Battle Review: Chaos vs Tau/Orks

TauWednesday I played against StealthyStealth and his “Torks”, Tau with Ork allies. I brought along a list that’s similar to what I’ve been playing for my Chaos Marines, Disciples of Twilight, lately but altered up a bit in an attempt to optimize it and cover some weaknesses my previous versions had.

I wanted to experiment with Helbrutes and also try out the Dark Apostle. The plan with the Helbrutes was to give me some more armor saturation. Typically I only have the Maulerfiend and two Rhinos, all of which get taken apart pretty quickly. They also give me some more ways to take apart vehicles with shooting, and assault for one Helbrute.

My previous lists used Huron, who I think is great. However, at 1,500 his basic job has been babysitting Cultists to make them fearless and an Apostle can do that cheaper. Plus, having generic hatred on a blob of 20 close combat Cultists could prove pretty damn effective.

The game itself was great. I’m just going to glaze over it. With my speed I put some early pressure on the Tau while he did likewise with his Meganobz led by Grotsnik in a Trukk. I was able to neutralize the Orks relatively early, tying them up in combat, while he mostly did the same to me, though with shooting. With my fast elements neutered he advanced and began to thin down my squads in pretty short order while I attempted the same. The game went to turn six and had it ended on five I’d have won but that final turn gave him what he needed to remove me off the objectives and secure his own. He had also managed the tertiary of kill points, taking away my early lead there. We drew on the secondary objective of pushing into each others deployment zone and he netted a few bonus points for the quaternary of having units alive that were under half strength.

This was one of those games you long for, win or lose. For the first 2-3 turns I had him pinned in and had a solid lead on kill points. My lead began to crumble and he fought back and ultimately snatched victory from me. It was one of the best games I’ve played in a long while.

The Dark Apostle did his job well. He hung with the Cultists and got into combat against the Meganobz. All those attacks with re-rolls was great, though Stealthy made every damn armor save on my charge. For the points the Apostle is a great choice, again especially for the task I gave him.

My Maulerfiend was a beast, no pun intended, this game. Stealthy left him alone for much of the game and it went on to smash down two Devilfish, forcing one unit of Fire Warriors to flee (who did later rally just in time), and assaulting and destroying another unit of Fire Warriors. Fusion blasters later made a mess of him but he had done his job well.

My Bikers suffered early on. First turn saw all but the Champion go down to focus fire. The Champion tried to plant a melta bomb on a Hammerhead and failed. That Champion was lucky, however, and survived the following turn of shooting and then went on to sweep a unit of Grots who came in from reserves. Not my idea plan for the unit but you take what you can get sometimes.

My trusty Spawn didn’t fare too well this game either. They assaulted those Forge World Tau missile turret things (I just wanted to propel forward), took down one of them and then got shot in the face a lot. The one that remained was later gunned down before being useful.

Lastly, the Helbrutes. They did alright. I’m not used to having a shooty Dreadnought and I got too aggressive with him and he got smashed. I need to remember to keep him back and not advance him, the shooty one. The other Helbrute shot down a Meganob with shooting and later joined the combat against them. Power klaws ruined his day but he took down a few with him. Hard to gather a true value of these guys from this game, especially where I could have used them more effectively, but I’ll continue to try them out. They did keep some heat off the Maulerfiend though and in that regard they did well enough.

So a loss but a great game. I’m continuing to gather useful information with the Chaos codex, which is ultimately all I’m doing at this stage as I build up the army itself. I’ve been happy with the undivided approach, which really surprises me. The lack of fearless on CSM hasn’t proven too detrimental and the points saved on them allows me to flesh out an aggressive list that can keep those CSM safe to to their job.

  • I also like to reviewing a battle by looking at how my units did individually. You may have glazed over the action but then got specific on your units, which is how I think you learn what you like and how to use it. nice job.

    And I just have to say that “Torks” sounds like a fun and colorful force to run! would love to see that in action.

  • stealthystealth

    It was a fun game and I have to say it was looking really dark at first for the TORKS.

    JD Brink I will try and put a report of the Torks with some pictures they are fun and challenging to play.

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