Battle Review: 1,250 Tournament with Chaos Space Marines

butt-kickingYesterday was a 1,250 Warhammer 40K tournament at an LGS and I brought along my Chaos Marines, Disciples of Twilight. I have been working out the list I want to bring to Fratris Salutem, a 40K event in a few months, so I wanted to try a scaled down version of that list which is 1,500pts.

The list I took was this one. It’s obviously a list built around a Warpsmith lead force. I really like the Warpsmith and for Fratris Salutem it would be a fluffy list that fits the event theme.

My first game was against Space Marines using the White Scars chapter tactic. This was my closest game of the day. Ultimately I marched for his lines while getting pounded by dual Thunderfire Cannons on the way in. He had a Chapter Master on Bike running nuisance duty to keep me from climbing over his Aegis and pounding the Techmarines. My Defiler and Maulerfiend did pretty well since his list lacked much to bring down walkers but a failed morale test by my Chaos Marines was ultimately my undoing this game. They did recover and came back but I lost precious time. We also only managed 4 turns which really hurt me. I had that Defiler and Maulerfiend in his face but time was out and I took a 29 – 4 loss here. It was closer than the score indicates: he got me by 1 KP and 1 more objective.

Second game was against Space Wolves all in pods except for a Land Raider Redeemer with an Iron Priest and Servitors. Wolf Guard showed up in my back lines with a Rune Priest and living lighting struck down my Helbrute. Grey Hunters also hit my line on the same turn. The game was a slug-fest in my deployment zone, which I ultimately won. I took a 28 – 4 win.

A few moments of glory here. A lone Wolf Guard charged at my 10 Cultists and died to overwatch. Those Cultists went on to charge the Rune Priest and killed him. After they charged Grey Hunters and got stuck in when the game ended. That’s the most I’ve seen my Cultists accomplish ever with regards to shedding blood.

My final game was against a brutal list. Daemons with the Lord of Change, Great Unclean One, two flying Nurgle Princes and 2 x 10 Plaguebearer squads. There isn’t much to say here other than I was slaughtered 33-1. The only interesting part in this game was my Warpsmith dueling a Nurgle Prince for four rounds of close combat before going down. I really wanted to win against the Prince and become one but it wasn’t in the cards.

A pretty typical day for me lately, going 1-2. As much as I enjoy this list I’m running, it’s just not doing me any favors. Some of it is bad matchups, like that last game, some of it is me wielding it and certainly some of it is the list itself. It’s also hard to gauge my list that’s built for a more tame fluffy event coming up against lists that aren’t. I fee like I may perform better in the environment it’s intended for but the problem is that getting my ass kicked with the list leading up to it is just putting me off on my list. I keep reevaluating what I plan to bring to the event because of how things are going lately. Maybe I just need to set the list aside for now and only bring it out if someone else also wants to test their list for the event. At least that way I’m properly testing the list against the appropriate opponent and I’m not playing it routinely and getting burned out on it meanwhile.

  • khorneinquisitor

    Wow, that last game sounds like was not fun. 3 FMC, GUO, and very minimal troops. It’s that kind of list and mentality that make me shy from tourneys.

    • It was brutal. I only managed to kill one DP, one Plaguebearer squad and wound the Lord of Change before I was tabled. You should read Todd’s report. He had a great game too, different opponent though.

  • khorneinquisitor

    Wow…the tigerius list, the FMC min troops list. Wow, who won the tourney? Makes me glad I didn’t go.

    • Marcello won with his Iron Warriors painted Space Marines using White Scars chapter tactics.

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