Battle Review: Disciples of Twilight vs Eldar

WraithknightOn Wednesday my Chaos Marines, Disciples of Twilight, faced off against Eldar in a 1,500 game of 40K. I brought along a list I’ve been toying with for Fratris Salutem, a 40K event this spring, that features my Warpsmith, Grimtech. The list can be seen here:

I knew from the start it was going to be a rough game. I don’t believe I have won a single game against Eldar and their new codex and my opponent had a Wraith list featuring: 2 x Wraithknights, 2 squads of Wraithblades, 1 squad of Wraithguard, 2 x Seers, 5 Dire Avengers and a Wave Serpent.

I had first turn and my opening was ineffective. His return fire saw my 3 Obliterators vanish (ouch). I was trying to keep my distance from the Wraithknights and fire on the Wraithguard but I had to turn my attention to the Wraithknights as they closed in. A solid round of shooting put four wounds on one Wraithknight and both Wraithknights failed charges, buying me another turn of shooting. My Heldrake showed his lazy ass up on turn #4, vector struck one Wraithknight and opened fire with the hades autocannon to take the wounded one down.

At this point the Wraithguard were in my face along with the remaining Wraithknight. There was little I could do. My remaining Helbrute charged the Wraithknight, who had previously charged my CSM squad led by Grimtech (my Warpsmith), and was brought down. The Wraithknight finished off the squad the next round of combat.

The game went a full seven turns and it was a game of attrition I could not win. By the end of the last turn I was tabled. Despite getting pounded I was pretty happy with my list. It held up better than I expected against the Eldar. I was figuring I would be tabled by turn #5 so making it to turn #7 was an accomplishment in my eyes. Had I opened up on the Wraithknights earlier, while I still had the fire power, then things could have gone differently. I normally try to ignore them but with two on the table that wasn’t possible and I should have recognized that sooner than I did. I did do a fair amount of damage in return despite my summarizing sounding very one-sided. He had a squad of Wraithblades left, two wounds remaining on the Wraithknight and a Wave Serpent.

It was a good game and a good first run on this list of mine. The Heldrake with the hades autocannon played out very well in this game. After taking down the Wraithknight it went on to take out the Dire Avengers and then the Wraithguard. Those high strength shots were very needed against a list featuring T8 and T6 everywhere. I’m happy with how the list is playing out in general as well. I’ve been questioning the Helbrutes for a while. They fit the theme I’m going for but generally aren’t all that effective. However, they do draw attention and soak up some fire and sometimes that’s all a unit needs to do in order to be useful so for now I’ll keep them in there. The style of the list suits me, it has models I enjoy using so regardless of effectiveness it’s been fun to use.

  • Ming

    Lucky you! I’d been invited to play against that list but decided to stay home and remove the snow from my drive. I’ll be one of his next victims….

    • Stay focused on those Knights from the start and you should be OK.

  • khorneinquisitor

    Ugh, sounds like a brutal list to face. What are invulns on the wraithblades and knights like?

    • If I recall correctly, the Wraithknight with the shield is a 4++ and I believe it’s same on the Wraithblades.

      • khorneinquisitor

        Ugh…Nasty. What is the Toughness on the Knights. I assume the blades are T6 like the wraithguard.

        • Knights are T8, Blades are T6. That’s something that makes his list very tough to tackle. You can get around armor saves and invulns with enough shots but you have to get the wounds in first…

  • JustHippie

    Where is that DE player when we need him?
    It’s nice to have one of those games where you get beat badly but it is still a fun game and you learn a lot.

    • Agreed. At one point I would have hated facing that list because I knew it would a big loss for me. Now, fuck it. It was a fun game despite being a super tough list. It also may be tough but it’s also fluffy and I can’t knock that. Plus, Marshall is a pretty cool guy. He tends to stomp me but he’s never been a dick about it and ends up sympathizing with my inevitably poorly timed bad rolls.

  • I’ve yet to face the Eldar under the new codex but they sound pretty brutal. At least you still managed to enjoy the game!

    • Eldar are definitely on the top these days. You planning to bust yours out any time soon? Maybe in a few years when those Grots are done? ;)

      • After the Fratris I might pull out the Eldar. I only have one Wave Serpent and I’m not planning to pick up the Knight any time soon so at least I won’t be accused of netlisting!

  • JD Brink

    Don’t feel bad about losing to that army. That’s a crazy list! I’m guessing the avengers were just there to provide a means of getting a wave serpent?? I’m pro-Eldar for sure but not a fan of the wraith force.

    • Correct on Avengers. It was rough but it was different and in being different than what I’ve typically faced with Eldar, IE: Serpent Spam, I didn’t mind at all.

      • JD Brink

        I’m against spam in all its forms (including canned meat). If I weren’t 2000 miles away I’d show you what a fun Eldar force looks like. :)

  • Marshall Sevigny

    Just a couple of list correction. (1) 1 farseer on jetbike and 1 spiritseer to make wraithblades/guard troops (2) scavengers just put in for extra points. I don’t own any more wraith :( last I was using the wave. serpent for my wraithguard d-scythes. as always win or lose. I have fun playing you and look forward to our next game.

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