ground to a sudden halt as a tank track let go from a direct shot. The two Princes took a few hits which only served to enrage them. In retaliation the Princes flew forward to catch the Rhino trying to escape and smashed it, their daemonic strength stopping it from escaping further. The forward unit of Plague Marines called forth a Greater Daemon; the aspiring champion gladly giving up his body so one as favored as a Greater Daemon could enter the material plane. The Greater Daemon leapt at the Marines in front of him as the Berzerkers rushed the Chosen. Neither of the enemy units were prepared for the sudden attack and were quickly dispatched.

Suddenly a squad of Chosen appeared on the Disciples right flank. One of the Legion’s Lords jumped from the Rhino he was in and ran for the Greater Daemon. The Predators shot a continuous stream of fire upon the Princes and one disappeared back to the warp. The other Chaos Lord of the Legion also left his Rhino, the one the Princes stopped. Both Lords charged their respective targets. On the left the Prince swept aside the Lord however the other Lord fared much better, though he was wounded by the Greater Daemon.

With victory in sight the Disciples continued their advance trying to get to gripes with the enemy’s Predators. The remaining Prince called upon his powers and threw the disembarked Marines on the left towards the B, who wasted no time in dispatching them and moving on. The Chaos Lord of the Legion proved the superior combatant and the Greater Daemon fled ‘reality’.

Alpha Legion continued to turn their weapons upon the enemy among them and the last Prince was taken down. They pushed to reach the Disciples’ defended position but the Plague Marines destroyed the outflanking Rhino. The Legion was not so easily stopped and with the aid of their Lord they charged the Plague Marines. Father Nurgle would not let his children be so easily killed and they held their ground. The other squad of Plague Marines went to their aid and the enemy Lord was killed, leaving but a few Chosen to be dealt with.

Meanwhile the Berzerkers were rampaging the back lines of the enemy, roaring as they slashed chainaxes at the Predators. Disciples’ Terminators aided the Berzerkers and slowly they dismantled all but one tank.

The Alpha Legion had one remaining squad pushing through into the Disciples’ deployment but it was weakened and killed off. Only one vehicle now remained of the Alpha Legion, nothing else had survived as the Disciples raised their weapons in victory.


What a bloody battle. By the end of it all I had left was four Terminators, three Berzerkers, four or five Plague Marines, one functional Rhino and another immobilized one. It was a great game going a full seven turns. I had been curious to see how my list would hold up against a mech heavy army and I got my wish last night facing no less than nine vehicles. His early focus, and subsequent removal, of my Oblierators that started on the board I think hurt him. He had to put everything he had into them to kill them off which left my Rhinos alone. Though my forward Rhinos were stopped the following turn they had advanced as far as I needed on my turn so it wasn’t a big loss. Had he focused on those after stealing the initiative it would most likely have gone more in his favor, leaving me to cross most of the board’s width to reach his lines and buying him more rounds to shoot those units into oblivion.

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