Battle Review: Chaos vs Chaos

Huron BlackheartI’m going to start calling these battle reviews instead of battle reports; these articles that are glossing over a game for the sake of reviewing units and or my list.

Wednesday night I brought along my Chaos Marines and fought Chaos Marines in a 1,500 point game. This is the list I brought along. As I’ve been doing, this list focuses on fast units but I also added in some ranged fire support, something my previous lists utterly lacked. I also opted to leave out the Plague Marines to continue trying out basic CSM and giving Huron a whirl.

My opponent’s army was a tally list. Chaos was the primary with Daemons as the ally and only providing Epidemius and a few Plague Bearers. Of course this means his Chaos force was full of Nurgled up units and Plague Marines.

Deployment was dawn of war and he spread his force across his deployment zone. His force was concentrated just left of center with a unit of Bikers far right from his main force. Between his deployment and the terrain it made doing a refused flank setup ideal, so I setup on the right flank. Huron let me infiltrate three units so I put Oblits 12″ from two of his units, out of sight of course, and my CSM squads just in front of the rest of my force. He got to infiltrate one unit, he rolled the trait, and infiltrated his two Mutilators with Lord center and left of my force.

Infiltrating those Obliterators was huge for me. He got a few shots off on them first turn and then for a few turns my Oblits wreaked havoc on his Bikers, taking them out, and then a nearby Plague Marine squad, taking them out as well. Not bad for just two Oblits.

The rest of his army was advancing down towards board center slowly. I threw Spawn at the Mutilators initially and then next turn got my Maulerfiend in there and my Cultists with Huron. The fight dragged out for a while but ultimately I overran the unit.

On the right I got to place Epidemius and crew due to a mishap. I put the small unit in rapid fire range of two CSM squads and my Bikers. My shooting wasn’t great and the Bikers dove into assault. That combat went on for almost the entire game. I kept feeding in units trying to drag down the Plague Bearers but as the tally went up the harder it got of course. Ultimately he cleared out my Bikers and a CSM squad. Though I got the worst end of that combat I did succeed is preventing that unit from advancing and achieving any objective.

The rest of the game became a game of attrition through various close combats. With the tally in full effect I was mostly on the receiving end of the punishment. However, I had managed to push a CSM squad into his deployment zone (primary objective), and when the game ended I had taken the primary (scoring units in enemy deployment zone), he took secondary (KP scored by troop units), and tertiary (center objective), and I got +1pt from quaternary (your units in your deployment zone), giving me a 1pt win.

That’s the glossed over game.

In this game my Maulerfiend did well. He aided in downing the Mutilators and killed off most of a Plague Marine squad himself. I had held him back early on so I could move him where I needed him and it was a far better choice than my mindlessly throwing him forward as I’ve done in the past. He did go down to shooting but I was pleased with how well he did before that.

The Spawn continue to do well and they are a staple in my lists. They never do amazing things on their own but they always hold units up until I can bring in the support I need. Once one combat is cleared they leap at the next unit and repeat the process.

The CSM squads did well enough. Not being fearless has been my big concern with these guys and it wasn’t a huge factor in this game. They did lose combat and ran once but they rallied the next turn. Putting them into combat is definitely not where they belong though, at least in the cheap fashion I’m using them. It will take some getting used to where I’m used to Plague Marines who do well enough in combat through sheer toughness to remove. Basically I need to learn to use these guys like I do Tactical Marines.

Huron I was happy with. As I said above, infiltrating those Obliterators was key for me. Two Oblits taking down 5-6 Bikers and then 6-7 Plague Marines is pretty significant. It’s not something I’d expect in most games but with his deployment he wasn’t able to support that flank well enough. Huron himself did pretty well also. He took out the Lord in terminator armor with the Mutilators, helped down one Plague Marine squad and end game made a desperate charge at the last Plague Marine squad. Before going down to that last Plague Marine squad he took out a handful but most importantly he held them up and prevented them from getting into my deployment zone, again the primary objective. He was running with the Cultists who ultimately served as bolter fodder for him.

Oh, I forgot for 5 of the 6 turns that Huron randomly generates a psychic power; that sucked. When I did remember I rolled the useless 6 on divination, useless on turn 6 anyway. I also forgot that the Hamadrya not only makes him a pysker but is also a combat familiar. So, if I liked him while forgetting half his rules then surely I’ll love him when I use him to full effect.

This game was also my first time running 4 x autocannon Havocs and I was happy with their performance. They put two glances on a Vindicator and gave general support fire against infantry units. The unit wasn’t game changing for me but considering their cheap cost I can see using them again.

All in all I was happy with my performance. This is the only time I’ve beaten a tally list. I’m learning how to better utilize the new Chaos army and a faster styled list. I’m also enjoying breaking out of the army mold I utilized in 5th edition. It’s great to finally be expanding this army and having options.

  • Von

    I like the sound of this Huron chap. Always have a lot of time for special characters that make some significant alteration to the way the army plays just by being there…

    • Agreed. It’s something Chaos was missing before and these are my favorite types of HQs, force multipliers. He’s able to infiltrate D3 units, is a psyker (albeit a random one), capable at close combat and is fearless (so he joins those non-fearless Cultists to make them fearless). That’s a pretty big benefit he brings for so few points.

      • Khorne Inquisitor

        You need to remember that payer power. Had you gotten horrify, you could strip epidemius’ fearless and wiped him.

        Also make sure if they only have 1 daemon unit in the list that he rolls for proffered half. 1 or 2 and nothing comes in. Tally doesn’t start adding up until he is in play.

        • He did his preferred half correctly and Epidemius and buddies didn’t arrive until turn #2.

      • Lukas

        The craziest thing about huron is that infiltrate. Throw your 20 man power blob in front of your opponent to instantly hem them in, if you get more than 1 on the d3 then you can add even more to it. your fast elements will immediately catch up, and suddenly your opponent has nowhere to go (unless they’re running Teleporting Immortal Phalanx :D )

        • Pretty much the plan.

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