Battle Report: The True Test of Chaos

Last night I played two 1,850 games with Chaos. My first opponent was playing vanilla Marines with a Legion of the Damned army using Vulkan. He, at the recommendation of another player, was trying out Tigurius. He list featured three Drop Pods, two full of Tacts and one with Sternguard who were joined by Vulkan and Tigurius. He also had two full Legion squads. Naturally the entire list was melta heavy.

Here’s the Chaos list I was running with, again more experimenting on my part:

* Prince w/wings, mark of Tzeentch, winds of chaos, warptime
* Prince w/wings, mark of Slaanesh, lash
* Greater Daemon
* Termies x 3 w/chainfist, c-melta x 3, icon of glory
* Termies x 3 w/fist, reaper autocannon, icon of glory
* Plague Marines x 6 w/melta x 2, icon + Champ w/power sword, c-flamer + Rhino
* Plague Marines x 6 w/plasma x 2, icon + Champ w/fist, c-melta + Rhino w/havoc launcher
* Zerkers x 10 + Champ w/fist + Rhino w/TL-bolters x 2
* Oblits x 2
* Oblits x 2

This game I’ll keep short. We rolled capture & control with pitched battle deployment. I had first turn and put both Plague Rhinos down, one on each flank, left flank being where my objective was. He put his objective center in his deployment zone. He landed two pods next to my left Rhino but failed to do anything thanks to my having popped smoke. That was how the game went for him. Most of my stuff came in early and I was able to clear out my left flank and push to his objective where his last Tact squad landed and the last Legion squad. I cleared that out and claimed his objective for the win. His terrible rolling did him no favors this game.

That game having gone quick I set up for a second game. This game was against RippedDragon, who won the preliminaries for ‘ard Boyz at the LGS. He was sporting his Blood Angels and a pretty mechanized list with the trimmings I’ve come to expect from Blood Angels.

We decided to play test Defensive Onslaught and I gave him first turn. His mech elements set up centrally around the spearhead dead zone and his Assault Squad right by it. I wanted to try something so I deployed just one Plague Rhino in my back right corner to be out of range of the Stormraven’s multi-melta, well melta range that is.

The Stormraven came straight for the Rhino and his shooting saw it wrecked. Meanwhile his Razorbacks with ASM and the 10-man Assault Squad had moved to claim three objectives, my far left, center and top right. Plagues hang out. The Stormraven advanced some more and took down a Plague Marine. The top right Razorback advanced on my home objective. I got my Zerkers in, a squad of Oblits, at some point my Greater Daemon popped up from the Plagues. Zerker Rhino moved in front of his Razorback and smoked. My Oblits managed to down the Stormraven and the Death Company and Death Company Dread jumped out.

This is where it got interesting. A lot of fire power goes into my Zerker Rhino and eventually it explodes. The Dreadnought charges in but since I’m in a crater I go first, minus my fist. I plant two grenades and one strips off an arm. Since he’s running blood talons that means he can’t just mow through the squad. He kills off one and my fist then immobilizes him and the combat is locked.

My lash Prince arrives, both Termie Squads and the last Oblit Squad. I lash the Death Company and the Oblits plasma cannon them down. I put some shots into the Assault Squad from the Razorback in my zone, who dismounted last turn, and I took out one guy. I lost another 1-2 Zekers to the Dread in combat but landed another grenade which took off the other arm. My champ’s fist then destroyed it.

The Assault Squad in my zone jump back into their Razorback and head back north. Some shots came at my units on foot but nothing crucial happens. My last Prince heads north while everything else shifts west. My last Plague Squad arrives to the west near that objective. I took out the north Razorback, lashed the Assault Marines but couldn’t get them in range of my Prince. My Oblits, or maybe Termies, took out a Razorback west near the objective and killed off 2 of the ASM with it.

His 10-man Assault Squad advanced on the west Plague Rhino along with 3 ASM from the destroyed Razorback. My Rhino goes down and the Plagues get charged by ASM. His rolling fails him here and he only takes down 2 Plagues and me 1 in return. Being 5th turn my final Prince arrives and comes in west. Shooting saw me down the 3 ASM left in the west and my lash Prince destroys the remaining ASM in the north. The Prince in the west charges the ASM and takes out the Librarian. I only lost another Plague Marine, again his rolling was terrible.

We rolled and the game ended. He took the primary with objectives, me secondary with victory points, neither got tertiary and we both got +1 for a table quarter we each held. We totaled it up and he got 19pts to my 14pts.

I was very happy with the result. I lost but I lost to one of the best players at the shop and gave a good showing. Additionally it was my first extremely challenging match-up with my Chaos Marines, no offense to my previous opponents. I’ve really only played Ripped a handful of times and each time I’ve received a thorough thrashing with any army I’ve used. This being my 6th game with Chaos I’ll gladly take a 19-14 loss against an opponent of this caliber.

  • Vi13_d3c0n

    bravo! usually my games with chaos vs ripped end at about the same conclusion. extremely hard fought but with the scale tipped slightly in one players {usually his} favor. 

    • Thanks.

      It was one of those games that could have gone either way with further turns too. I may have gained another objective to draw the primary but he may have also to keep the primary. I had the secondary sealed up well and tertiary may have lent to my favor with another two turns, hard to say.

      Either way, yes, a very hard fought close battle.

  • ming from b&c

    If someone beats Ripped it will go down in Store Legend as the best game ever…

    • I do recall when Amish did it like a year ago and he beat him just recently too I thought when preparing for ‘ard Boyz. Could be wrong in the latter though.

      Either way, if you want to be the best you have to beat the best, right? It was the kind of game I like, lots of planning and tactics knowing one mistake would end it all.

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